Cemetery photo raises questions

SUE EASTER of Norfolk has a photograph of her great grandmother's grave at Liverpool's Rice Lane Cemetery.

The gravestone inscription, when translated reads 'Simcha, daughter of Binyamin', while her death certificate gives her name as Sophia Fasser, widow of Abraham Fasser, a cotton porter. She died on September 4, 1925.

Sue believes she may have been a daughter of Benjamin and Krayndla (or Karendal) Berliner, originally from Plotzk, Poland, who were living at 12 Montague Street, West Derby in 1901. She was born in Plotzk around 1865.

There is a Harry Berliner as a witness on her grandparents' marriage certificate.

Sue's paternal great grandfather was Nathan Blumenthal, born in 1843/4 in Kepno, Poland (which was then Kempen, Germany).

He first appears on the 1871 census in Leicester. He married an English girl called Elizabeth Suffolk, who became Sarah Blumenthal/Abrahams/Isaacs.

The couple had three children in Leicester and then moved to Liverpool, where they remained for the rest of Nathan's life.

In all they had 14 children.

Leah (born Leicester, 1871) married butcher Lazarus Fox in Liverpool in 1891.

Rachel (born Leicester, 1873) married dentist Lionel Levin in Liverpool in 1893.

Marks Wolfe (born Leicester, 1875) became dentist Mark Dale, settled in the Bournemouth area and married Ellen Blake.

Moses Abraham (born Liverpool, 1877) became Morris Dale and married Eva Rosner.

Elias (born Liverpool, 1879) became Alexander Blumenthal, married four times and remained in Liverpool.

Hannah Rebecca (Dolly) (born Liverpool, 1880) married Jim Schofield and had three daughters.

Myer (born Liverpool, 1881) became dentist Harry Myer Dale, settled in Southampton and married Mabel Tutton.

Dora (born Liverpool, 1884) married Harry Zeffertt. Dora died quite young and Harry emigrated.

Sue's grandmother Miriam (born Liverpool, 1885) married dentist Cyril Keene (Klein/Fasser) and settled in Reading.

Isidore Emmanuel (Isaac) (born Liverpool, 1887) became a dentist.

Esther (born Liverpool, 1888) married Isaac (Ike) Harris, lived in Menlove Gardens.

Henrietta May (born Liverpool, 1890) married chemist Gabriel Kaufman Nicoresti and lived in West London.

Benjamin Blumenthal (born Copperas Hill, Liverpool, 1892).

Henry Blumenthal (born Liverpool, 1894).

Nathan died in Liverpool in 1915. His wife died in Bournemouth in 1925.

On the 1881 census, a nephew, Walter Blumenthal, born in Posznan, Poland 1862, stayed with the family in Liverpool, which indicated that Nathan had a brother.

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Tailor Abraham

Ralph Phillips of Rishon Le Zion is researching the Phillips family, who lived in the Manchester area in the late 1800s.

The 1871 census shows Poland-born tailor Abraham Phillips, aged 46, living at 12 Scholes Street, Manchester.

His wife Jane (Janette Want) is shown as 29, also born in Poland.

There were three sons and three daughters all born in Manchester. The eldest was nine in 1871, so it would appear that Abraham and Jane came to England around 1860.

In the 1881 census, there were five sons and six daughters and the address was 2 Mayes Street, Manchester.

In September 1884, Anna married Harris Gollance, and on June 17, 1885, his oldest son, Phineas married Rebecca Cohen from Mayes Street.

Hyman had married Anna Prax from an address in Regents Street, Salford on January 14, 1885.

Abraham died on June 1, 1884 at 2 Mayes Street and it is Hyman who signed the death certificate.

In June 1890, Sarah married Myer Goldman and in September 1902, Rebecca married David Woolfe. Jacob went to Edinburgh and was married to Bella Freeman on May 26, 1891.

Slater's Directory records both Hyman and Phineas in 1886, but only Hyman in 1889 while the 1891 census gives Jane with six of her children, but none of the other children, married or single, are recorded in the Directory for Manchester or in the 1901 census for the whole country.

In the 1901 census, Jane is living at 52 Roberts Street, Cheetham, with Aaron, Sophia, Rebecca and Ralph's grandfather Samuel.

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Lost bridesmaid

Margaret Chambers of Somerset is trying to find her long lost bridesmaid.

She was called Carolyn Gould which she later changed to Carolyn Kaye.

She lived in Sutton, Surrey. They met at Mitcham County Grammar School for Girls 1956-1963 where Margaret became head girl and Carolyn deputy head girl in 1962-63.

They met up again in 1967 at Edinburgh University where Carolyn studied law.

In May 1967, Carolyn was Margaret's bridesmaid when she married Chris Chambers at Wimbledon, London.

Margaret believes Carolyn moved out of Edinburgh and became a solicitor.

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Alice's husband

KEITH SMITH of Pendlebury is searching for information on Louis Goldstone who married Alice Maude Gardner in 1923.

Their son, Jack Goldstone, was born in early 1924 -just before Louis died.

On February 15, 1926, Alice married Keith's great uncle Oliver Unsworth at St Augustine's CoE Church, Pendlebury.

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GRANDMA'S FAMILY: Sara Grosbein of Toronto is searching for members of the Samuels family, originally from the Konstantin/Konstantinow and Bugiem/Janow Podlaski/Biala Podlaska area of Poland. Her grandmother, Leah Samuel Elberg, was born about 1877. She had a brother in England and New Jersey. Leah is pictured with her family around 1907. Write to or 62 Cobden St, Toronto ON, M2R 1S3

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