Antiques Roadshow sparks hunt for Agnes

HOLOCAUST author Agnes Grunwald-Spier is trying to find a Manchester woman called Jacky, Jackie or Jaqui, who appeared on the Antiques Roadshow two years ago.

Agnes, formerly of Sheffield and now of London, would like to contact the woman who stated on the programme her intention of going to Belgium in order to find and thank the woman who rescued her aunt's jewellery.

Agnes would like to use Jacky's story in her forthcoming book on Holocaust betrayals, due to be published by the History Press in 2014.

Hungarian-born Agnes, who survived the Holocaust as a baby - thanks to an unknown Nazi official who sent home all mothers with children - previously wrote The Other Schindlers about the heroes who risked their lives to save Jews.

She is now writing about Holocaust betrayals.

She said: "I've written about the good guys, now I'm writing about the bad ones."

Jacky's story, she feels, could be featured as a sharp contrast to "all the looting and pillaging that went on when Jews were taken away, when their neighbours couldn't wait to pitch in".

According to the 2011 show, which did not disclose any surnames, Jacky's father lived in Manchester. But his sister went to live in Belgium.

In 1938, Jacky's aunt and her two children returned to Manchester, worried about the growth of Nazism.

But when Neville Chamberlain waved his piece of paper, they went back to Belgium as one of the children had important school exams.

Jacky's aunt and her two children ended up in Auschwitz.

After the war, a neighbour of the aunt came specially from Belgium to Jacky's father in Manchester with expensive jewellery which included a magnificent art deco diamond watch, valued on the TV show at about 3,000.

However, Jacky's father had failed to take note of the name and address of this neighbour, who had gone to all that trouble to bring the expensive jewellery to Manchester.

On the programme, Jacky said that she and her brother hoped to go to Belgium to track down her aunt's righteous neighbour.

Agnes said: "It is an absolutely fascinating story which I would like to include in my book."

Anyone with any knowledge of Jacky or her family should email Agnes at

She would also like to hear from those of who have stories of their relatives or themselves having been betrayed by people during the Holocaust.

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