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ISRAELI Derek Stavrou has found 140 relatives of his wife Susan's great-grandmother Dora Cohen.

Dora, who lived from 1856 to 1940, emigrated from Seda in Lithuania to Manchester in the 1890s, together with her six children.

Derek, of Kfar Sava, has found documentation about Dora which he would like to share with relatives.

Dora's children were: Rachel (1876-1949), who married Hyman Lazarus; Etta/Yetta (1877-1948), who married Isaac Liansky; Annie (1881-1968), who married Morris Greenberg; Rose (1883-1982), who married Joseph Balkind; Solomon (1887-1951), who married Betsy Davies; and Rebecca (1891-1955) married, who was married to Samuel Kapatofsky (Kay) and then George (Zachlinky) Morris.

Write to 14 Mor St, Kfar Sava, 44242, Israel, telephone: 00972 97652108 or email:

Ballet friend

DIANE LEWIS is looking for ballet class friend Fay Duban. Diane attended the class in Cheetham Hill, Manchester until she was five. Her father, who is still a keen photographer, took photos of the girls dancing.

She believes Fay went to Central School.

Email Diane at

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at
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