Doreen Goldberg became a Prince

NORMAN Goldbert of Edinburgh is looking for Doreen Brody Goldberg.

Doreen was born in Glasgow around 1966 to Elaine Brody and Max Goldberg.

She was adopted as a baby and her name was changed to Adrienne Prince.

Her adopted family moved to Canada, but both parents died so she was raised by an adopted grandmother.

Norman has found a cousin, Dennis Brody, who met her in London around 25 years ago.

Norman also wants to contact the family of the late Solly and Millie Rosenblatt who were from Liverpool. Millie was Norman's late grandmother Jean Goldberg's sister.

In addition he is looking for family of Edmund and Elizabeth Rosenblatt. Edmund had two sisters, Julia and Felicia.

Write to 18 Abercorn Crescent, Edinburgh EH8 7HR, telephone 01316611541 or email

Looking for cash

RAND FISHBEIN is looking for information on the Harrison and Cash families that are believed to have lived in Greater Manchester in the 19th century.

Jacob Harrison and Leah Cash eventually moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with their children.

Rand is eager to learn the date of their arrival in England and their home address in Manchester, their Polish names prior to being Anglicised, and their Polish town of origin.

Jacob Harrison was born in 1834 and died in 1906. His wife, who died a year later, was born in 1837.

Their children were Israel Harrison, born in 1866 in England; Jenny Marks (Harrison) (1868-1923); Sarah Mathias (1868-1957); Henry (Harris) Harrison (1861-); Rebecca, Levi Harrison (1864); Isaac Harrison (1870); Morris Harrison (1854-1931); Bertha Hyman (1859-); Hannah (Annie) Harrison (1878-1947) and Louis (Dan) Cohen (1873-1933)

Rand is descended from Hannah (Annie) Harrison and Louis (Dan) Cohen.

Email or telephone 001 (301) 469-0099.

Married in Hull

HELEN MANLEY of Warwickshire needs help tracing descendants of her great great grandparents, Rosa Goldman and Samuel Kronheim, who were both born in Prussia and married in Hull in 1867.

They lived in Aston, Birmingham for a few years, where they may have joined other members of the Goldman family, and had two daughters - Esther and Theresa.

By 1881 they were living in Julia Street in Manchester with two more daughters - Dene and Sarah - and were now known as Crown.

Still in Manchester, Dene married Abraham Rose while Esther (Etty) married Abraham Clyne and went on to have three children - Lilly, born 1889, Hyman, 1891, and Essie, 1899.

Theresa appears to have remained unmarried.

Helen's great grandmother Sarah married Herbert William Harwood in 1899. The 1891 census shows them living in London as part of a theatrical troupe managed by Herbert's parents.

Sarah, whose stage name was 'Dolly', was a dancer and vocalist in the Four Sunbeams.

Write to Honeysuckle Cottage, Chesterton, Warwickshire CV33 9LG or email


GLO MCNEILL of Canada was born Gloria Needler in Manchester in 1929.

She is looking for old friends from Upper and Lower Broughton, Crumpsall, and Heaton Park, Manchester.

The friends she is looking for are Ruth Jacobs (father Norman), Shirley Dank, Rosalind Black, Shirley Newman, Elsie Bloom, Audrey Alderson, Anita Rozensweig, Valerie Meek, Lilian Gruber and Donald Bass

Glo attended Broughton High School, which was then on Broom Lane.

At Higher Crumpsall Synagogue, during the Second World War, she was taught by Simcha Neuschloss.

Glo has taught his melodies to her cousins in New Haven, Connecticut.

She would like to hear from anyone who remembers the children's minyanim he held.

Write to PO Box 1185, 36 Dufferin Street, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia B0J 2C0, Canada, or email

Buried in Willesden

JACQUELINE DAVIS of Ontario is looking for the family of Charles and Nancy Yewdall Rayman.

She recently discovered that they are buried in Willesden Cemetery, having died on August 2 and July 11, 1966 respectively.

They had at least one daughter, Lily Alexander, who announced their stone settings in May 1967.

Lily lived at 16 Milverton Road, Willesden.

Charles, a jeweller, was Jacqueline's uncle and lived at one time at 79 Hammersmith Road.

Write to #607 - 1485 Baseline Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K2C 3L8, Canada, telephone 001 (613) 260-5386 or email

Teague of her own

Loren Teague of New Zealand is trying to trace her grandfather Colin Craster''s family, in the Middlesbrough and Manchester area.

He married Rachel, who died recently, and they had two children, Hazel and Lorna.

Hazel married Arnold Stoll. Colin Craster had a furniture/carpenter's shop in Middlesbrough around 1929 and died in 1979.

Email or write to PO Box 1200, Nelson, New Zealand or telephone 00643 5475369.

Living in Iver

DR NEIL ROSENSTEIN of New Jersey is looking for a family contact for Peter J Richards.

Peter, who was living in 1966 at 30 Old Slade Lane, Iver (Bucks), was the son of Fritz Reichenbach, who was born in Frankfurt about 1895/6.

The family was descended from the famous Adler Rabbinical family which included two British chief rabbis.

Write to 654 Westfield Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ 07208, America, telephone 001 908-353-5575 or email

Twins met at 30

IDENTICAL twins Mary Holmes and Elaine Allin - previously known as Diane and Elaine Cohen - were born in 1945 but separated when they were adopted. The sisters finally met when they were 30.

They are searching for any information about Leah Cohen, whose last known address was a boarding house at 9 Cowper Mount, Leeds 9, in 1945/46.

She may have been born around 1924.

Write to Mary at 3 Kendal Close, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Notts NG17 9FH or email

Name changed

DR DAVID O'DONOGHUE of Ireland is trying to trace members of the Barsdorf family.

David's mother's grandfather was Solomon Barsdorf who emigrated from Strelitz in Germany to the north of England in 1853.

Solomon's son, Walter Barsdorf, was born in England on August 7, 1874. His three children were: Paul Barsdorf, born December 4, 1916; and twins Della Maud and Walter John Barton, born January 29, 1919.

The family changed its name by deed poll on September 23, 1917.

Della O'Donoghue (née Barton/Barsdorf) was David's mother. She died in 1990 in Douglas, Isle of Man.

Write to 113 Corke Abbey, Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland or email

Mother's relatives

TONY CHAPPLE of Northants wants to find relatives of his mother Irene Cohen who was born March 10, 1918 in Liverpool.

At that time she lived at 34 Slater Street, Liverpool but may have moved to Sefton Park.

Tony believes she had at least one sister, possibly called Betty, and at least two brothers, possibly called Manny and Jack.

Tony is also looking for details about her parents, tailor Maurice Cohen and Edith Jones from the Hollywell area of Wales.

Email or write to 41 Faugere Close, Brackley, Northants, NN13 6LR.

David's discovery

DAVID PHILLIP of St Helens made a chance discovery through the National Archives about his grandparents Philip and Yetta Goldberg.

Philip was born in October 1877 in Garvolin, Poland and Yetta (Yochved) Goldberg (nee Lerman) was born in September 1876 in Warsaw, Poland.

David knew that they had emigrated to Liverpool in 1904 but it was only when he saw his grandfather's application for naturalisation in 1927 that he discovered where they originally came from.

He also learned that his grandfather, left behind his brother, Moses (Moshe) Goldberg, and his sister, Yetta Goldberg.

"We don't know whether either of them escaped before the Holocaust," David said.

"Before we stumbled upon the archived naturalisation application, we had thought that our grandparents had married on arrival in Liverpool. I searched the civil marriages for the early 1900s, for Liverpool.

"I thought I had found their marriage details in 1906. However, when I received the copy marriage certificate, June 5, 1906, for a marriage solemnised at the Princes Road Synagogue, the groom was another Philip Goldberg, who married Rachel Cohen."

Write to 12 Tabley Gardens, St. Helens, Merseyside, WA9 5TW or email

Thomas Jewish?

CLAIRE DUGGAN of the Isle of Man is looking for information on her great grandfather, Thomas Abraham Murphy.

He was born in 1871 in the Liverpool area. Claire believes he was Jewish as her grandmother told her that he was buried in a Jewish cemetery in Liverpool.

Email or write to 24 Magher Drine, Ballawattleworth, Peel, Isle of Man IM5 1XE

Osiel search

MARIANNE OSIEL is looking for relatives of her grandfather, the late Joseph Osiel, a Russian (or Polish) immigrant to America in the early 1890s.

Write to Marianne, c/o Gary Solomon, 2 Gate Hill Coop Road, Stony Point, NY 10980, USA or email

Juejati family

MIRIAM HADAD of Israel is tracing her roots. She is looking for a family called Juejati or Juegati. They attended a Chalabi Synagogue in Manchester but left around 1913. She is also looking for Amar Homsani and Jack Mizrachi.

Contact her via Ruthie Portnoy on 0161 903 9352

Large family

CHERIE ALLEN of California is trying to trace any family of her late grandmother, Anil Pinofski.

She married Nathan Anenberg and they had a large family who lived in Manchester.

Write to 82 Begonia Place, Ventura, CA 93004, USA or email

London Tuffels

DIANE JACOBS of New Jersey is looking for the Tuffel family who lived at 148 Cornfield Av, Neasden, London NW2 and are related to Schneider, Chesler, Narzemsky, Jacobs and Levine families, originally from Ostrolenka, Poland, who emigrated to Brooklyn, New York.

Email or write to 32 Hancock Place, Somerset, NJ 08873, USA

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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