Cousin's death ended all contact

MASON LILLY'S family settled in Leeds after emigrating from Poland, but his maternal grandmother made her home in America around 1890.

Mason's late aunt, Frances Koffman, and her daughter, Elaine Koffman, who lived in Roxbury (Boston), Massachusetts, communicated with the British relatives during the Second World War and into the 1980s.

"With my cousin's death about 10 years ago, we lost all tracks to this family," Mason said. "We have neither names nor addresses; all of the correspondence disappeared. My grandmother's married name was Lena Sadagursky. From her grave marker we know that her father's Yiddish name was Elikhum Getzel, but we are not sure if his last name was Rosenberg or Brezinsky, as her mother remarried at some point."

Lena lived in Malden, Massachusetts and had a brother (or perhaps half-brother) named David Brezinsky who lived in Boston.

Telephone 001 425 7477619, email or write to 4628 193rd Ave SE, Issaquah, WA, USA

Beena's offspring

BARRY DADY of Devon is searching for descendants of his great great great grandmother Beena Goldman.

Her son was Aron Goldman, who married Jetta Goldman. They had a son called Newman Goldman.

They were all tailors from Birmingham.

Beena was born in 1811 in Poland, while Aron was born in 1834 in Poland. Jetta came from Russia. Newman was born in Birmingham in 1863.

Write to 15, Newlands Park, Sidmouth Road, Aylesbeare, Devon EX52JW, telephone 01395 239158 or email

Relative trace

AMANDA GORDON of Leicester wants to trace relatives of her husband's family who arrived in Leeds from Lithuania around 1881.

Their names were Henry and Fanny Gordon and their six children - John/Jacob, Esther, Aron/Archie, Lazarus/Louis, Barnet, and Fanny/Flossie.

Esther married Joseph Steinberg while Lazarus married Fanny Goldberg, both around 1911/12.

Esther and Joseph had a daughter called Henrietta and Lazarus and Fanny had a daughter called Celia, who became Celia Cohen.

Email or write to 26 Navigation Drive, Glen Parva, Leicester LE2 9TB.


THE family of the late Sybil Iken (nee Lazarus), who live in America, are seeking a cousin called Louis Shapiro.

He and his late wife Marris used to live in Ayr, Scotland. They had a son called Ronnie who died, but there was also a daughter called Gloria.

They are also seeking a friend of their mother called Dorothy who served in the women's land army during World War Two.

Contact Edna Levi on 07807599882 or email


ERIC MACK of Jerusalem is seeking information on the family of his maternal grandfather, Marcus Ellick, who was born in Wellesley in 1896.

His parents were Sarah (Oringer) and Isaac Ellick. The family's original name was Ehrlich when they emigrated from Austria.

Write to PO Box 10673, Jerusalem, Israel, email or telephone 001 216 9322579


ANDREW SYLVESTER of New Zealand wants to get in touch with Max Cohen who attended Allerton Grange School, Leeds.

Max was a little older than Andrew who was born on March 2, 1955.


London couple

ANA ZEBEL of Buenos Aires is looking for descendants of Rosetta Abrahams, who married Segismund Hayman(n). The couple lived in London.

Write to Entre Ríos 1197, Bella Vista, Prov De Buenos Aires, Argentina or email

RAFFLES WINNERS: Fifty five years ago Magen David Adom dedicated an ambulance to late Manchester communal stalwart Emmanuel Raffles and his wife Bertha. MDA has unearthed this historic image in this, its 80th anniversary year. The organisation is anxious to identify those pictured. If you can help, contact or telephone 0161-741 2631.

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at
Please include your home address and contact telephone number.

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