LAZARE Berneman of Antwerp is looking for this man.

He saved Lazare's mother's life on May 15, 1945 in Stutgart by giving her a British army uniform and taking her by train to Lier in Belgium. Once in Belgium she met up with her sister and brothers.

Lazare believes the man he is looking for was in the Jewish Brigade.

Write to Belgielei 168/2, B-2018 Antwerp, Belgium or email or

MATT Phillips of Manchester wants to discover the remaining names on this photograph which he has restored.

The names he knows are, from left: ?,?, Sid Gordon, Maurice Marks (Matt's greatgrandfather), Ike Berlinsky, David Goldstone, ?, ?, Mick Bloom and Mick Peters

Matt is in the process of updating a family tree and needs information on Ike Berlinsky and the unknown people.

Write to 63 Park Lane, Whitefield, Manchester M45 7HL, email or telephone 07766 692800

Jeanette Isenberg Bersh of America is seeking information on Harry Schaffer who lived in or near London until the 1950s.

His aunt, Regina Isenberg, was with him until 1948 when she left for the USA.

"Presumably Harry died in the early 1950's from war injuries," Jeanette said. "He had been in the Jewish Regiment. However the GRO cannot find his death certificate calling it 'misfiled'.

"I am trying to track a genetic heart defect in this family and would like to know what is listed as the cause of death and where he is buried."

Harry and Regina were friends with Joy and George Hennessey, son Michael, daughter Colleen, who lived at 14 Granville Road in Middlesex.

Write to 9 Clayton Drive, Dix Hills NY 11746, USA or email

MANCHESTER-born David Mark is trying to fill his family tree.

David, who now lives in Australia, is the son of Leslie and Gertrude (Sewelson) Mark.

Gertrude's mother was Lily Toff who had a sister called Fanny and a brother called Gabriel.

Les's father was Isaac Mark and Isaac's father was David Mark (originally Namark from Lithuania or Latvia). His mother was Sylvia Craft.

Gertrude's father was Saul Sewelson (Shevelovich) from Kovno (Popolon) Gubernia Lithuania and his parents were Judah and Netta.

Saul first married Fanny Toff and had one daughter Netta. When Fanny died he married her sister Lily.

Sylvia and Isaac Mark moved to Australia in the early 1960s and Les and Gertie followed in 1963/4. The Mark family has many relatives in and around the Manchester area.

Write to P.O. Box 123, Oaklands NSW 2646, Australia or email

PAM Shoebridge of New Zealand wants information about her great-uncle Myer Ring who lived in Manchester.

Myer was born in Poland on December 14, 1887 and died in Manchester on March 18, 1960.

He moved to Manchester in 1906 and was employed by Brownson Tailors, Old Square, Ashton-under-Lyme up to 1944.

He married Rose Levy on April 9, 1911 and had three children - Joe, Sylvia and Doreen.

From 1935 to 1956 they are thought to have lived at 9 West Meade, Sedgley Park, Prestwich, Manchester. Pam has been in contact with Sylvia and Doreen but they can not remember too much information.

"I believe that when Myer first came to England he lived with relatives named Samuels," Pam said. "They lived at 256 Burdett Rd, Limehouse, London."

Pam is also also seeking the family of a Benjamin Ring who lived in Nottingham and died on November 14, 1978. He was born in London on October 9, 1911.

He married Helen Cohen on October 30, 1938. They had one child, Sonia who was born on July 31, 1942.

Write to 34 Tekoa Rd, Panmure, Auckland, New Zealand or email

RONI Peled of Israel is trying to locate the two sons of John Leslie Tracy (1916-1998).

John died suddenly while on holiday in Spain. John Leslie Tracy was born in Slovakia as Lattsi Tauber. He volunteered before World War Two to the French Foreign Legion and during the war was part of the Czechoslovakian Army.

Write to Kibbutz Ramat Yochanan, Doar Kefar Hamacabbi-30035, Israel or email

JOYCE Howard is searching for descendants of her great grandmother Rachel Curren (Cohen) who married Samuel Shalk on December 19, 1882 in Prestwich.

Rachel's father is named as Isaac Curren (Cohen) and Samuel's father as Emmanuel Shalk. The occupation of both was listed as 'tailor'.

They later lived (and died) in Leeds. Rachel in 1942 and Samuel in 1939. They had one son Abraham Shalk (later Shock) who was Joyce's grandfather.

Joyce believes Rachel had a sibling who emigrated to the US.

Telephone 01628 898257 or email

AUBREY Jacobus of London is searching for information on the Gerber family.

Samuel and Sarah Gerber had nine children. Two sons, Eli and Solomon (Joseph) were killed in World War One.

Solomon was in Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and had moved to Scotland.

Telephone 02082031029 or email

ANNA Goldberg of Belgium is looking for any relatives or information about the family Wajntraub from Lomasz (Poland).

Anna's mother was Chumé Wajntraub, who was born in Lomasz in 1909.

Chumé moved to Paris in 1930 where she met Hersz Goldberg, born in Kalisz in 1911. Anna was born in Paris on October 11, 1936.

"My father disappeared in Poland in 1939," Anna said. "My mother and I went to Israel in 1949 where my mother died in 1959.

Write to 36 Rue d'Aumale, 1070 Bruxelles, Belgium or email

DR Ronald Asherson of South Africa is looking for the family of Yehuda Leib Gordon, a teacher who settled in Manchester in the mid-1800s.

The Koenigsberg (Kingsley) family from Manchester stemmed from the Neustadt Gordon family and also the family who started Ciro's Pearls in the UK.

Ronald is also looking for any descendants of the Stung (Shtung) family from Keidan who might have emigrated to the UK.

Write to 01 Mentone Court, Riviera Rd, Killarney, Johannesburg South Africa 2193 or email

JUDY Wolkovitch of Los Angeles would like to make contact with anyone who can shed light on the origins of the Misell family which lived in Manchester, London and Cheetham.

Judy has found a marriage between Amelia (Mirel) Ansell and Isaac Misel (sic) in 1809.

Write to 1916 S. Barrington Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA or email

HAROLD Pollins of Oxford is researching soldiers who died during the First World War.

A memorial plaque in Leeds' Beth Hamidrash Hagadol Synagogue lists the following soldiers - M Brodie, S Cotson [A Sam Cotson was born in Leeds in 1898], A Fisher, M Getzells, M Goldstein, P Makalinsky, A Quate, J Steinberg, NG Yaffa

However, there is no record of their deaths in the British Jewry Book of Honour or at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Harold would like to hear from anyone who knows the circumstances of their deaths.

Write to 50 Ash Grove, Headington, Oxford, OX3 9JL, email, telephone 01865 764487

DAVID Millar of Kent is trying to trace the Norman family who lived in Liverpool in 1950s and 80s.

His cousin, Eric, was a doctor in Liverpool, and his late brother Philip was a shopkeeper in Brownlow Hill, Liverpool.

Eric and Phil's mother Sarah (nee Hyman) was born in Russia and was living in Leeds according to the 1901 census. Her sister Julia - David's mother - was born in Leeds 1902.

Write to 58 The Mall, Faversham, Kent ME13 8JW or email

NAOMI Barnett of Australia is looking for the granddaughter of Selina Silverstein (nee Barnett) who lived in Glasgow.

Selina and her husband Maurice owned Argyle Furnishers. They had a son called Cecil.

Naomi is looking for Cecil's daughter, Marlene Riva.

Write to 2/1 Judd Street, Carnegie, Victoria, Australia 3163 or email

ALAN Black, formely of Manchester, currently living on Gold Coast, is looking for Marlene Shapiro or Ivor Shapiro.

Both are the children of Maurice and Edna Shapiro. Marlene was last heard living in the south of England.

Write to 6/180, Marine Parade, Kingscliff 2487, NSW. Australia or email

LINDA Silverman Shefler of America is researching the Gordon family.

"I was always under the impression that they were from Elizavetgrad and Kherson in the Ukraine, but recently had my great grandfather's military documents and Russian passport translated and it appears that the family may have originated in the Vilno district," Linda said.

Eliahu (Ilya) Gordon died before 1896) was married to Sara Unknown (died before 1909).

Their children were Hanna Zalata (born around 1853) married to David Torchan/Torgan; Michael Lazar (Max Louis) (born 1865) married Sara Leah Gurevitch; Jacob (Ben Zion Yam) (born 1870) married Sara Rebecca.

The three children and their families emigrated to the States and settled in Providence, Rhode Island. Hanna and family emigrated in the early 1890s and the brothers from 1903-1907.

Write to 100 Swordgate Dr, Cary, NC 27513, USA or email

RICHARD Dahl of Israel is trying to find out what happened to Elfrieda (Frieda) Dahl.

Elfrieda was born on February 6, 1894 in Koeln, Germany. She was adopted by Arthur Dahl - Richard's great uncle - and his wife Erna.

She moved to England before World War Two. In 1939, she was registered as a domestic servant living at a Jewish Refugee House at 270 Hornby Road, Blackpool. Apparently it's now the White Wheels Hotel.

Write to 22 Uriel Menuchin St, Rehovot 76655, Israel or email

ANNE Shipley of Canada wants to know what happened to her grandmother, Mary Ellen Franks who was born on August 10, 1907 in South Shields, Durham.

She married George William Shipley in London on November 16, 1929. On the marriage certificate her name is shown as Mary Elizabeth Franks.

They had two children - Elizabeth Doreen and William Albert. Sometime around 1946 Mary left the family.

Mary's parents were Albert Armstrong Grayside Franks and Ellen McGrady. Her siblings were Lydia Franks (born February 28, 1883), Sarah Jane Franks (December 8, 1908) and Julia Franks (October 3, 1910).

Write to 405 Columbus Rd W, Brooklin, Ontario L1M 1L3, Canada or email

DON-Bonnie Blish of Los Angeles is keen to discover any relations of his father's first cousin, Jessie Martha Saiprin, who lived in Flat 3, 26 Anchor Court, Bury Old Rd, Manchester.

Jessie was the daughter of Myer Cohen and was born in Manchester in 1898. She lived in California for a while, was widowed and lost most of her eyesight. She returned to Manchester and died in 1986.

Jessie was the sister of Hyman Cohen, a tailor, who married Leah/Lily Jacobs in Manchester in 1917. Hyman and Lily may also have descendants in the Manchester area.

Contact Rosalyn Livshin on 0161 740 3941 (not Shabbat)

HOWARD Orenstein of Maryland is trying to find a relative whose name he doesn't know.

His great-great-great grandfather Zysman Blum married Ruchle (nee Przepiorka) and lived in Wyszkow, Poland.

They had least three children - Joseph Leib (born 1854), Necha (born 1862) and another daughter whom is the subject of Howard's search.

She travelled from England in 1935-36 to visit the family in Wyszkow.

Necha Blum married Moshe Nuchim Rozenberg in 1880 in Wyszkow. She died in 1937. They had a number of daughters and one son, Chaim, who was in the fish business with his wife, Feyga.

Joseph Leib married Ita Cywia (nee Ostrowiak) in 1872. They lived in London in 1870s before returning to Wyszkow.

Joseph Leib died in an accident in a seltzer factory in 1919 in Wyszkow. They had at least six children, Samuel (born 1871 in London; settled in the Connecticut); Fishel (Phillip, born London, 1874; settled in New York City); Leja (born 1878); Chaim (born 1880); Moshe; and Rachel.

Write to 1902 Ridgewood Ct. Hampstead, MD 21074 or email

AFTER his last Roots appeal, David Levenson of Las Vegas was contacted by someone with new information on Henrietta Rosenthal Levenson.

"There was a family member who was in Australia and said they had pictures and would scan and email copies when they returned to the UK in March," he said. "We would appreciate hearing from you."

Write to 1400 So Valley View Boulevard, Apt 2067, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 89102 or email

SANDRA Bergman of Australia is trying to find the whereabouts of Philip Shapiro and his wife Patricia, sister of Rodney Friend.

Sandra believes they moved from Bradford to Leeds.

Write to 3/55-57, Moylan Street, Bentleigh East, Victoria 3165, Australia or email

ANN Jensen of Australia reveals that her great-grandparents remarried in Edmonton in July 1889 in an attempt to change their names from Rudof Hnilicek, born Teplitz, and Amalia von Gerlach, to Warner.

The witnesses were Hugh and Ellen Warner, who also used marriage in October 1882 to change their name from Lazarsfeld.

"There were three Lazarsfeld-Warner marriages, with names like Wolff and Mendelsohn appearing, and they show one person giving his birthplace as Teplitz," Ann said.

Amalia died as Emily Warner less than five years after the remarriage. Rudolf married again as Hnilicek-Warner in 1899 to Annie Eliza Boddeily, and had more children all surnamed Warner.

"On my grandfather's second marriage the name Max Frohsdorff appears, and he later married someone called Brown," Ann added.

The surname Hnilica appears in Familianten records for Kosova Hora (Amschelberg) and in Holocaust lists, both among the dead and the repatriated, all coming from Bohemia.

Ann is looking for descendants of the Lazarsfelds, Von Gerlach and Warner families.

Write to Mansefield, Granger Place, Hartley Vale 2790, NSW, Australia or email

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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