Jacobson link to Levines

Maurice Blair, of Canada, wants to track down any Levine family members in Glasgow, Edinburgh or elsewhere, who can help his research into the family's origins in Lithuania.

One of Maurice's Jacobson cousins in the UK advised that she was in contact with a Levine relation in Scotland some years back, but lost contact.

The connection to the Jacobson family is that his grandmother Adel Ruchel Schneider (aka Fanny Taylor) had a sister Malka Schneider (Millie Taylor) who was married to Benjamin Levitan (Levine) in Zagare, Lithuania in 1894.

From a copy of Benjamin's naturalisation papers Maurice discovered that they had 6 children - Fanny/Annie (born 1897, Leeds), Samuel (born 1899, Glasgow), Rachel (born 1902, Glasgow), Wolfe (born 1904, Leeds), Joseph (born 1907, Edinburgh) and Philip (born 1909, Edinburgh).

They were living at 18a Nicholson Street, Edinburgh, at the time of the naturalisation application in 1914.

Fanny/Annie married Noah (Cecil) Jacobson in 1922 in Edinburgh; Samuel married Josephine Stobbs in 1925 in Edinburgh; Rachel married Alexander Coghill three years later in Edinburgh; Wolfe married Etty Green in 1930 in Glasgow; and Joseph married Amelia (Maisie) Jacobson in 1930 in Leeds.

It appears that Wolfe Levine died in 1956, aged 51, and Etty died in 1984, at the age of 79.

Rachel Coghill (nee Levine) died in 1963 in Edinburgh, aged 60. Samuel Levine died in 1977 in Edinburgh, aged 78. Samuel had at least three children - Rose (born 1925), Hilton Roland (born 1930) and Bernard (born 1934).

There is a record for a marriage of Hilton Roland Levine to Agnes Barclay Cunningham in 1955 in Edinburgh which also seems to fit.

Write to 65 Springfield Blvd, Ancaster Ontario, Canada L9K 1H8, telephone 001 905 304 7717 or email

Isaac was Gerald

Norma Nurney, of Manchester, is searching for her grandfather Isaac Jeremiah Cohen's siblings.

Isaac, who was born at 55 Condor Street, Cheetham, was also known as Gerald Cowan.

His parents Reuben and Louisa (Lenkawski) Cohen married in Whitechapel in 1895. They had four children, all born in Manchester - Sarah (born 1898), Aaron Victor (born 1901), Isaac Jeremiah (born 1902) and Leah (born 1905).

Sarah (Sally) moved to London and had two daughters, one was called Ruthie. Twice married, she died in Hackney about 1980.

Aaron might have emigrated , while Norma has found one record of a Leah Cohen who married Zaionts Deitch in Prestwich in 1927.

They had three children, Sybil (born 1928), Harold (born 1929) and Marriant (born 1930).

In the 1911 census Reuben and family lived at 67 Marlborough Rd, Broughton, Salford.

Reuben was a beadle in the Great Synagogue in Cheetham, Manchester, and also worked as a porter at the Jewish hospital.

Louisa died in 1907, so Reuben remarried Rebecca Dimoldenberg in Prestwich the following year.

She had two daughters, Anna and Charlotte, and they went on to have three more children - Moses (born 1910), Amelia (born 1915) and Ronald (born 1917).

Isaac Jeremiah's grandparents were Jacob Cohen (born 1838) and Sarah Levy (born 1842). They lived mainly in London where all but two of their children were born - Reuben (1866) and Priscilla /Pessa (1878) were born in Manchester.

Write to 14, Broadfield Grove, Reddish, Stockport SK5 6XN, telephone 0161 223 9097 or email

Unusual tree

AUSTRALIAN Esther Kahn recently came across a family tree on that appeared a little unusual.

She explains that her family (Wolf/Woolf) moved to London from Zagare, Lithuania in the early 1870s.

By the end of the decade they had headed for Australia.

A brother of her great grandfather, Hyman, named Levi Woolf, and his wife Frayda are shown as being in some way connected with a Levine family in Glasgow.

Frayda's maiden name was Nochumsor/Nachumson. She died in 1923 in Melbourne, six years after Levi.

Esther has seen the name Robenstone connected to the Levine family, particular, Max Robenstone, who is listed in the Glasgow trades directory.

Children of Frayda and Levi married into the Casper and Friedman families down under.

There is also a brother of Samuel Barnett Jacobson, who remained in London after Samuel married Esther's great aunt, Fanny Jessie Woolf in 1875 in London. They arrived in Australia in 1881.

The brother, Nathan Morris Jacobson, a bootmaker, had two sons, Hyman and Jacob. He left London around 1880 for South Africa.

His wife, Leah, nee Braun, died of a heart attack and his two sons were brought up by the Board Of Guardians, joining him later in Johannesburg.

One son returned to London and had a son named Aubrey Lear Jacobson who went to Belfast as a surveyor.

Write to PO Box 204, Caulfield South 3162, Victoria, Australia or email

Call of Wilde

Christine Wilde, of the Greater Manchester Police Museum, is researching the Jewish part of her family.

The Faust/Abrahams family is possibly of Polish/German origin.

Winifred Faust was born in June 1908 in the West Derby registration district of Liverpool to Maurice Coleman Faust (a master tailor) and Bertha Faust (nee Abrahams).

Bertha (Bloomah) and Maurice (Morris) were married on November 5, 1899 at Princes Road Synagogue, Liverpool.

Marriage records show that tailor Abraham Faust was the father of Maurice while David Abrahams, possibly a foreman in a cigar factory, was the father of Bertha.

David was born in London of Polish/German parents. Other records show that the Faust family lived in Manchester for a while and that they were tailors.

Winifred married a Mr Roberts in 1932.


Geismar's students

Michael Cramer, of Massachusetts, is searching for descendants former students and professional acquaintances of Otto Geismar (1873-1957), an art teacher at the Knabenschule der Jüdischen Gemeinde in Berlin from 1904 until his retirement in the mid 1930s.

Geismar also illustrated several books for children: Tier-Schnell-Zeichnen (1926), Pesach-Haggadah (1927), Bilder-Bibel (1928) and an illustrated Megillat Esther (1935).

He spent his last years (1950-1957) living with his daughter, Agathe Nathan in Harrow.

Michael is also searching for information on a woman named Cilly (Cäcilie) Marx, a children's book author in Germany.

After arriving in the UK in 1939 from Cologne, she taught German language in Glasgow.

Marx wrote reviews about two of Geismar's books in the late 1920's.

Write to 591 Washington Street, Brookline, Massachusetts 02446, USA or email

Reunite Elizaveta

ALEX SLUTSKY, of Russia, wants to find the son of Ashurov Yaroham Shaliahovich (Ashinov Aslan Salihovich), who lived in Leeds until 1945.

His wife Rose was the daughter of Moshe (Moses) and Rahel (Rachel). Moses worked in a butchers. In 1945, Ashurov returned to the Soviet Union - via Liverpool - and was imprisoned in Kazahkstan.

In 1957 he returned to his native town, Nalchik, where he was told that he had a son in England.

Ashurov died in Nalchik, 15 years ago. Alex wants to find Ashurov's son to reunite him with his sister, Elizaveta Ashurova, who lives in Moscow. Another sister, Maria, died in Berlin and a brother lives in New York.

Email or telephone 0079035977119

Rachil search

STEVE MORGAN, of North Carolina, is looking for descendants of his great aunt Rachil (Reine) Morgan.

Steve's great-grandfather Charles Morgan was born in Riga and lived in Glasgow from around 1891 to 1904 along with four of his brothers and four sisters.

Rachil married Joseph Sherman in Glasgow on March 20, 1894.

They had at least four children, Manuel (born 1895),Katie (born 1897), Louis (born 1901) and Solomon (born 1904).

Write to 5513 Chelon Avenue, Wilmington, North Carolina 28409, telephone 001910 2624321 or email

On trail of Carol

Rosalind Trail lost touch with Carol Turnbull when she moved to Uganda 50 years ago.

But as Rosalind - who was known as Rosalind Glenn Pryde at the time - approaches her golden wedding anniversary, she would like to find her old friend.

Carol, who would now be 72, married a Jewish man from Glasgow, whose surname was Lawrence.

Rosalind, who is now living in Edinburgh, and Carol both attended a commercial college in Edinburgh (Torphichen Street).

Telephone 0131 225 7804, write to 37 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2HN or email

Katz scan

SAM Katz, of Toronto, is searching for descendants of his uncle Julius Katz, who was born in Guxhagen Germany in March 1894.

Sam discovered that Julius converted to Christianity and served as an evangelical priest.

His second wife was Friederike Salzberg, who was born in Wilna in December 1895. They married in Berlin on March 17, 1937.

Sam found a Friederike Salzberg on a shipping list embarking at Lisbon, Portugal going to England in 1936, the ship came from Argentina.

In August 1948 a Friederike Katz travelled from South Africa to Southampton. Her proposed address in UK was given as 97 Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool 8. The telephone directory lists J Katz at the same address.


Set in Granat

Judith Goldstein, of Philadephia, is looking for relatives of Arthur Granat, who emigrated from Manchester to Canada in the 19th century.

Judith's grandfather David was born in Victoria, Vancouver, BC in 1889 and the family settled in New York City some time after that. Judith found a Granat family from Manchester and much of their family trees matched.

Email or write to 7605 Dorcas St, Philadelphia, PA 19111, USA.

Jacob information

Beth Barker, of Middlesbrough, wants information on Samuel Jacob Levenston, who was born in 1750.

His son was Michael Jacob (Moses Michael) Levenston 1799-1864.


New information

IN THE seven months since Alan Kahn, of Lincolnshire, appealed for help, he has discovered quite a lot about his great-grandfather Victor Kahn.

But he needs to know if Victor had any brothers or sisters. Victor was born in Luxembourg in 1827.

His parents were Lazar Kahn (born 1789 in Schweich, Germany) and Jeanette Isaac Lazard (born 1794 in Haute-Yutz, France).

Alan can take the line back to Raphael Kahn (Cahen) who was born around 1720, probably in Schweich.



ISRAELI Brenda Habshush would like to contact Leeds families whose ancestors came from Kremenchug.

Her paternal grandfather Simon Bernstein, the son of Cissie and Israel Zvi Bernstein, was born in Kremenchug in 1870.

Kremenchug was part of the Pale of Settlement, but is now in the Ukraine.

Simon married Annie Lightman in Leeds and raised the family in Fallowfield Terrace and Sholebroke Avenue.


Who was aunt?

David Pearlstein, of Las Vegas, wants someone to access the 1911 UK census to discover the name of his aunt.

He has discovered that his 15-year-old uncle David Levenson, was living with his aunt, a Mrs Jacobs, at 7 Armenia Grove, Manor Street, Roundhay Road, Leeds from July 31, 1911 to sometime in 1914.

But he needs to know Mrs Jacobs' first name, who else was living there, does she have any living relatives and is that address and/or street still in existence?

Write to 2709 Otter Creek Court, #101, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, telephone 001-702 880 0944 or email

Take the Raines

Peter David Shanahan, of Manchester, is searching for relatives of his grandfather Lazarus Raines.

He had two brothers and a sister, Jacob, Barnet and Minnie.

The last address Peter has for Jacob is Wellington Street East, Cheetham.

He may have had a daughter called Doreen Raines, who married Maurice Epstein and lived at Ethel Avenue, Blackley, Manchester 9.

Write to 18 Spennithorne Road, Urmston, Manchester, M41 5BY or telephone 0161 748 9540.

From Odessa

Kathryn Coiffait, of Chorley, wants to find descendants of Hyman and Martha Gurevitch, who arrived in Hull in 1912 with Hyman's brother Joseph.

They were from Odessa. Hyman had other family members who also fled Odessa and went on to America and Canada.

Write to 77 Sunningdale Drive, Chorley PR7 7ED or email

Glasgow arrivals

Alistair MacDonald is trying to trace a Jewish family which arrived in Glasgow after the Second World War.

Martin Lustig married Betty Frohlich in June 1935 in what was then-Palestine and moved to Glasgow. Martin, a veterinary student, and Betty lived at 52 Marywood Square, Glasgow. Their son, Yehuda Lustig, was born February 1948.


David vanished

PHIL HARRIS is hoping to solve a family mystery. Her grandfather, David Davis, married Hannah Aaron in 1891 in the Great Synagogue, Manchester.

He disappeared in either 1898 or 1901, leaving her with four young children - the eldest being Phil's father. No one ever heard from him again. On the marriage certificate his father's name was Woolf Davis, a stationer. On the census he gives his birth place as Leeds in 1855 despite Phil's father being told he was Welsh.


Which brother is this soldier?

MONICA MCMULLIN, of Liverpool, is trying to identify this soldier. She believes it could be one of three Liverpool Jewish brothers who served in the First World War.

The family name name evolved from Friedman to Freedman to Freeman. She believes he could be Jack (Isaac) Freeman, who was born in1900. He died of MS in 1939.

On the 1911 census he lived at 49, Brownlow Hill, Liverpool, with his father Louis Freeman and his many siblings. His mother Rachel, nee Simon, had previously died in 1904.

It is not known if Jack married, but he lived at 48 Moon Street, and also at 50 Bamber Street.

The picture could also be his brothers Elias (Eli) or Abraham. Elias was born in Liverpool in 1898 and died in 1921, while Abraham Freeman was born in 1897/8 in Russia.

Abraham is a complete mystery to the family and it is thought that he is actually Monica's grandfather's stepson and not his son.

If this is Abraham Freeman, then he is Monica's only link to her grandmother, Rebecca Cohen, who was born in Russia in 1875.

She was previously married to an unknown Cohen before she married Monica's grandfather after his first wife died in 1904.

Rebecca died of cancer in April 1911, aged 36.


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