Esther died aged just 27 after house fire

FAMILY SNAP: Julius and Annie Diamond in 1930 with other family members

CANADIAN Jacquie Gruszecki is searching for family of her maternal great-grandfather, Sam Caplan.

Sam of Manchester was married to Esther (nee Fream/Froam), who was born around 1884.

Sam and Esther had three children - Norman, Woolf and Annie, Jacquie's grandmother.

Annie was born on August 4, 1906 in Prestwich. In May 1911, Esther died, age 27, in Salford Hospital due to complications/shock from burns in a fire.

Sam married a second time, although Jacquie does not have the name of the wife.

They had three children, Rachel, Victoria and Myer, who may have emigrated to Canada and had two sons.

Rachel may have had six children in Manchester. Annie married Julius 'Jud' Diamond (previously Diment) in November 1929.

Julius was born around 1900 in Manchester, the son of Minnie (nee Blackman) and Harris Diamond.

Julius worked as a baker and possibly a bricklayer.

They had one child, Sylvia Joseph, born 1934 in Manchester.

They separated when Sylvia was young. Jacquie's mother and grandmother emigrated to Toronto. Julius died in 1951 in Manchester, while Annie died in 1958 in Toronto. On her headstone it says 'Chanah bat Shmuel'.

Write to 10510 Bayview Avenue, Richmond, Ontario, Canada L4C 3N7, telephone 001 905 737 4994 or email

Scottish help

Stephen Manos of Ohio wants information on Simon and Eva Minnie Jackson, who lived at 95 Stock St, Cheetham, Manchester according to the 1881 census.

Simon was born in Russia and Eva in Poland. They married in 1874. Their children were born - Esther (1875), Jacob (1877), Fanny (1878) and Joseph Baron (1879)

Living with the family was Margaret Miln, a 29-year-old domestic servant born in Scotland, and two lodgers - 20-year-old-Samuel Solomon and 17-year-old Manual, both born in Russia

The Jacksons emigrated to Boston, America before 1900. Two later sources give a place name for Simon, Telsik and Kovno.

Write to 490 Milford Ave, Columbus, OH, USA 43202, telephone 614-447-1830 or email

Emigrated to SA

CARIN TRAVERS wants to trace her grandfather's family who emigrated South Africa.

Clothing manufacturer Isaac Wienburg married a lady called Marion in London.

Their son Israel married Sara Rome in Belfast and lived in Manchester. They emigrated to South Africa around 1916.

Their children were Barney (married Annie Assin of Leeds), Pearl, Frank (married Ida Hamberg), Lilly (married Sidney Sloan), Benny (married Dora Sacks), Sonny (married Bella Rabinowitz) and Jackie (married Renee Rosen).

Isaac remarried a lady called Dora. They had Rebecca (Becky) who married Shaia (Simon) Shinitsky from Poland. They had children Sidney who married Rita in London); Jack; Barney; David (who died in World War One); Henry (Entele) who married Rachel and went to America.

Telephone 0161 7734006 or email

Arrived in 1898

AMERICAN Marilyn Sheinberg says the surname, Snettin has been linked to her family, the Strassers of Poland.

Golda and Yetta Strasser travelled by ship with Moishe Snettin and his daughters.

They arrived in England in the fall of 1898 and settled in Manchester, where Mr Snettin's parents lived.

Mr Snettin's name also appears as a witness to Marilyn's grandparent's marriage ceremony on September 14, 1902 at York Buildings, Cheetham.

Their names were Abraham Haimberg and Golda Strasser.

They both left Manchester, with their daughter, in 1909 and settled in Philadelphia.

Write to 105 Keenan Lane, Holland, PA 18966, USA, email or telephone 001 215 4979898

Shul memorial

SCOTT MORWITCH of Australia is searching for information on Henry and Sophia Morwitch.

Henry died on April 10, 1907, and was buried at Willesden Liberal Cemetery.

Sophia Morwitch, of 1 Madeira Court, Madeira Place, Brighton, who died in the 1930s, left the residue of her property to the Brighton Synagogue subject to the erection of an inscribed memorial to her husband and herself.

The Brighton and Hove community has no reference of this.

Email or write to 107-111 Kensington Drive, Munruben, QLD 4125, Australia.

Burial search

ISRAELI Annette Gueron wants to find where her great great grandmother Kate Platt is buried.

Kate died in Manchester in 1914.

She is also seeking descendants of her great grandparents, Esther Platt and Jacob Goldstone.

According to the 1881 Census, the family resided on 62, Moreton St, Cheetham, Manchester and their family name appeared as Goldstein.

Write to 84 Hazait Street, Lapid 73133, Israel or email

Original name

HELEN STRICKLAND discovered her Copeland relatives lived in Manchester in the 1880s.

They were all from either Russia or Poland. She would like to know what their original name was.

Helen would also like to find anyone related to this family.

Email or telephone 016973 43790

Was he Jewish?

Margaret Jackson of Manchester wants to know if her great grandfather, William F Isaacs, was Jewish.

He was born in Bitton in 1832 and married Camelia Hunter in 1861.

They lived in Pendleton/Weaste at 326 Liverpool Road.

William died around 1898 but Margaret cannot find where he is buried.

He had a brother, Solomon Isaacs, born around 1821 in Bitton. Their parents were Samuel and Mary Isaacs.

Write to 8 Hallworth Avenue, Audenshaw, Manchester M34 5ST or email

Wrong location

HARVEY GILLMAN of Brighton thought his father's family was from Blackburn.

But he has discovered that his grandmother, Annie Fraser, had her birth registered at Kirkdale in 1886 and the certificate was held in Liverpool.

He wants to hear from any Fraser or Gillman families in Liverpool at the time.

Write to Flat 2, The Ocean Building, 102 Queens Rd, Brighton. BN1 3ZA or email

Stayed in Bronx

NEW Yorker Ruth Rosenberg is seeking relatives of Greta Polchar who lived in 1955 at 51 Rosenthal Road, Rushey Green, Catford SE6.

Ruth believes she is a cousin of her mother's Gumowitz/Gumson or Oyshpeter/Spector relatives.

According to a letter Ruth has, Greta went to America for an extended visit and stayed at her grandmother's apartment in the Bronx.

Email or telephone 001 212874 6100 ext 216.

BerEl's 11 children

Jean Perkin of Cockfosters is looking for descendants of Berel (Barnet) Bockanetsky, who lived in Derby Street, Manchester in the late 19th century.

He had 11 children including Morry, Harry, Sid, Alf, Becky, Rose, Sophie and Miriam.

Most moved to London around 1906. Some members of the family were Barnett and Barnett Solicitors in London.

One brother had a daughter called Hilda Alexander.

Write to 32 Betjeman Court, Cockfosters, Barnet, Herts EN4 0DX or email

language prof

NEW Zealander Graeme D'Arcy recently discovered that he is descended from Emanual and Eva Danziger who moved to Leeds from Prussia in the late 19th century.

Their children were David, Herman, August, Louise, Henriette, Max (Graeme's grandfather), and Isadore.

Emanual was described as a professor of language. Eva is buried in Gilderstone cemetery.

Other names connected with the family are Worms and Bellfort.

Write to 99 Fairview Cr, Rocky Bay, Waiheke Island, New Zealand 1081 or email

moved to france

Trevor Ellison is trying to locate the children of Sam Gould of Manchester who married Edith Ellison from Limerick, Ireland.

They had two children, Brian and Linda Gould, who were born in the 1940s in Manchester.

Linda married a Moroccan and lived on Kendal Road off Cheetham Hill. It is believed she then moved to France. It is not known what happened to Brian.

Contact Trevor c/o Rosalyn Livshin, 48 Park Rd, Prestwich, Manchester M25 0FA, telephone 0161-740 3941 (not Shabbat) or email

shaw thing

CAROL SHAW of Netanya is looking for Mancunians Joel Sanderson and his son Muir.

Joel's mother was Tina Goldstone and his grandfather was Joe Goldstone. Joe's father, Hyman, was Carol's great grandfather's brother.

Write to 37/16 Pierre Kening St, Netanya, Israel, telephone 0972 503 506 100 or email

Mother didn't forgive Morris for emigrating

GRANDFATHER: Morris Steinberg

CALIFORNIAN Hilary Stein Osofsky is the grandaughter of Morris Steinberg, whose parents, Jacob and Betsy Steinberg (nee Kaplan or Liebowitz), were originally from Russia.

They emigrated to Manchester around 1889, where Jacob worked as a slipper maker and finisher. Their relations, the Steins, Harrisons and Taylors also lived in Manchester, and Liverpool.

Hilary's grandfather's mother never forgave him for emigrating to America and terminated all contact with him.

Jacob and Betsy's children, born between 1885 and 1894, were Simon, Solomon, Amelia, Isaac, Nathan, and Hilary's grandfather, Morris (originally spelled 'Moris').

Jacob might have had a brother, Joseph Steinberg.

Amelia married Jose Marco in West Derby in 1917 and had children Dorothy L (b 1917, Liverpool), and Joseph (b 1919, W. Derby).

Nathan might have married Rebecca Cohen in Leeds in 1927.

Great great-uncle Joseph Stein (b 1855) was married to Hannah, with children Yetta, Harry, Jacob, Israel, Jane (Janice), and Isaac, born between 1878 and 1890.

Isaac (wife probably Dora) emigrated to Philadelphia. Jacob might have married Rebecca Cohen.

Another great great-uncle Joseph Samuel Harrison (b 1841) married Lena Sax. Their son David (b 1890, Kovno Guberniya, Lithuania).

David's first wife was Leah Hogan, and their children were Albert, Arthur and Lillian, born between 1908 and 1912.

After emigrating to Connecticut in 1912-1913, David had a daughter, Doris, with second wife Sara.

Joseph Samuel might have had a brother, Solomon, whose daughter, Dora, married Louis Sax. David had a cousin, Nathan Reuben, who also emigrated to America

Of the Taylor relations, Hilary knows of niece and nephew Pauline and Ellis. Some Taylors presently live in San Francisco, California.

Just before leaving England in 1912, Hilary's grandfather married Fanny Edelson in the Shaw Street Synagogue in West Derby.

They lived in Brooklyn, New York, and South Norwalk, Connecticut. Their five children, born between 1912 and 1922, were Lillyan, Samuel, Mollie (Malka), Minnie (Menucha), and Hilary's mother, Ida (Aidka, aka Ada).

Email or telephone 001 925 253 0983 or write to 37 East Altarinda Drive, Orinda, California, USA 94563.

Price is right

Geraldine Hall of Luton is tracing the roots of her father, Harry Price from Leeds. Harry died in 1990. He had two sisters, Pearl and Sadie, and two brothers.

Email or write to 93 Stopsley Way, Luton, Beds LU2 7UU.

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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