Frank's cemetery visits to place stones on Morris' war grave

FRANK SALT came across the grave of Morris Isaacson while visiting a war cemetery near his holiday home in Normandy.

Morris died in 1944, aged 36. He had two children.

A member of the South Lancashire Regiment, he is the only soldier of that regiment buried at St Charles-du-Percy, which is not far from Benny Bocage.

When Frank visits the cemetery, he takes flowers for the Christian graves and a clean stone for Morris.

Morris was born in Manchester, but lived in Liverpool. Frank would like to find Morris' family.


Family search

EDITH GIDONI, of Beersheba, wants to discover if she has any Kline or Rakusen relatives in Manchester.

Edith's grandfather was Yehezkel Kline, of Kurland, Latvia. Yehezkel, who had a grist mill, married Libia and had three children, Michael Lewis, Faitya and another son who was a pharmacist, possibly in England.

Edith's father Michael Lewis Kline and his sister were taken to Boston, America, by Edith's maternal grandparents who were relatives, also from Latvia.

Michael married Bessie Goldsmith and had five children, Peretz, Avraham Abba, Lillian, Faiga Hotta and Eta Hassa (Edith).

Edith thinks the Rakusens were her father's cousins and hopes that some of the older relatives may know or remember some of her family history.

She would like to know if her grandfather or any of the family survived the war. She recently discovered that her grandmother was murdered in the Holocaust.

Edith had five children, Donna, Gedalya, Penina, Marsha and Mike.

Contact Edith, via Janice Oliver on 0208 458 5580 , write to 9 Eastville Avenue, Temple Fortune, London NW110HD or email

Sika's children

REEVA Solomon, of Canada, is looking for the children of her cousin Sika (Simon) Feinberg.

He is the son of Bertha and Max Feinberg, of South Africa, and was married to Hetty Feinberg (nee Radnan).

They had three children, Laurence, Marcia (Gee) and Shelley.

They grew up in Hove, but lived in Ficksberg and Cape Town, South Africa before emigrating back to England.

Sika had a sister called Janette.

Reeva's husband Les had family in Leeds where Sika's mother came from.

The family's name was Lewis and his mother was Sophie.

Write to 8 Carluke Crescent, Toronto, Ont M2L2V4, Canada, telephone 0014162245559 or email

Aunt stella

Jčni Keller, of Florida, is looking for her aunt, Stella Rachel Keller, who was born at Margaret Garrett Anderson hospital, London, on March 6, 1935.

Her parents were Theodore Fairfield Keller and Rebecca (nee Moscovitch) Keller.

The family moved to Norwich in 1936.

Stella emigrated to Ramat Gan Israel where she married U Gerson in 1960.

They returned to England, settling in Bristol. The marriage did not last and Jčni assumes Stella remained in Bristol.

She is also searching for any Moscovitch/Moskowitz and Grimberg relatives in the London area.

Jčni's grandmother was Rebecca Moscovitch, who was born in Botosani, Romania in July 1909. She had two sisters, Brenda and Renee.

The family settled in Whitechapel. Rebecca's father was listed as Harris Moskowitz on her marriage certificate to Theodore Keller at the East London Synagogue on March 25, 1934).

Jčni believes her great-grandmother was Hana Grimberg or Grinberg.

Theodore died in Norwich in 1970, while Rebecca died in 1996, also in Norwich.

Email or write to 7203 Timber Ct, Tampa, FL 33625, USA or telephone 001818 5544390.

Two Nathans

Jack Rabinowitz, of Toronto, is trying to locate Margaret Nathan and Irene Nathan.

Margaret, who married Henry Dewar, was born in 1927 and Irene in 1930 in Glasgow.

They were the daughters of Norman Nathan (1877-1932) and Christina Morris Nathan (1898-1974).

Their last known address was 93 Saltmarket, Glasgow.

Write to 1307 Steeles Ave, West, Toronto, Canada M2R 3N2, email or telephone 001416 665 4334

Old friends

Joan Betty Stuchner, of Canada, wants to find her old friend Geoff Abrahams.

"Not even my old friends from the Leeds Judean days know where he is," she said.

Geoff, an obstetrician, is married with children, lived in London and may now live in Australia.

Joan hasn't seen him since he was doing a residency in Canada, around 1968.

Write to 8425 Heather St. Vancouver BC V6P 3S3 Canada, email or telephone 001604 261 8520

Meyer tales

THE family of the late Meyer Bergson would like to speak to anyone who knew him from his time in Liverpool or Southport.

Meyer was from a well-known family in Bradford. He was sent to Liverpool to work during the Second World War, where he later set up a clothing business called BMB with two friends.

In the late 1950s he moved to Southport and died in July 1961. He is buried in Liverpool.

Contact Carl Goldberg on 0161-740 8792.

Hotel family

RON LAPID, of Ra'anana, is looking for information regarding the Selby family, who were connected to one of the hotels in Bournemouth.

The family's name was formerly Inselberg.

Write to 8/7 Halamed Heh St, Ra'anana 43341, Israel, telephone 00972 97745407 or email

On trail of ellis

MURRAY SCHWALBE, of Manchester, is seeking information on Ellis Graham, formerly Goldberg.

Ellis lived in Whitefield, Manchester, and had two sons, Barry and Brian. He also had a twin sister, Fanny Leon, and a brother, Issy, who moved to London.

Telephone 0161-773 1455 or email

Find papers

MARSHA COHEN GILBERT, of Oregon, is having a problem locating naturalisation papers for Joseph Cohen, who was married to Naomi Lipke. They are buried at Gildersome Cemetery, Leeds.

M&N location

STAN ROSE, of Buckinghamshire, is looking for the location of the pre-war and Second World War factory premises in Leeds of M&N Horne Ltd.

He would also like to know the date of its closure and information on any of the workers.


Mystery of old photo

SUE EASTER, of Norfolk, is hoping readers can tell her why her grandmother Miriam Keene (nee Blumenthal) had this photograph.

It was taken in Liverpool, probably in the 1890s.

Sue's research has led her to believe that they might be Benjamin Szaja Berliner and his wife Krajndla Toper, both Russian and originally residents of the Plock area of Poland. They later moved to Liverpool.

Write to 6 Sunset Walk, Eccles on Sea, Norfolk NR12 0SX, telephone 01692 580599 or email

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