Joan 'Stuch' on details

NAME THE YEAR: Joan's picture of the Judean Club concert party

JOAN STUCHNER, of Canada, recently posted a picture on Facebook of the Leeds Judean Club concert party and girls' interest group.

However, no-one who replied about the picture could remember which year it was.

Joan left England in July 1965, so it was taken sometime before then.

She believes it was taken in a hall at the top of King Lane, Leeds, where they entertained a Jewish seniors group.

The girls on the left of the photograph staged a fashion show.

Pictured, top row: Geoff Most, Wendy King, Tony Feddy, Phil Dobreen, ?, Robin Reese. Second row: Maureen Arbisman, Gillian Statman, ?, ?, June Wane, Paul Conway, ?, ?, David Rose, Stuart Teal, Marilyn Cohen, Dennis Mostyn. Front Row: Michelle Ann Wilder, Rita Stone, Joan Betty Stuchner, Motty Galinski, Ruth Silver and Gillian Conway.

Joan recalls that the boy and girl next to David Rose were a brother and sister who sang folk songs.

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Why was Samuel's business boycotted?

Roy Gainsburgh, of Oxford, is researching his 80-year-old father's family line.

Roy's great-grandfather was Samuel Ginsburg, who was born Vilna 1874 and died in Glasgow in 1957.

He married his second wife, Bessie Shinwell (1887-1965), in London in 1916. She was the sister of Labour politician Manny Shinwell.

The family moved to Glasgow where Samuel continued the printing business he initially started in Brick Lane, London.

Samuel and Bessie were involved in the inception of The New Synagogue in Glasgow. There was such opposition to this that a boycott was imposed on his printing business causing the family great hardship and forced him to go into voluntary liquidation in 1940.

Their son Leonard Emanuel Ginsburg died in Hong Kong in the Second World War.

In the early 1940's they ran a hotel called Ginsburg's (or Ginsburgh's) Crescent Hotel. Roy would like to know if the boycott was just by the Jewish community or was there wider opposition?

He would also like more details about Samuel and Bessie's life in Glasgow and more details about their son Leonard.

Samuel had four cousins, Hetty Ziegler/Ziggles (1889-1964), Dora Woods (1887-1972), Jeanne Gee (1893-1955) and Emanuel Edward Goldstein (1891-1943).

They were the children of Simon Goldstein (1864-1926) and Celia (or Cecelia) Cohen (1862-1946).

Was Simon the brother of Samuel's mother Annie or was Celia the sister of Samuel's mother?

Annie was married to Wolf Ginsburg in Vilna.

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Jewel sparkled

MICHAEL Westerman, of Hull, is trying to trace his cousin Jewel Bennett (nee Westerman) who married Julius Bennett on February 20, 1955.

The couple had three daughters, the first was adopted and featured in a daily newspaper as a few months later Jewel became pregnant with twin girls.

Michael believes the twins are called Joanne Rebecca and Lisa Louise.

The last known address is 43 Queenshill Drive, King Lane, Leeds.

Details: Michael 07590 123270 or

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