Father's name was different on certificates

MICHAEL Marcus, of Connecticut, is looking for Marcus and Segal families originally from Botosani, Romania.

Michael's paternal grandfather, Herman Samuel Marcus, born 1881, emigrated from Botosani in 1903 to Springfield, Massachusetts.

There is no record of his arrival at Ellis Island. He later lived in Yonkers, New York, and then New Haven, Connecticut.

His mother's maiden name was given on his 1907 marriage certificate as Zelda Abramovich, while his father, according to burial records, was Moshe Mordechai.

For an unknown reason, his father's name on the marriage certificate as given as 'Joseph'.

He had cousins in America named Segal with other relatives in the UK, perhaps Scotland.

"I have ruled out the Edinburgh 'Marcus Furriers' on the grounds that such a prominent family connection would not have been unknown to my father and siblings," Michael said.

Write to 176 Penn Drive, West Hartford, CT, USA 06119, telephone 001860-523-4174 or email

Milner search

LINDA Wolfe Kelley says there is an international effort to reconstruct the Milner family of Dvinsk, Paris and London.

She has found many living descendants in France and America, but is lacking the descendants of Samuel Milner, who lived in England.

Samuel had a son David/Davis, who had at least two children, Solomon - married to Freda Freedman - and Esther - married to Jacob Shwartz.

Solomon may have had two children who died during the Second World War.

When Davis died, he left some of his estate to Rose Greenberg, who resided with Davis and his wife, Sarah Divr/Deaver.

Three of Samuel's other children lived in Paris and several of those relatives died in Auschwitz.


Simply simpkin

ELIZABETH Morris, of Kendal, recently discovered her Jewish roots.

Thanks to the Manchester Jewish Museum, she found out that her grandmother's surname, Simpkin, was Jewish.

She has traced her family back to Solomon and Fanny Simpkin, who came to Manchester from Russia. Her great-grandfather, Herbert Simpkin, was born in Leeds, but lived in Manchester.

Elizabeth would like to hear from other Jewish Simpkins.

Write to 28 Castle Walk, Kendal LA9 7BP or telephone 01539 734058.

Leeds barmitzvah

DAVID Cordell wants to find Michael Wise, who was barmitzvah in Leeds in 1956.

Michael was the son of David's great uncles Jack Wise and great aunt Cicely Price, who married in Leeds in 1942.


long-lost father

ERIC Taylor, of Florida, is looking for his long-lost father Ralph Moss, who would not be around 90.

Ralph was born in Blackpool and lived in Manchester where Eric was born. He then lived in London and was a boxer and film stuntman.

When Eric's mother remarried, he took his stepfather's surname.

Email Eric@RealEstateSarasota.Biz

grave hunt

MARSHA Cohen Gilbert is looking to find where Abraham Cohen, father of Hetty Cohen Polakoff, is buried.

His wife was Sarah and he possibly lived in Leeds. Marsha also wants to find school records in Leeds from around 1895 as well as marriage records from Manchester's Great Synagogue from 1884.


Artiste's uncle

DR Joel Kotek is researching an artiste killed in Auschwitz in 1942.

Horst Rosenthal was born in Breslau (Wroclaw), now in Poland. Joel would like details on Horst's British uncle Fred Rosenthal.


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