At his Witt's end to find photo details

STEVE LOW, of Massachusetts, wants help identifying people on the wedding photograph.

The picture, circa 1900, is labelled - in his mother's handwriting - "Part of the Wittner family in Manchester, England".

It was in the possession of Steve's grandmother Anna Wittner, who emigrated to America from Iasi (Jassy), Romania, in 1900.

Steve has been told that the picture may have been taken at Manchester's Great Synagogue.

On the back is Kleppers Photo Studio with the address 8b Bury New Road, Manchester.

He has checked online, but can't any reference to a Wittner wedding in Manchester at the time.

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Family search

Trisha Martell, of Petach Tikvah, is looking for details about her grandparents.

Manchester-born Trisha is the daughter of Leslie and Pearl (nee Goorney) Hyman. She emigrated to Israel in 1969.

Her paternal grandparents were Samuel and Marianne (nee Barnett) Hyman, who were both born in England around 1890.

Her paternal great grandparents were Shimon and Faggie Hyman and Harris and Rachael Barnett.

Her maternal grandparents were Soloman and Terrassa (nee Sokoloff) Goorney, both born in Poland.


Lost contact

Ariel Radzinski wants to contact his uncle Chuck Lapkoff, who married Ruth (nee Balkind).

Ariel lost contact with him almost 20 years ago.


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