Ruth searches for her first love

RUTH MARKINSON of Leeds is looking for the boy with whom she shared her first kiss.

Ruth, who was known as Ruth Powell at the time, explained: "In 1956, when I was just 14, my father suggested it would be a good idea if I became a member of a Jewish youth club.

"As I lived in the Saviles, it was only a short distance to Barrack Road, so I became a member of the Judean Club, managed by a Mr Walsh.

"At the club, we would jive to the latest records. Elvis Presley was just becoming popular. One young boy, Harvey Hackner, asked me to dance. As he had thick black hair combed into a quiff, which reminded me of Elvis, I accepted.

"As the room was becoming hot and crowded, Harvey suggested we go outside for a breath of fresh air. It was on that old wooden balcony, where I received my first kiss.

"I've often thought of Harvey and have fond memories of that sweet innocent time."

If anyone knows what happened to Harvey, they should ring Ruth on 0113 2686399

French request

MAX KAHN of France is looking for descendants of Rosa Kahn.

Rosa was born in London, around 1875, the daughter of Isaiah and Caroline Kahn.

She married in Manchester in 1902.

Rosa had a brother, David, and two sisters, Sarah and Zerline (Zuline).

Telephone 0033 134942338 or email

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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