Dante reveals all about photograph

RICHARD Dante has shed light on the Leeds synagogue photograph from last week's Roots Directory.

Jewish communal historian Murray Freedman had previously identified the picture as being taken on Sunday, July 9, 1922 to mark the completion of major refurbishment to the New Briggate Synagogue.

In the centre on the front row (front, fifth left) is Rabbi Hersh Hurwitz.

Rev Casriel Kahan (fourth left) and Rev Simon Manson (sixth left) flank Rabbi Hurwitz.

Rev Manson was, until his death in 1924, Secretary of the Leeds Workpeople's Hospital Fund.

Also pictured is the late Philip Dante (fourth left) standing behind Rev Kahan and Rabbi Hurwitz.

In 1927 New Briggate Synagogue closed and, after a merger, in 1931 became part of the United Hebrew Congregation housed 12 months later in the New Synagogue, Chapletown Road, which in turn closed in 1985.

The building now houses the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, with the congregation moving to its current location on Shadwell Lane.

Other readers have identified Lazarus Rosenberg (front second right), who was president of the shul for 16 years, and Hyman Fainer (front third left).

Siret information

RUTH Rogoff (nee Biron) of Leeds is seeking information regarding the Jewish community of Siret in the Bukovina, Romania.

Her mother, Debora Freier was born there in 1908 to Marianne Leah and Meir Freier.

The last known address was Kirschengasse, Siret.

Deported to Transinistra, Marianne and Meir Freier did not survive.

Ruth's uncle Leon, aunt Erna and cousin Yutta survived and emigrated to Israel in 1947. They are no longer alive.

Ruth remembers visiting Siret for Pesach as a child before World War Two and wants to return there in July.

Telephone 0113 2687626 or email

Performing family

LILIAN Bennett (nee Yaffe) of Leeds is searching for any members of the family named Yaffe.

Her father was Nathan Yaffe while her grandfather, Louis Yaffe, an actor and singer who played the violin, performed and wrote Jewish plays.

He lived in the Leylands of Leeds, but Lilian, now resident in the Leeds Jewish Housing Association's Skyte House, is anxious to hear from anyone who could be her relatives - including a photographer called David Yaffe.

Telephone: 0113 2371119.

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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