UN suspend Russia for murderous assault? No chance

YOUR correspondent Lewis Fink rightly expressed his concern at the Russian unprovoked and murderous onslaught against Ukraine and calls to mind the similar genocide against the Jewish communities there during the Second World War.

He went on to say that “thankfully, there are no such death camps today”.

In fact, there is no cause to be thankful.

Putin and his henchmen have avoided the costly and complex logistic arrangements for establishing such sites by turning the whole of Ukraine into a death camp and slaughtering the inhabitants “in situ” by using rockets and long-range artillery. If these won’t achieve the desired results, then he has, as ever, his well-rehearsed option of chemical weapons and ultimately nuclear ones.

Mr Fink mentions the UN and claims that it has “carried out its duties”. What exactly does he mean?

It was founded for “the maintenance of international peace and security”, since when there have been 20 major wars among its member states and countless other lethal insurgencies and civil wars.

Regarding the USSR, what did the UN do about their invasion of Hungary in 1956, their invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, their invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 and, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia’s invasion of Chechnya in 1994 and the much more recent invasion of Crimea?

To be fair, accusing the UN of doing nothing is too severe. Whenever they face any challenge, they can be relied on to enact their panacea — namely, pass resolutions and propaganda excoriating Israel.

It seems that Mr Fink would conclude (and I would heartily agree) that the UN is nothing more than an impotent talking shop with neither the power nor the inclination to intervene in any of the conflicts that have taken place among its member states.

But what galls me most is that the very country that is carrying out murderous attacks on its neighbour is a member of the Security Council and as such (along with equally culpable China) may veto any proposal submitted by the other 191 member states.

In 1974 the UN rightly, if belatedly, suspended South Africa for its adoption of apartheid. What are the chances that Russia will be suspended for genocide?

Don’t hold your breath...

Herbert Goldberg,

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