ROCHELLE Benson, of Manchester, was recently reunited with her grandfather's great niece.

But since the meeting she has received records from Latvian archives which revealed Bernard, who was born in Poland along with his sister Basha, had another brother, Isaak-Morduch, who was born on January 19, 1890 in Riga.
His parents were Elia (Elya), son of Itzik and Haya-Leya, daughter of Mendel Plit. Elia, a tailor, was born in 1848 and his wife was born in 1855.
Rochelle is also looking for relatives on her fatherís side. Her paternal grandparents were Maurice Rock, who changed his surname to Ruebin. His father was Henock Rock who died in Russia or Chicago. Maurice married Rochelleís grandmother Rachel Leah Shapiro.
Maurice had a brother called Abraham, who married Ada and settled in Chicago. Abraham and Ada had three children Gertie, Esther and David. Gertie married Mr Harris and they had children named Harold and Jane. Esther married Mr Lerner and had two daughters. Rochelle knows David married, but has no name.
Maurice also had a sister, Lena, who married Louis Curtis, but had no children. Maurice had cousins in London called Norman and Benny Nygate, who were the sons of Alec and Dinah Nygate.
Rochelleís grandmother,Rachel Leah Ruebin nee Shapiro, was the daughter of Abraham, who appears to have married twice. Rachel had a sister who remained in Russia and another sister called Dorothy, who married a Mr Soloway in Los Angeles.
Their children were called Philip, Rose and Celia. One grandchild was called Paul Michael Walshaw. Rachel Leah also had a brother who emigrated to South America and another,Phillip Shapiro, who was born in Russia. Phillip had five sons and five daughters.
Three of the sons were Irving,Johnny and Sam and they may have gone to California. Four daughters were Gersha, Freda and Sophie (Joan) and Shirley. Three lived in Chicago and one went to Hawaii

Rochelle would also like to find relatives of her great grandparents on her motherís side. Her maternal grandmother was Rachel Leah Price who married Bernard. She was the daughter of Lazarus Hyman Price and Betsy Price, nee Calmanovitz.
Lazarus had a brother, Joseph, who married Jessie and they all lived in Leeds. Joseph and Jessie later settled in Chicago. Joseph and Harris were born in Kovno

Rochelle thinks there was a brother called Harris Price who married Rachel. The parents of the Price brothers were Rachel and Abraham Price.
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