Sydney's Graduation day

RICHARD CASSON of Cheadle wants to identify the two graduates with his father, Sydney Chazan.

Sydney, who later changed the family name to Casson, is seen on the right on his graduation day in 1919, possibly at Manchester University.

If you can help contact Richard at Flat 24 Whitegates, Wilmslow Road, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 1HG or email

Written in stone

PETER SMITH of Wigan is seeking descendants of Jacob and Jeanette Skitten who came to Liverpool in the 1920s from Bethnal Green, London.

Their daughter, Miriam - Peter's mother - was born in Bethnal Green in 1904. They lived in the Princes Park area of Liverpool.

Peter's parents were married on August 1930. Peter was born in January 1938, three years before his mother died.

Jeanette died in 1932 aged 72 years and Jacob in 1934 aged 74 years. They are buried in Long Lane Cemetery, Liverpool.

Their memorial stones make mention of 'children and grandchildren'.

Telephone 01942 208975 or email

SA query

NATHAN LEVIN of Surrey has heard from his sister Jenny that someone in Liverpool was looking for the Levin family which emigrated to South Africa.

Nathan's father's name was Isaac Levin and his grandfather was Nathan Levin, who married Annie/Anne.

Nathan said: "My grandfather apparently was either born in Wales, or lived for some time in Wales, Merthyr Tydfill? His brother was apparently a rabbi in Liverpool. There is also the name Gedalya/Medalya somewhere in the family."

Write to Colgrym, Bradmore Green, Old Coulsdon, Surrey CR5 2LQ or email

Leeds born

PHIL HARRIS is trying to trace a family named Davis(Davies).

Woolfe was the father and David, born in Leeds around 1857, a son. They were wholesale stationers.

David married Hannah (Annie) Aaron in the Great Synagogue Manchester in l891.

Reply to or PO box 266 Elsternwick Victoria, Australia, 3185.

Tragic grandma

ANGELA NASUTI is looking for information about her grandmother, Fanny Cohen.

Fanny, whose maiden name was Kwasnic(k), died in Manchester around 1921 in her 20s.

She had been committed to Prestwich Mental Hospital after seeing one of her children killed in an accident.

Fanny was originally from Russia or Lithuania.

Write to 48 Forrest Street, Cottesloe, Perth 6011, Western Australia or email

Kravitz search

SANDY Gibson of New Mexico is still searching for any Kravitz families related to Elizabeth Marks, who lived in Leeds from 1892 to 1907.

Sandy believes the two families travelled as a group and came from Kiev or Odessa, possibly stopping for a while in Romania.

They emigrated to Chicago, through Halifax, with the Marks family; and then part of these Kravitzes went on to Denver.

Additionally, she is looking for anyone who knew or has information about Manfred Templer.

Originally from Brzesko, Poland, he was on the kindertransport, and after the war joined the Merchant Marines in England.

His mother also survived. Her last name would also have been Templer.

Manfred apparently died about 20 years ago.

Contact Sandy at or at 151 Villa Chiquita, Las Cruces, NM 88007.

10 children

JAN COSTA of Failsworth wants to find descendants of her great grandmother Jane Jacobs (Abrahams) who was born 1855 in Birmingham.

She lived with her husband Israel Jacobs (born 1867) at 12 Brighton Street, Manchester, 63 Bank Street, Cheetham, then 63 Honey Street Cheetham Hill.

They had 10 children, Morris, Joseph, Fanny, Solomon Leah, Theresa, Simon, Hyman, Rebecca and Maria.

Her grandmother Rebecca married Charles Cohen (a baker) in Manchester on June 3, 1914.

Write to 6 Bethel Avenue, Failsworth, Manchester M35 0AG or email

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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