FAMILY VISIT: Mendel Flamholtz surrounded by his family including Sheila Flamholtz visiting from New York in 1965

CATHY Flamholtz of Alabama is trying to locate the family of her great great uncle Mendel Flamholtz.
He was born in Belchatow, Poland, in the late 1800s. His father Yechiel Chaim Flamholtz who changed his name to Harry and his mother Evelyn Rebecca emigrated from Poland to England.
Harry and one son moved to America in 1904 The rest of the family followed a few years later except for Mendel.
Mendel married an English girl and had several daughters. Sheila and Elaine Flamholtz visited the family in the mid-1960s. At the time they lived at 176 Stepney Green, London. Mendel died a few years later.

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JILL Forester of Bolton wants to find the family of Isodore (Ivor) Aaron, a comrade of her father who served in Palestine during the Second World War.
''My father Glyn Jones, who is in his 80s, was recently reminiscing about his wartime experiences in Palestine,'' Jill says.
''He was telling some funny stories about one of his Jewish friends and it occurred to me that, as his friend did not survive the war, his family probably never knew about this time in his life.''
Isodore, of Manchester, served with the Royal Horse Artillery in Palestine and the Western Desert. He died in Palestine in 1941 of wounds he received in action.
He had married just before he was posted to the Western Desert and his wife gave birth to a son in 1940, but Isodore didn't live to see him.c

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RAY Kitchener of New Zealand is trying to find out more about his father, Emmanuel.
His grandparents Sam and Hannah (Fanny) Kisner moved to Leeds in 1890. Fanny died in 1934 but Ray has not found the date of Sam's death.
The couple had changed their name to Kitchener by World War One when their son Emmanuel enlisted in the army.
Emmanuel, born in 1896, had four sisters Rachel, Rosa, Ellen and Flora Ray has discovered. Ellen married Edward Bull in 1915; Florrie married Barnett (Bernard) Fine, a baker, in 1923 and lived in Moortown.

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