Janice looking for her Leeds relatives

JANICE ECKERSLEY, of Northumberland, wants to trace her relatives from the Leeds area from the turn of the 20th century.

Janice's mother, Marion Bowmen, was born in March 1928 and died in 1982. Her grandmother, Rachel Slinski (Shillinski) was born in 1902 and died around 1983.

Marion had a half-sister called Jenny Manley, who worked in Lewis's in Leeds from the 1940/50s to the 1970s.

Jenny had two children - Brian (Bryan) and Laurence, who were last known to be living in Leeds in the early 1980s.

When Rachel was 23, she married 43-year-old Jack Bowmen.

Marion was in the WAAFs in 1947. She married Mark Baker in the early 1950s in a Leeds synagogue.

Mark was born in 1919. He had a number of brothers, although Janice only knows the names of three - Harry was married to Ethel and had no children; Benjamin and David, who was married to Hannah and had no children.

Telephone 01670-734003 or email

Cousin search

WAYNE JACKSON, of Nashville, is looking for cousin Janis E (Lesser) Tilling, possibly living in West Sussex.

Janis was born in 1947 and married Charles Humphrey Tilling in 1970.

In 1974, she lived at 69 Bramfield Rd, London SW11.

The electoral role from 2002 places her at Bosham, Cichester, West Sussex, PO18.

Janis is the daughter of Nina (Lowenthal) and Sidney Lesser and granddaughter of Rose (Jacarovich) Davis.

Telephone 001615-7732093 or email

Based in Cairo

Martha Laufer McDonald, of Texas, is hoping it's third time lucky.

She has already had success through Roots Directory twice in the past.

In December 1945 her father - stationed at a US military hospital in Cairo - received the following notification from the American Red Cross: "Verification of Relationship has been established that the only known surviving members of his maternal family are at present located in London, England, having fled Poland subsequent to the invasion of their country."

Surnames (with various spellings) of this family might have been: Lederman, Waksburg, Wakszlak, Pejszaki or Szlamowicz.

Martha's cousins in the UK have no knowledge of these relatives while the American Red Cross maintains no records of this era.

Her father's army records were destroyed in a warehouse fire in the 1950s. or telephone 001972 5965767.

Yaffe to Jaffe

GLENN JAFFE, of Los Angeles, is looking for Yaffes in the Liverpool area.

Glenn's grandfather, Abram Morris Yaffe, was born in Liverpool on June 5, 1902. He had nine brothers and sisters - one of his brothers may have died during the First World War.

He married Sophie Bernstein, of London. She had 11 brothers and sisters.

They emigrated to America and had two children, Glenn's father Howard and Lois. They settled in Chicago after first living in Des Moines, Iowa. Somewhere, the name changed to Jaffe.

Email or telephone 001818-3914243.

Info wanted

CHRIS HADLAND wants information on his grandfather's family.

His great-grandmother, Kathleen Fox (nee Pawsey), was born in 1904 in Barking.

Her mother's name was Jane E Pawsey (nee Taylor), who was born in 1875 in Barkingside, and was married to William Pawsey.

Jane's mother was Caroline Taylor, a laundress born in 1850 in Barkingside and married William Taylor, who was marked in the 1891 census as being a 'Beer House Keeper' of the 'Fairlop Oak' on Barkingside High Street.


Wrong number

A PHOTOGRAPH album of the late Irene Wallis (nee Isaacs) has been discovered by extended family.

Please contact Barry 0161-7405774 or 07732-093519 or Denise 0113-2260848 or 07971-215912 and not as stated in last week's edition.

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