Salford descendants

LYNN James of Utah wants details of her Salford family.

Although the family originated in Salford, her father, Godfrey Asher Jacob, was born in Sutton, Surrey, in 1890. He died in 1978, in Milwaukee, America.

He and a sister emigrated to Canada, in 1907, and then to the USA in 1911.

They changed their surname to James before leaving England.

"I did not learn of the name change and Jewish origins until just a few years ago," Lynn said.

Godfrey's parents were Alfred Alexander Jacob and Eliza Ann Evans. Alfred was born in 1839, in Salford, while Eliza was born in Birmingham, around 1853.

Alfred's first wife, Ann Marks, died in 1876. Alfred's parents were Alexander Jacob and Julia Asher, born around 1805.

Alexander was also born in Salford and Julia probably in Liverpool. Alexander's parents were Aaron Jacob, born around 1775, and Leah Solomons.

Aaron is mentioned in an early book about Jews in Manchester as possibly a rabbi. The family is also mentioned in a book entitled The Making of Manchester Jewry.

The children of Alfred Alexander Jacob and Eliza Ann Evans were Morris, Josephine A, Marion Louisa, Lionel Alfred, Alexander Joseph, Marguerite Ray, Godfrey Asher and Raphael W.

Write to 12416 Tithing Hill Drive, Riverton, Utah 84065, USA, telephone 801-446-0701 or email

Birth place?

LEIF Eriksson of Sweden is looking for the places of birth and the ancestors of Ralph Simansky and David Hyman.

Ralph was born in 1889 in Suwalk Gubernica in Poland while David was born 1863 in Wolkowich area in Poland/Russia

Leif is helping his father-in-law, Leslie Simans of Manchester, to trace his ancestors. Unfortunately, many vital records have been lost.

Leslie's father, Ralph (Yerachmiel ben Yekutiel), Simansky, married Sarah Hyman in 1914 at Manchester Central Synagogue.

Her parents were David Hyman and Amelia Singer who lived at 225 Cheetham Hill Road.

Ralph's father was (Ye)kusiel and his mother Sara (Tsirele). Ralph had one brother Hana(h) (Chane) Itzshke and one sister Haya (Chaja) Peshke.

Ralph emigrated to Manchester around 1905-10 where he stayed with a couple named Berman. Before his marriage, Ralph stayed at 218 Cheetham Hill Rd.

Ralph and Sarah had two children, William (Velvel Yitshak ben Rachmiel) born 1915, and Leslie(Eliazer ben Rachmiel) born 1917.

They were raised at 17 Huxley Ave, Cheetham Hill. They later changed their name to Simans.

Sarah died on August 15, 1953, Ralph died on August 1, 1956 and William died on July 10, 1978. They are buried at Urmston Cemetery.

On the civil marriage certificate, Ralph's father was noted as Charles Simansky. Witnesses were Abraham Ribatzkie and L Simans

Ralph and Sarah's friends included Jack and Sarah Lev/wi/y of Higher Broughton, Carovitch of Cheetham Hill and A Dobkin, also of Cheetham Hill.

Write to Gransholmsvagen 131 360 32, Gemla, Sweden or email

1944 Hanging

ALLAN Mallenbaum of New York is trying to locate information on Rosa (Shoshana) Robota from Clechanow, Poland.

Rosa was hanged with three other women for their alleged role in the Sonderkommando Revolt inside Auschwitz in October 1944.

Allan also wants information on the hanging of four women in Auschwitz on January 6, 1945 and he wants to find descendants of both the Robota and Trombka families of Clechanow.

Write to Rosa Robota Foundation, Box 24, Plainview, NY 11803-0024, USA, telephone 001-516 349-0425 or email AEM@OptOnLine.Net

Walk diary

ROBERT Ridley of Cumbria discovered a 1912 diary featuring the experiences of six young Merseyside backpackers, walking across northern France.

One of the men was imprisoned as a conscientious objector. Evidence has emerged that pre-war he enjoyed walking holidays in the UK, with young Germans.

One of his descendants contacted Robert to say that just before World War II when she was a child, her parents welcomed to Greasby on the Wirral a Dr Adler and his family, including a child called Peter( Pieter), who couldn't drink cows' milk.

Write to Great Overend, Kentmere, Kendal, Cumbria, LA8 9JW, telephone 01539 821509 or email

Open Book

E BRUMMEL of New York is looking for people called Dorb from Hungary and Buchbinder from Cracow.

One of the Buchbinders, which was shorted to Book in America, was called Mordechai.

Write to 1556 Carroll St, Bklyn, NY 11213, USA or email

Cantor search

ERIC Horwitz of Israel is looking for information on a Cantor (Chazan) Ney who officiated in one of the Manchester Synagogues around 1900. Write to Rachov Hayovel 12/3, Raanana, 43401, Israel, telephone 09 745 4560 or email

Memories of Ethel

BILL Sergeant of Liverpool wants memories of Ethel Maud Stuart.

Ethel was born in Liverpool around 1876 and is believed to have died in the 1940s. She was the sister of Ronald Neil Stuart VC, who will be remembered on a memorial to commemorate Noel Godfrey Chavasse VC & Bar, and 15 other recipients of the VC who were born in Liverpool.

A relative of Ronald Stuart has told Bill that Ethel was a teacher or even the head teacher at the old Hebrew School in Liverpool for a number of years, possibly in the 1920s and/or 30s. She is believed to have died of TB and the family have no idea where she is buried. There's a mention of a 'Miss Stewart, Head Infants Mistress' in the manager's report for the school for 1925-26. Telephone 0151 724 3171 or email

Looking for Ilse

JULIA Pascal of London needs help in finding Ilse Berlowitz/Henson (Hirschbaum) and her daughter Ruth Henson.

Ilse was born in 1917 in a border town of East Prussia. The family later lived in Berlin. Ilse was the only member to escape the Holocaust.

Her father Siegbert Saul Berlowitz, born 1885, and mother Julie (Ehrenwert), born 1889, were transported to Minsk and shot by a Latvian firing squad. Ilse married Alfred Hirschbaum who changed his name to Henson. Their daughter Ruth was born on September 12, 1943 in Manchester. In the 1950s the Henson family lived at 6 Middleton Road, Brandwood House, Crumpall, Manchester.

Write to 35 Flaxman Court, Flaxman Terrace, London WC1H 9AR, telephone 020 7383 0920 or email

On Sidney's trail

ANNE Sloman (Anne Dodi Miller) is looking for Sidney Bronstein. He is the only child of Max and the late Bella Bronstein. Born in England, he relocated to Israel, but could now possibly be back in England.

Anne is also looking for any family of the late Moss Bronstein, son of late Charlie and Alice.

In addition, Anne would like to find members of Stepney Jewish Girls Club, Beaumont Square, London between 1934-1943, the Lads Club,at the Stepney Jewish School and members of Golders Green Young Israel Society between 1939- 1944.

Write to 20 Fashion Roseway, Suite 106 W, Toronto, On, M2N 6B5, Canada or email

Leeds location

SANDRA Bergman of Australia is looking for Patricia Shapiro nee Friend, late of Bradford, now in Leeds; Philip Smollan, late of Middlesbrough, married Sarah Freedman in Leeds in 1922; Bergman/Berkman families in Leeds; Smuckler families, Leeds; Black families,Leeds; descendants of Rachel Goldstone of Leeds; Dolly Ziff nee Gooblar of Leeds; and members of Tinger family of Leeds.

Write to JUnit 3, 55-57, Moylan Street, East Bentleigh, Victoria, 3165, Australia, telephone 61-3-9578-3969 or email

Who is Herrick?

NEW Yorker Esther Feinstein Sackheim is looking for the Feinsteins and the Malamuds of Tulchin. The Malamuds were mother Ruchel, son Avigdor and daughter Toby. Esther also wants to know who Herrick Feinstein is. Write to 105 Delany St, New York City 1908, USA or email

Azikovich to Moston

ANNETTE Gueron of Israel is looking for information on her great uncle, Avraham Azikovich who, according to the 1901 Census, changed his name to Moston arrived in the UK together with his brothers, Michael (Annette's grandfather) and Shevak around 1899. Family Azikovich came from Grodno, Belarus. Their father's name was David, born around 1850 in Lida, Lithuania.

Write to 84 Hazait St, Lapid 73133, Israel or email

Holy Law wedding

JUAN Cohen of Bangor is looking for relatives.

Reuben Cohen married Maria Sacher on May 29, 1904, at Holy Law Beth Aahron Synagogue, Manchester. One child was born in 1905 in England. Max Cohen, born March 20, 1907 in Manchester; Sarah Cohen, born April 20 1909 in Argentina; Hilda Cohen, born 1913 in Argentina; Eduardo Cohen, born October 11, 1918 in Argentina.

Write to Wern Bach Farm, Tal Y Bont, Bangor, LL57 3YE, North Wales or email

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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