Gitty looks for Silver roots

Gitty Silver is looking for the roots of her late mother Esther Heller (nee Jacobson) and aunt Dora Taub.

Her mother's family was from Zaimel in Lithuania while Dora was from Baltimore, USA.

Dora moved to South Africa about 50 years ago with her daughter and died around 40 years.

Gitty is also looking for descendants of Benny Heller, who also lived in Baltimore. He was her father Getzel's brother.


1897 oath

Marsha Cohen Gilbert is looking for documents which might shed light on when her grandfather, Isador Cohen, and his uncle, Joseph Cohen, arrived in England.

Joseph Cohen married Naomi Lipke in The Great Synagogue in Manchester.

Isador lived with them in Leeds.

Joseph took his oath of allegiance on July 10, 1897.

Isador also lived with Abraham Cohen, father of Hetty Cohen Polakoff.

Marsha is also looking for the children of Hetty's brother Sam Marx. Sam, who had a daughter called Carmen, died on September 3, 1954.


five brothers

FAYE MOUNT has discovered that her grandfather, Jacob Jacobson, was one of five brothers born and raised in Manchester.

Jacob married Sarah Petrokowski in the early 1900s. Jacob and Sarah had two sons born in Britain, Phillip, and Morris.

Faye's father, Alec, was born in Winnipeg Manitoba, in 1919.


Rutta family

Yaron Mehulal, of Ra'anana, is looking for descendants of Sheindle and Jacob-Chaim Grynszpan (Greenspan) who lived in Siedlce, Poland.

They both died in 1929 and are buried in the Warsaw Jewish cemetery.

Sheindle was born to the Rutta family, of which Yaron is also descended, around 1864.


School help

Beverley Jamil, of Ashkelon, is helping her daughters with a major school project on their 'family and roots'.

She is looking for information on her paternal family, Fanny (nee Barnett) and Bernard Stone. They lived in Glasgow before moving to Leeds.

They had two sons, Maurice, born 1929, and Leonard.

Beverley also wants details on her maternal side, Abraham and Clara (nee Fagin/Fagelbaum) Myers.

They lived in Manchester and had three children, Marlene, Doreen and Howard.

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