GARRY Chankin of Illinois wants to find relatives of his grandfather Hyman Cotton.

Manchester-born Hyman emigrated to America in 1904, aged 13, and settled in Chicago.

A member of the Cotton family visited Garry's family in the late 1970s.

Garry is visiting England in June and would like to meet up with his relatives.

Write to 111 Pfingsten Road, Suite 300, Deerfield, IL 60015, telephone 847-272-8517 or email

ROY Mankovitz of California is looking for his Noar family relatives in the Manchester area.

Roy's grandmother was Lizzie Noar (Norr), who lived in Manchester, including Salford, from about 1888 to 1906.

During that time, she married Morris Caplan, and had five children, including Roy's mother, Sarah.

Lizzie had three brothers, Joseph, Joshua and Jacob. Joseph settled in Manchester.

The family originated in Lithuania, and came to England via St Petersburg, where they were tailors (

Write to 1482 East Valley Road, Suite 808, Montecito, CA 93108, telephone 805-969-4604 or email

JUDITH Kloogman Weinstein of New York has spent four year searching for information on her father's cousin, Bernhard Klugmann.

He was born in 1898 in Sniatyn, Galicia. He lived in Graz, Austria from about 1919 until 1938 or 1939 when he returned to Sniatyn.

He married Fanny Halberg in 1922 in Bistriz, Romania, and in 1923 their daughter Henriette (aka Naomi) was born in Graz.

Bernhard was a merchant of buttons and fabric. From 1922-31 the family lived in Graz on Rosselmuhlgasse, from 1931-37 they lived on Elizabethstrasse, before moving to Volksgartenstrasse.

Bernhard was detained by the Soviets in 1940 after returning to Sniatyn.

Somehow he made his way to London, where he registered with the Jewish Refugees Committee in June 1942. His wife and daughter died in the Holocaust.

The Jewish Refugees Committee has only his registration slip, not his file, which states that he served with the Military Government of the British Army of the Rhine at the Bergen-Belsen DP Camp, Group 5 MB 37/15. It also states that he left the UK for America in February 1948.

Write to 95 Old Mill Road, Great Neck, NY 11023, USA or email

LIVERPOOL-born Cyril Bradley is trying to find someone from his past.

Cyril, who moved to Detroit in 1954, wants to find Stephanie Swift.

Write to 54322 Franklin Dr, Shelby Twp, MI, 48316, USA or email him at

SHULA Moreland is writing a history, recording the Jewish communities of Staffordshire.

Shula would like to hear from anyone whose roots are in Staffordshire and whose ancestors lived in or contributed to the county.

Family stories, memories, achievements and photographs of people and events in the old days are welcome.

Telephone 01785 811 467 or email

ANITA Woolf of Florida wants to find members of her late grandfather's family.

Jacob Preger was born in Poland in the 1800s. He settled in Hightown and then Cheetham Hill in Manchester.

His brother Isaac was possibly married to Helen.

Isaac had two sons, David - married with two daughters - and Lionel, a bachelor who was a professional violinist.

Their sister was married to a gentleman named Shine and had four children, Ephraim, Shloimi and either Blema, Naomi and Hannah.

"I understand that the name Edis is also connected," Anita, formerly of Manchester, said. "My brothers, Leslie (Lazzie) in San Francisco, and Jack in Calcutta and I are in contact with our immediate cousins - the grandchildren of Jacob and his first wife Genannah.

"Jacob had two further wives. The second wife was Auntie Gold, who had two daughters from a previous marriage, Dinah and Evelyn.

"The third wife, who he pre-deceased, was Annie Silverstone. She had one daughter, Rosie (Kushner), from a previous marriage, who moved to Israel with her mother."

Jacob had a grocery shop in Cheetham Hill Road, while Anita's father also had a similar shop in Waterloo Road.

Anita's parents, Harry and Berta (nee Mandel), were married in 1925 in Germany. Berta, together with the Preger siblings, came from the same town, Radjechov, in Poland.

Write to 4048 Penshurst Park, Sarasota, Florida, USA or email

CATHERINE Youngren of Vancouver is trying to find information or descendants of her great great aunt Rachel (Abrahams) Israel.

Rachel was born in Liverpool or Chester in 1851 and married Isaac Israel on September 11, 1872 in the Great Synagogue, Manchester.

Rachel and Isaac had 10 children - Annie (born July 14, 1873) Selina (October 28, 1874), Alfred (June 17, 1877), Marley (October 30, 1879), Rose (November 2 1883), Jane/Jennie (September 18, 1886), Ethel (October 10, 1887), Esther (August 3 1890) and twins Simon/Sydney and Raphael (May 1, 1893). Rachel died on March 3, 1911. Husband Isaac died in November 1915. Daughter Esther died in April 1915. They were all living at 107 Stanley Street, Cheetham Hill.

Catherine only knows that son Alfred married and went to Johnannesburg, South Africa. He had at least two children - Morris and Charles. Simon/Sydney also moved to Johannesburg, South Africa, married Evelyn and had at least one child - Derrick Sydney.

Write to Catherine Youngren Interior Designers Inc, #225-1628 West First Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 1G1, Canada or email

MARY Blundell of Australia wants to trace descendants of her great-grandfather Morris Samuels.

He came to England as a baby in early 1820 from Pruessen, Prussia.

He married Amelia Cohen, daughter of Isaac and Phoebe Cohen of Portsea, around 1848. They had five children - Sarah, Isaac (Mary's grandfather), Rachel, Isabel and Joseph. When first married they lived at East Union St, Spitalfields, but moved to Gravesend, Kent after the birth of Isaac in December 1850.

In Gravesend they lived with Amelia's sister, Rebecca Harris, married to Samuel Harris, also from Prussia. Amelia died in 1879 and Morris drowned in 1892. Mary's grandfather, Isaac, married Mary Warn in 1872 and had 12 children.

Write to 16 Buckingham St, Kingaroy, Queensland, 4610 Australia or email

BRIAN Cohen of Ediburgh wants to trace descendants on his paternal grandmother's side originating in Dundee.

David Cree (born 1837) married to Rachael Siffe (Zieff, perhaps re-married and became Rachael Shein, born 1843), their children Julia (married Samuel Ronder), Nathan (born 1875 and married Annie) and Annie (married Barnet Cohen of Glasgow in 1892 and lived in Edinburgh). Nathan had two sons, Malcolm and David, who were doctors, graduates of St Andrews and lived in London.

Nathan moved to London in 1934. A cousin was Dr Isaac Eban (born 1890) of Edinburgh and became the stepfather of her child Aubrey who became Abba Eban the eminent Israeli cabinet minister and academic.

Barnet Cohen of Glasgow (1869-1908) was the son of Isaac Cohen(died 1897) and Betsy (Pashe) Shapera (died 1896).

Barnet's sisters were Sarah - married Jacob Fisher in 1885,children Leanorah married Bernard Newman in 1909 and Esther married Jack Newman in 1916 and Moses who went to Birmingham- and Annie - married Jacob Appleton of Belfast in 1894, children Benjamin, Sarah married Alex Mair in 1920. Brian is the grandson of Barnet Cohen and Annie Cree.

Write to 3,South Gillsland Road, Edinburgh, Scotland EH10 5DE or email

ANNE Frank of Bournemouth is researching her husband's family tree.

She believes his great grandfather, Peter Frank, may have been Jewish.

Peter, born 1836, moved to Liverpool from Germany around 1863 to work as the official importer of Raymond Canadian sewing machines.

The business was based in 21 Mount Pleasant and he also had an office in London.

He was originally married to Margaret Dutton and they had children Henry, Charles, Peter, George and Margaret some of whom were born in Liverpool and others in Middlesex.

Margaret died in childbirth with another son William and Peter returned to Liverpool with the family.

He later remarried Sarah Williams and had another daughter Louisa.

Henry worked as a cattle feed merchant and ran a business in Liverpool for many years. He married Winifred Thom in 1903 and had four sons, Geoffrey, Norman, Alan and Leslie.

Write to 10 Church Road Southbourne Bournemouth Dorset BH6 4AT or email

VERONICA Levin of Australia is searching for people who have Jewish Lucas/Lukis ancestors from England or Ireland.

Write to 1 Brad Street, Bentleigh East, Australia 3165 or email her at

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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