Does John have any Jewish roots?

John Harrold, of Newport, wants to know if he has Jewish roots.

He is having trouble finding records for Richard and Elizabeth Lewis (nee Horril) who lived in the Harnhill area of Gloucestershire around 1813.

Their son, Thomas Lewis, was born in Harnhill in 1867.

He moved to Ashton Keynes where he was an apprentice shoemaker. He became a master shoe and boot maker in Cinderford, Gloucestershire.

His sister, Mary, was John's paternal grandmother.

She was born in February 1868, and died in South Wales in 1914. Her husband was Henry John Harrold.

John has searched all the records from the county offices for Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, but cannot find any actual records for Thomas Lewis' birth.

He is also researching the Tredegar Riots of 1911.

He wants to find the Franklin family, who moved from Tredegar around 1910.

He would like to hear from any other people from Tredegar whose families, moved to Manchester around the same time.

Write to 2 Loden Close, Bettws, Newport, Gwent, Wales NP20 7BY, telephone 01633 821 363 or email

Wed at Holy Law

LONDONER Martine Monceau is looking for anyone related to the Seigel/Siegal and Kaufmann families made up of Harris, Barnett, Joseph Seigel and Golda (Goldee/Goldie) Kaufmann and her father David Kaufmann.

Harris and Golda, who were born in Russia around 1877, were married at Holy Law Beth Aron in Manchester on December 31, 1899, and lived at 14 Hodgson St, Cheetham.

On the 1901 Census, the couple were living at 13 Hedwig St, Pendleton, Salford, with a son Joseph, born that same year, and Harris' father, Barnet, 48.

Harris worked as a waterproof-garment maker at Rubber Works.

On Joseph's birth certificate, their surname is spelt Siegal.

By 1911, they were no longer living at the same address in Salford.


war visitor

Ada Gamsu, of Johannesburg, is trying to locate descendants of the Glukh/Glick from Dusetos/Dusiat, Lithuania, or descendants with Dusetos/Dusiat connections.

In particular, Ada is trying to find Chana Glukh/Glick, who was born around 1877 in Dusetos/Dusat.

Chana is believed to have lived and married in the Manchester area and had some children.

Chana was the second eldest child of Eliezer, born 1851, and Chaie, born 1852, both from Dusetos/Dusat.

Her eldest sibling was Isrol Welel, who drowned crossing the lake near the town.

Other siblings were Jacob, Hotel, Peske, Henke, Sora, who all went to America, and Faivas, who went to South Africa.

During the Second World War Chana was visited by a cousin, William Shapiro, who was serving in the UK and enlisted in the US army in 1943.

Write to PO Box 85464, Emmarentia, Johannesburg 2029, South Africa, telephone 0027 116469538 or email

short visit

Renee Ketcher Carl's great-grandfather, Solomon Ketcher, passed through England on his way to America.

Solomon married Anna Bendovitz in London or Dvinsk, Lithuania. They departed for America in 1904, settling in Little Rock, Arkansas, and then St Louis, Missouri. There were some parts of the Bendovitz family living in London.

One was Anna's sister, Tsipporah (Telly), who travelled to America after Anna, but then returned to London.

She married Chaim Atkin while in Little Rock, Arkansas. They settled in London and raised three boys - Avram, Solomon and Jacob Atkin.

Write to 3308 Brown St NW, Washington, DC 20010, America or email

manchester link

BRIAN COHEN, of Edinburgh, is looking for his grandmother's Manchester relatives.

Sarah Simon, who was born in 1883, married Max (Mot) Julius. Sarah's mother was Helen Kierson or Shilansky and her father was Moses Simon. Relatives include a cousin Esther.

Write to 3 South Gillsland Road, Edinburgh EH10 5DE, email him at or phone 0131 4471386.

few details

LETITIA PRINGLE's grandfather Kenneth Maldwin passed away without telling his family much about his past.

Letitia, of Scotland, knows that her great grandfather John Henry Hayman came to the UK around 1901 when he was four-years-old.

He came from Eastern Europe, but Letitia does not know what the original family name was. John Henry settled in Rhyl, Wales, and married Gertrude Eliza Davies in July 1926 in St Asaph, Wales. Kenneth was born on October 30, 1931.

Email or write to Rosetta, 81 Springfield Terrace, St Boswells, Melrose, Scotland TD6 0EP.

house guest

DAVID PEARLSTEIN, of Las Vegas, is looking for relatives of Lewis and Leah Jacobs, who lived at 7 Armenia Grove, Manor Street, Roundhay Road, Leeds.

Lewis was born in 1858 and died in 1928, while Leah was born in 1868 and died in 1929.

They had a daughter, Rebecca, born about 1886 in Leeds and another child who died at an early age.

Rebecca married Harry Cohen in 1911 in Leeds and may have had a few children born between 1912 and 1922.

David's uncle David Levenson lived with the Jacobs from July 31, 1911 to sometime in 1914.

He claimed that Mrs Jacobs was his aunt.

Write to 2709 Otter Creek Court, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, telephone 001702 880 0944 or email

given the boot

DONNA RICE, of Florida, is looking for information on the Goldschmidt family from Kreitsberg (now Krustpils) and Livenhoef (now, Livani) who moved to the Glasgow area.

Some members of the family may have originated from the Dvinsk area and many of the men were in the shoe and bootmaking business.

Donna's grandfather, Rafail Goldschmidt, son of Abraham and Roche Reisa, emigrated to America in 1904. He was married to Bashe Reva Fell from Livani and Krustpils.


birth mother

Richard Linse Rubin, of London, is trying to trace his birth mother and family in Glasgow. Richard was born on November 6, 1944 in the Brampton Royal Infirmary to Muriel Cohen. The family lived at 66 Dundrennon Road, Glasgow.

Telephone 0208 5039773 or 0797 3293776 or email

Leeds wedding

Jonny Joseph, of Los Angeles, is looking for descendants of Maurice Taylor and Victoria Leah Joseph, who were married on August 20, 1933 in New Central Synagogue, Leeds. Victoria was the only child of Alick Joseph and Ada Saperia. Alick had a brother called Isaac, Jonny's grandfather.

Email or telephone 001323 966 2505 ext 127.

4-year marriage

J VOMBER, of Canada, wants information on Leon and Norbert Vomberg.

Leon(e) was born on January 26, 1859 and died on October 24, 1918 in Elski Chechit. He was buried in the Ashkenazi Italian cemetery in Constantinople.

His son, Norbert, was born on December 31, 1880 in Adrianople (now Edirne).

He married Melanie Bogatsch on November 10, 1912 in Vienna. She was the daughter of Adolf Bogatsch and Anne Zoller. They divorced on March 2, 1916.

Email or write to 5 York Street, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

Back to Black

JENNIE MOSS is trying to trace the family of David Black, who was born in Liverpool in 1904. His parents were Harry and Ester Black. David was a merchant seaman around 1932.


When harry met Esther

PHILLIP WISE wants information about his great-grandfather Harry Mostovski, who lived in Manchester. He married Esther Klein in 1906 and lived in Fernie Street, Manchester.


Spoont family

Robert Spoont, of Florida, wants information on the Spoont family, originally from Minsk or Kiev in the 1800's.


born in Sunderland

BETH BARKER, of Cleveland, is looking for relatives of her great grandfather Benjamin Davis.

He was born on March 1, 1869 in Sunderland to David Davis and Ethel May Humphreys. Beth's great grandmother was Isabella (Tizzie) Levenston, who he married in Dublin on August 21, 1890.


search for selwyn

DON TRETHEWAY, of South Africa, wants to trace his cousin Selwyn Zwick, who he hasn't seen for 20 years.

Email or write to 43 Dawncliffe Road Westville 3629 South Africa.

Related by marriage

MANCUNIAN Ian Johnson is looking for members of the Lavenberg family, who are related to him by marriage. Matilda (Tilly) Lavenberg was married to his mother's brother, Harry Goldman.

Phone 0161-766 4604 or email

Teresa's friends

Teresa Berman wants to reconnect with her old friends from Manchester. Teresa, nee Josephson, now lives in Brooklyn, but used to live at 9 Mazeppa Street, Manchester.

She would like to hear from Joyce Kaufman, Vera Feinberg, Pearl Segal and Rosalind Solomon.

Telephone 001718 6278752 or email

Arwel wants to put Jeffrey in the picture

ARWEL EVANS, of Liverpool, discovered one of his late mother's photo albums when she died a few years ago.

His mother, Mair Jones, moved to Manchester from her village in Denbighshire in 1947 to become a nanny to Jeffrey Reubens, who lived on Sheepfoot Lane. In the photo albums, Arwel found a number of pictures of Jeffrey, which he would like to share with him.

Telephone 0151 944 6411 or email

SUE EASTER, of Norfolk, is hoping readers can identify people on this photograph.

She believes it was taken in Liverpool in the early 1920s as her father, Norton Bernard Keene, who was born in 1916, is pictured at the front on the left.

Her grandfather Cyril Keene is second from left on the back while her grandmother, Miriam Keene (nee Blumenthal), third from left at the back.

Sue's uncle, Arthur, is also pictured.

Write to 6 Sunset Walk, Eccles on Sea, Norfolk NR12 0SX, telephone 01692 580599 or email

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