ADELLE WEINTRAUB GLOGER, of Ohio, is seeking information about her grandfather's brother, Jake Strakovsky.
Jake, the younger brother of Moshe Strakovsky/Strakoffsky, moved to Leeds around 1899 from Tetiev, Kiev Gubernia.
His mother, two brothers and a sister went to Cleveland, Ohio.
He changed his name to Jack Stratton and married Annie. He died in 1968, aged 84, and she in 1979, aged 93.
They had three children —Jenny, who still lives in Leeds; Mona, who married Louis Lebosky (Lester) on July 10,1938 at the Newton Park Synagogue; and Sam/Sammy who also married. Both Mona and Sam are dead.
Contact 23920 Fairmount Blvd, Shaker Hts, Ohio 44122, USA, telephone (216) 292-2665 or email

GARY ROBINSON of Kent has a floral question. He is trying to find information relating to his grandmother Kate Allen (Robinson).
She was born in New York City but emigrated to Liverpool around the 1880s. She had a sister who married a Mr Levi/Levy and they had six daughters, all named after flowers. Kate died in 1943, aged 74.
Write to 79 Jail Lane, Biggin Hill, Kent TN16 3SE, telephone 01959 572715 or email

JOHN HOLMES, of Kent, is writing a book about his childhood in Manchester.
He needs to find old schoolfriend Tony Levy, who attended Manchester Central Grammar School For Boys between 1959 and 1964.
Write to 17, Robins Avenue, Lenham, Kent ME17 0HW or email

Leeds-born MERV BARNETT emigrated to Rhodesia in 1948 and now lives in Australia.
He is currently compiling a family tree and needs to find relatives. His grandfather, Edward (Isaac) Barnett, was born in the 1880s and married Mary Wolfruss. Edward's parents were Jacob and Leah.
Write to 2 Capri Court, Doncaster, Victoria, Australia 3108 or email

PETER BUSH, of Stanmore, is researching his great-grandfather Simon Abrahams. Simon's family first appeared in the 1881 census of London after arriving from Poland in the 1860s.
They moved to Liverpool and appear in the 1891 census in Hardwick Street.
''My interest is in Rachel, Harris, Jacob/Jack and Jeannie Abrahams and Sampson, Annie, Harry, Isabella, Amelia and Myer Braham, all in the tailoring trade,'' Peter says. ''Jacob Abrahams was a cabinet maker, while his son Pizer was a teacher at the Hope Place Hebrew School.''
Contact 32 Braithwaite Gardens, Stanmore, Middlesex HA7 2QH.

MANUEL SILVER, of Illinois, has two family heirlooms that he would like to know more about.
His maternal grandfather, Manuel (Mendel) Shooler (1868-1926) worked as a tailor in Leeds. He married Mary Shinwell. One of their children was Millie, Manuel's mother.
Manuel has a silver kiddush cup inscribed: ''Presented to Bro M Shooler, PM for services rendered as Noble Master, October 25, 1902. Duke of Connaught Lodge No9 GOI.''
He also has a silver medal with the inscription: ''M & PJFS & BCS. Presented to Bro M Shooler for good service 1905.'' Write to 2352 Jackson Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201, America.

The families of Glasgow-born Rebecca Myers and Jack Jones are being sought by nephew Nat Smith, of Bristol.
Rebecca and Jack emigrated to New York and then moved to California.
Write to 160 Cranbrook Road, Redland, Bristol BS6 7DG, telephone 0117 9247492 or email

THE HYMANSONS of Liverpool and Birkenhead are being researched by J Quinn of Knotty Ash.
The Hymansons settled in the areas in the 1860 and 90s. Information is also needed on James Hyamson, who was born in 1873 in West Derby, Liverpool, and married Mary Boobyer in Sully Wales in 1902.
The couple moved to Florida before the First World War and registered on the civillian draft list for Dade City Florida in 1917.
Write to 118 Kingsheath Avenue, Knotty Ash Liverpool 14 or email

During the 'War Years', Texan STAN GOLDMAN lived with his parents and three brothers in Leeds.
He lived at 73 Mexborough Grove and then 4 Mexborough Avenue. He attended Cowper St School, Talmud Torah and Leeds Central High School.
''I remember going to the big shool on Chapeltown Road, where Chazan Stern officiated,'' Stan says. ''I joined Bnei Akiva and went to cheder with Gertrude, Rita and Gerald Stern.
''In 1947 my family moved to Margate, Kent, but I have lived the last 40 years in El Paso.''
Old friends should write to 6213Belton Rd, El Paso, TX 79912, USA, telephone 9155845208 or email

JANET BROWN is trying to locate her maternal grandfather's family with very limited information. The family name was Trilnick. At some point they moved to Britain from Slonim, Russia.
Her great grandfather was a butcher in either London or Manchester. One of his brothers possibly had two children John and Ann. Ann supposedly changed her name to Ann Trevor and worked for the BBC.
Her grandfather, Harry, changed his surname to Rosin and moved to America.
Contact 11459 Lumberjack Cir E, Jacksonville, Fla 32223, USA or email

PAUL GOODMAN, of Kent, is trying to find the following relatives — his father's brother's Sydney Goodman, wife Irene and daughter Wendy.
''They were last seen at my grandmother's funeral in January 1963 in Liverpool,'' he said. ''I am also looking for any members of my great uncle and aunt's family — Maurice/Morris and Rose Goodman. Their children are Arthur, Sadie, Ruby, Sydney and Francis (twins).''
Paul's great grandmother, Jane Goodman, had a licensed broker's business in St James St, Liverpool.
Write to 38 Wells Road, Cheriton, Folkestone, Kent CT19 4PW, telephone 01303 275841 or email him at

MR S Lewis, of Prestwich, wants to trace two families he knew while stationed in Glasgow. The Lubliner (Linden) family lived on Deanston Drive, while the Adleman family had a tailor repair shop in the Gorbals. Telephone 0161-773 4841.

RINA and AVISHAI COHEN, of Kibbutz Shaar Hagolan, would like to trace Benjamin Rimmer, a Liverpudlian who spent some time at the kibbutz around 20 years ago. They can be contacted via Martin Freeman, 96 Park Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 0DY or email

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