NAOMI BARNETT of Australia appealed for help last week in tracing a book about Leeds by Gloria Benjamin.

Hours later Naomi was in possession of Gloria’s personal email address.

The book in question was A Daughter of Leeds, by Gloria Yates (nee Benjamin), available from Yorkshire Art Circus, School Lane, Glasshoughton, Castleford, WF10 4QH (+44 (0) 1977 550401), priced £7.95 [UK Pounds]

The appeal was spotted by Gloria’s sister Greta Scott of Leeds. She contacted sister Betty Baker in Bristol, who in turn telephoned Naomi with the details. Another sister, Brenda Radnor, lives in Devon.

Naomi, of Melbourne, had thought Gloria lived in Canada, but Betty informed her that she lives in Brisbane.

‘‘I would not have found this without the Jewish Telegraph’s help,’’ Naomi said.

‘‘My 89-year old mother-in-law is so excited because she is mentioned in the book.’

MARILYN SHEINBERG'S research of her husband’s family has revealed links with Manchester.

The story begins in 1900 in Manchester when Abraham Haimberg/Sheinberg of Romania met Golda Strasser of Austria.

They eventually married in Manchester in 1902 and lived in the York Buildings in Cheetham until 1910, when they moved to the United States.

Golda’s younger sister, Yetta, travelled with her from Austria and she married Reuben Goldstone of Broughton Lane, Manchester.

The family continued to live on Broughton Lane until 1979. The children of Reuben and Yetta were Barnett, Fanny, Kate, Jane and Toby.

Marilyn, of Pennsylvania, believes some of the family still lives in Manchester and she would like to visit them when she comes to the area in December.

She has also found links to the name Zamovsky.

Janey/Jean Goldstone married Ralph/Raphael Zamovsky, son of Nathan, in 1956. He lived on Maud Street, Manchester at the time.

Write to 119 Ridgeview Lane, Doylestown ,PA 18901, USA or email:

LYNNA KAY SHUFFIELDis researching the history of the Jewish cemetery in Rockdale, Milam County, Texas.

It was established in 1878 and there are 20 graves.

One of the graves is for Isaac Crown (born January 1, 1858 — died June 4, 1888).

His gravestone states he is the ‘‘second and dearly beloved son of Theodore and Rebecca Crown of Manchester, England’’.

Isaac, a mason, was killed, along with 11 other people, in a hotel fire in Rockdale on the night of June 4, 1888.

Probate of his estate in Milam County indicates he has a brother Myer/Meyer Crown. Lynna would like any information on his mother’s maiden name and his place of birth.

Contact PO Box 16604, Houston, Texas 77222, USA, email

FARRA ISAACSON of New York is searching for relatives of Chana Haberman, daughter of Shlomo Haberman and Ruchel Goldkrantz.

She was born in Sochaczew, Poland and died in the UK in March 1939. Farra believes she had a daughter called Maude.

Write to 321 West 90th Street #4B, New York, NY 10024, USA or email

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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