Deborah's family

JACQUELINE GRUSZECKI, of Canada, is looking for descendants of Deborah Caplin, who married Maurice/Morris Pyzer in 1929.

The couple had three children - Leslie (April 30, 1930-Dec 1994), Samuel Cyril (January 1, 1932-1984) and Esmond (born 1939).

Maurice died in 1964, while his wife died six years later. They lived at 41 Braintree Place, Malcolm Rd, Stepney, London.

Telephone 001905-737-4994 or email

Ben's descendants

Walter Scott, of Carlisle, is looking for descendants of Benjamin Davis (1869-1946).

He was married to Isabella Jacob Levenston.

His brothers were Jacob Samuel Davis (1855-1930) and Moses Davis (born 1864) and sister Anna (born 1861). His parents were Barnett and Anne Davis.

Moses and Anna emigrated to South Africa where they had families.

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Bradford couple

AMERICAN Aliza Augustine is trying to locate members of the paternal side of her family.

The family name is Klipstein and Aliza believes the wife was called Bertha, but can't recall the husband's name.

The couple lived in Bradford before moving to Leeds.

Aliza's father, who died recently, was called Emil Klipstein.


Walter married Else

ESTHER SCHMIDT, of Munich, wants information on Walter Loewenthal.

He emigrated from former Silesia, Brieg, to England about 1933.

In 1937, he lived at 175 Burnage Lane, Manchester 19. He was born in 1884 in Brieg, near Breslau, and married Else.

Walter and Else had two daughters - Annemarie, born 1929, and Ursula, born 1927. Ursula spent time in Thailand.

Walter married for a second time to Charlotte Kramer.


Manchester family

STAN ROSE, of Buckinghamshire, is looking for his family in Manchester.

His maternal grandmother and her family lived in Spitalfields when his mother and her siblings were very young.

"I remember my mother talking about family in Manchester, but I never noted any names," he said. "I understand that one was a cantor and opera singer.

"The 1911 census shows my grandmother's nephew living with them in London. It gives his name as Samuel Rosenstern, aged 22, from Manchester."

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Arrived in 1875

CAROLE DAVIES is looking for information about Joseph Cohen (1850-1905).

Joseph, was the son of Goldie and Hyman Cohen. He came to Leeds from Poland/Russia around 1875 with his mother, wife Betsy, brothers Lazarus and Nathan and sister Dora, who married Isaac Levinson in Leeds and had a son Samuel Livingstone (born 1886).

Joseph and Betsy Cohen had five children born between 1875 and 1892 - Rachel, Rebecca, Dora, Sarah, Rose and Hyman.

Rachel married Morris Hyman in Leeds and had three sons - Leonard, Isidore and Wilfred.

Goldie, Lazarus, Nathan and Dora changed their surname to Shaffner/Schaffner around 1884.

Email or telephone 0113 2673761

Uncle Markson

ROSE CAMPBELL, 58, of Pollok, Glasgow, is looking for an uncle in Manchester with the surname Markson, who she has not seen since the 1960s.

Contact 0141-883 6914.


Corinne Rothwell, of Israel, was sorting out old photographs when she came across this one. Corinne, nee Taylor, who has lived in Nes Ziona for 49 years, believes the picture belonged to her late mother, Dinah Goldman. Her mother's brother, Samuel Goldman, is on the back row. The lady on the back row is Dolly Vincent, who was married to Jimmy Vincent, left. She also believes the three ladies on the front are sisters. Dolly and Jimmy were at Corinne's wedding in 1953. Email or telephone 009728-9405895

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