SUSAN HYMAN, of Lytham St Annes, is trying to trace her grandmother and great grand-parents.

Susan’s mother, Beatrice Joan Windsor Steele — known as Joan — was born in Blackpool in 1920.

She married John Williams in 1947 and died in 1963. Susan was born on February 1, 1953.

Marie Steele, Susan’s grandmother, is believed to have come from Chorlton, Manchester.

She gave a Manchester address on Joan’s birth certificate and returned to Manchester alone after the birth. No father’s name was given. It is believed Marie came from a Jewish background.

Joan named Edmund Windsor Steele as her father on her marriage certificate.

Marie had another son, Richard, who visited Blackpool until 1963.

Contact 52 Lake Road North, Fairhaven, Lytham St Annes, Lancs FY8 1AG or telephone 01253 794765.

PROF STEVE ORLEN, of Arizona, is researching his family tree and needs to find descendants of ‘lost relatives’.

He wants to hear from anyone who knew Augusta (Gusel) Wolinsky Schoeritz and her brother Israel (Srulke) Wolinsky (1836-1933). Their father was Motis Mendl Wolinsky, a wheelwright.

The two children were born in Boguslav, lived near Odessa, then emigrated to London, where Israel is said to have owned an art gallery.

They had two brothers, Ephraim and Yoynah, and a sister, Rachel Leah.

Other members of the family lived in Alexandria, Melbourne (Ettie Wolinsky Greenburg) and New York.

The American branch of the family shortened its name to Wolins.

The other part of his family missing is the Diamonds. They emigrated to London, probably from Lithuania. Some members moved to Holyoke, Massachusetts, New York, and Los Angeles.

Although, one — ‘‘a famous physician’’ is believed to have stayed in London.

Another of the Diamonds was married to Steve’s great great aunt, whose maiden name was Orlin — she was from Vieves, Lithuania, two stops on the railroad away from Vilnius.

Write to Prof Orlen, Department of English, Modern Languages Building, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721, USA.

CALIFORNIAN JEFF SUGERMAN wants to locate the family of his grandfather, Lew Sugarman.

Born in London in 1892, Lew moved to America in 1912.

His parents, Joseph and Miriam (Mary) Sugarman, had arrived in England two year’s before Lew’s birth.

Jeff has discovered from a US census sheet that the family was from ‘Willner (Russia)’, which is probably Vilna (Vilnius).

Among his siblings were: Sarah Sugarman, born 1889 in ‘Willner’ and moved to New York around 1907, where she married Philip Nozick; Dora Sugarman, born in 1894 in London, moved to New York in 1924 and married Mr Mearns; Minnie Sugarman, born in 1899 in London; Abe Sugaman, who married Leah and had a least two children, Manny and Renee, born in the 1920s.

Another brother is believed to have died in Egypt during the First World War.

Jeff is most interested to find the family of Manny and Renee.

Write to 888 Shadow Creek Pl, Los Altos, CA  94024, USA or email

BERYL BLICKSTEIN, of Maryland, is looking for descendants of the Blickstein or Gitler families from Kamenets-Podolsk in the Ukraine, or information about those families prior to 1921.

Contact 13312 Old Forge Road, Silver Spring, MD 20904, USA, telephone 301-384-7793 or email

Leeds is at the centre of Washington resident JEFF GOULDEN'S search.

His grandfather, Philip Freedman, born in 1867, moved from Slawatycze, Poland to Leeds around 1900.

He lived in Leeds until his death in 1958. He had a sister Chanchie, who possibly also lived in Leeds.

Jeff is looking for relatives of Chanchie (Freedman) Orbaum, Esther (Orbaum) Rubenstein, Sacha Rubenstein, Jack Orbaum and Esther Alper.

Esther was a bridesmaid at Jeff’s parents’ wedding in 1933.

Contact 4710 129th Avenue East, Edgewood, Washington 98372, USA or email

REVA DAVISION FALK is hoping to bridge the gap between Oregon and Glasgow.

Reva’s grandmother Jennie Perl, was born in 1880 in Tukums, Latvia (then known as Courland) and emigrated to America.

Her sister — Reva’s great-aunt — settled in Glasgow.

Contact P O Box 3151, Portland, OR 97208 , USA, telephone (503) 452-3882 or email

Any descendants of CHARLES YEWDALL, formerly known as Karolius Judelis are being sought by Jacqueline Davis of Ottawa, Canada.

A watchmaker and jeweller, he lived at 79 Hammersmith Road, Hammersmith, London in 1924. He married Nancy Ramman and they had a daughter, Lilian, who married Alec.

They had two daughters, one of whom was called Monica.

Write to #1508, 1500 Walkley Road, Ottawa, K1V 0H8, Ontario, Canada, email

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