50 years since Henry was Whitefield’s civic leader

HENRY Donn cannot quite believe that it has been half a century since he was named civic leader of the old Whitefield Town Council.

It was in May, 1971, that a then-39-year-old Henry was elected to the post — and he is the only surviving civic head of all the old town councils which were integrated into the Bury Metropolitan area.

“Each authority was separate, whether that was Prestwich, Whitefield, Radcliffe, Ramsbottom, Tottington or Bury,” he said. “Each had its own civic head. It was basically the equivalent of being the mayor.”

Henry had been elected to Whitefield Council in 1965, where he sat as an independent councillor for the East Ward.

At the time, the council was based at Whitefield Town Hall, in Pinfold Lane.

The building was flattened in January, following a 23-year planning wrangle.

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