Melanie is looking for headstones

Melanie Koppelman is looking for the headstones of her great great great-grandparents who may be buried in Prestwich, Manchester.

Shepsel (Simon) Sanderwitch lived between 1839 and 1913 while his wife Tserla (Sarah) Sanderwitch was born in 1841 and died in 1915

They had a daughter, Jane Sanderwitch, who died as a child in 1883, while son Harris (1860-1942) was listed as a "retired synagogue secretary". Another daughter, Betsy Levy Sanderwitch, lived between 1867 and 1936

Other relatives were Solomon Green (1840-1909), whose death certificate said he had committed suicide; and his wife Rosa Harris Green, who was born in 1845 and died after 191.1

Their son, Lewis, died in 1881 aged two and they had a daughter called Fanny.

Melissa also wants to find descendants of Harry Gordon and Leah Sanderwitch, who had two sons - Conrad Gordon (1913-1984) and M Gordon.

Leah had a sister named Stella Sanderwitch, who had a son called 'Bud', and a brother, Sydney Merton Sanderwitch, who was born on May 2, 1904.

Email or telephone 0775 882 5379.

Two Viktorias

MARCIA VIKTORIA FLETCHER of Ramsbottom want to find the girl she was named after.

Marcia was born on May 24, 1937 in North Manchester. At about the same time a Jewish family had a little girl whom they named Viktoria.

They discovered that Marcia had been born at a similar time and asked her mother to give her child the same name.

"My mother had set her heart on Marcia as my name but agreed to use Viktoria as my second name," she explained.

"I have always been very proud of it and its special associations. Sadly the cutting from the newspaper was lost when the house suffered some damage during the December 1940 blitz and so details of the little girl's family were lost.

"It is 71 years ago but I have always wanted to see her. My family lived on Bradford Road, Newton later to become Miles Platting and my family name is Addy my mother was Alice and my father Wilfred."

Write to 91 Bolton Street, Ramsbottom, Bury BL0 9HY or email

Manchester break

Holocaust survivor Nicolas Rosenthal was sent by a Jewish organisation called OSE to spend a few weeks recuperating in Manchester.

Mr Rosenthal was taken in by a family called Rydz at 57 Derby Road, Fallowfield. The father was a tailor or had a textile shop. The mother's first name was Emily and they had a son, Simon, who was around 14 in 1945.

Mr Rosenthal, now living in Argentina, would like to contact the children of the family.

Contact Dr Yaakov Wise at or telephone 0161 720 9588.

Moore help

Genevieve Moore of Australia wants information on her great grandmother's relatives.

Isabella Hart lived at 73 Goulston Street, Whitechapel, with her parents Abraham and Mary (nee Levy) Hart.

She married Morris Cohen and moved to Australia at the end of the 19th century. After arriving in Sydney, they then moved to Perth where Isabella died at 82.

They had four children, Grace (Genevieve's grandmother), Alexander who died in the First World War, Rose (Davis) and Mary (Jaffe). Mary and Rose both lived in Johannesburg with their families. A search of the 1851 Census showed that Isabella's mother, Mary Levy, lived at 24 Little Britain with Rose Levy, presumably her mother, as she was 26, and a sister Sarah, who was born in the census year.

The 1881 Census shows an Isabella, 16, Mary, 45, and Rachall Hart, 14, all tailors living at 198 Cable St, St George, East London.

Email or write to PO Box 2111 Wattletree Road Post Office, East Malvern Victoria, Australia 3145.

Brave Coward

DR ROGER RYAN is researching Battery Sergeant Major Charles Coward who rescued Jews while he was a prisoner of war at Auschwitz-Monowitz.

In October 1975 Mr Coward gave an address at a meeting of the Enfield Anglo-Israel Friendship League at the Old Town Hall, Edmonton, London in which he told his story.

Dr Ryan recently met a person who was present in the audience and told of a man from Manchester who, during the meeting, approached the platform to thank Mr Coward for rescuing him from Auschwitz.

He would like to find that survivor or anyone else who was rescued by Mr Coward.

Write to 46 Wimbledon Road, London SW17 0UQ, telephone 020 8946 9853 or email

Eight children

HILARY THOMAS of Cheshire wants information on the Myersons.

Her great grandfather, Samuel Lazarus Myerson, emigrated to Manchester in 1891 from Riga, Latvia. He was born in 1860.

He arrived with his wife Sorre Rochel (nee Diamond) and two children, Barnet Gershon and Fanny (Hilary's grandmother).

The Myersons had several more children between 1892 and 1903 - Harris, Rebecca, Rosa, Hannah, Lipman and Eva. Sorre died in 1904, but Samuel lived until 1954. Barnet married Jane Marks in 1911. His children were Philip, Nat, Sadie and Myer. Harris married Esther Coffman and Rebecca married Jack Zemmel.

Write to 13 Edgemoor, Bowdon, Cheshire WA14 3JN, telephone 0161 928 6242 or email

Stoops conquers

JOAN STOOPS of Liverpool entered the computer age last year . . . at the age of 80.

And she now wants to find her old schoolfriends.

Joan, the only child of Frank and Bertha Stahl, was born at North Manchester General Hospital on February 26, 1928. The family lived on Gainsborough Sreet and moved to Princess Road council estate when she was three or four.

Joan attended Darley Avenue School, Chorlton, until she moved to Liverpool in 1937-38.

Joan, whose mother's maiden name was Rosenzweig, was evacuated to Wrexham during the war.

She recalls that after the war, her parents were going to take her to America, but she had just met her husband Eric. They married on March 22, 1953 at Childwall Synagogue, Liverpool.

Eric was Liverpool's kosher caterer until he died around four years ago.

Write to 23 Montclair Drive, Liverpool L18 OHA, telephone 0151-7227459 or email

Killed in war

MALCOLM Kronby of Toronto is looking for the family of his uncle Henry Kaits, who was killed in action in 1944 or 1945.

Henry's sister, May Florence Kaits Kronby, was Malcolm's mother. Henry, who was born around 1907, was survived by his wife Sybil, and son, Michael, both then residing in London.

Malcolm has not heard from the family since the 1950s.

Write to Suite 2200, 393 University Ave, Toronto, ON, M5G 1E6, Canada, telephone 001 416-862-7395 or email

Search for Stan

RELATIVES of Brighton-born Stanley Dudkin are being sought by J Vomberg of Canada.

Mr Dudkin moved to Manchester in the 1960s.

Email, write to 5 York Street, St Catharines, Ont, Canada, L2R 6B7, or telephone 001905 684 5774.

Any Nathans?

BARRY FRIEDMAN of Ohio is trying to find relatives of his wife, Sandra, nee Nathan.

Her grandparents, Mark and Rose Nathan, left Manchester for America after the First World War. Her father's name was Gerald Bertram Nathan, who was born in New York City and grew up in Charleston, South Carolina.

Write to Barry, c/o Ohio State University, Department of Chemistry, 100 W. 18th Ave, Columbus, OH 43210 , America, telephone 001 614 292-7498 or email

Searching for Collins' girls

Carl Goldberg is searching for relatives.

Carl's second cousin, Doreen Mendellson, became a Collins after marrying and she had two daughters.

It is these daughters who Carl, of Prestwich, is searching for.

"The last contact I had with that side of the family was in 1955 when Bessie Mendellson came to the wedding of Doreen Goldberg and Benjamin Furman," he said.

Contact: Carl 0161 740 8792.

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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