Australian TERRY NEWMAN is searching for English descendants of his great-great-grandparents, Henry and Simmie Levy.

They were married in the Great Synagogue, London, in September 1808.

Simmie died at 82 Renshaw St, Liverpool on November 8, 1868, after living for some decades as a widow in the home of her married daughter, Sarah, wife of Abraham Abrahams, furniture dealer.

Henry, a clothier, is said to have died in the 1830s in London.

Abraham and Sarah Abrahams’ children were Kate, Henry, Annie (married Henry Woolf), Lewis, Simmie (married Albert P Raphael, son of Phillip Raphael, of Duke’s Place, London in Cape Town Synagogue, on September 19, 1877), Rosetta, Michael and Nathan.

Most of Sarah’s brothers emigrated to New South Wales, Australia between 1830 and 1850.

They were Lewis, Nathan, John and Terry’s great-grandfather Michael Levy. Another brother, Henry Levy, a seaman, is believed to have drowned with 120 passengers and crew in the wreck of the ship Dunbar, off Sydney Heads in 1857, on a voyage from England.

The sole survivor testified that ‘H Levey’s’ body was not recovered from the wreck.

A sister, Frances (who married John Emanuel at the Great Synagogue, London on October 30, 1836), went to live in Sydney.

Write to 8/70 Carlton Pde, Carlton, NSW 2218, Australia, E-MAIL:

Canadian MARILYN ALDERSON is trying to find relatives of her father, Philip Cohen.

He was born in Manchester but moved to Canada in August 1923 when he was 19. His mother lived at 14 Caroline Street, Lower Broughton.

He changed his name to Philip Cowan when he joined the Canadian Air Force in 1939 in Winnipeg, Manitoba and changed his religion to Church of England.

His CAF record stated that he attended Waterloo Road School in Manchester. He had a sister, married to George Murray, who emigrated to Canada then Australia during World War II.

Write to 152 MacEwan Glen Drive, NW Calgary AB T3K 2G4, Canada or E-MAIL:

STANLEY ABRAHAMS of Leeds is looking for information on Paul Miller and Ada Ginn who were married in Leeds in 1949.

‘‘The Ginn family may be connected with Leeds Chevra Tehillim Synagogue rabbi David Freedman, who died around 1922,’’ Stanley said.

‘‘The Miller family may have a Belfast connection dating from 1910 and Paul Miller’s sister Eveline was also married in Leeds in 1949.’’

Contact Stanley on 0113 2680031 or E-MAIL:

VALERIE GOLD of Hertford-shire is trying to trace the Levy family of Liverpool.

Lewis Levy married Elizabeth Eddlestone in 1879. They had eight children but Elizabeth died in 1902.

Lewis then married her widowed sister Jane Myers who had nine children. They had one child together — Lily Levy.

They left Liverpool in 1923, but only five children went with them to America.

Valerie would like to know what happened to the rest?

She would also like to find the family of Joseph Levey (Levy), who served with the Kings Liverpool Regiment 1st/6th Bn. He died aged 31 on June 12, 1918, leaving a wife, PHM Levey of 14 Saxony Rd, Kensington, Liverpool.

His brothers and sisters were Harris, Hyman, David, Rosa, Celia, Bella, Sarah.

Write to 22 Morgan Gdns, Aldenham, Herts WD2 8BF or

MARJO Janssen-Huijskens of Holland is trying to find World War Two veterans who stayed with her grandparents and mother in Louvain, Belgium.

Marjo’s grandfather George Delinte was chief officer of the fire brigade.

She believes that Battery Sergeant William Inch, of Liverpool, was Jewish.

Sgt Inch, who lived at 118 Tree Lane, Liverpool 10, wrote a poem for Marjo’s mother Jeanneke Delinte called ‘Memories Are Evergreen’ before the regiment left for Mol, Geldrop and Osnabruck.

Write to Marjo at Edmond Jasparstraat 11, 6074 CB Melick, Holland, telephone 0031 475 533676 or

DIANE JACOBS of New York is looking for the Levy and Lesnie families in England.

Her great aunt Dora Singman married Isaac/Ezra/Isador Levy in New York in l891. They had two children Rebecca and Nathan Levy born in l890s in New York.

In the l920s they moved to Washington DC and changed their name to Lesnie. Their children became Nathan Lesnie, a dentist, and Ruth Lesnie, a lawyer.

Ruth was briefly married to a man named Bassett. Neither had children.

Isaac Levy or Isador Lesnie had family from England. He was known by the Singman family as being a salesmen from England.

In the l950s the children travelled to New York and then to England to visit family.

Diane was given Dora’s Hebrew name Deena and named after her.

Write to 55 Wildwood Road Scarsdale, NY 10583, USA, telephone 914 723-4639,

MARILYN PLATNICK Glass of Canada is searching for members of the Landau family.

Her grandfather Max Landau and two of his brother moved from Lecyzca, Poland at the end of the 19th century to England. Max eventually moved to Canada.

One brother, Rafael Landau, married Rose Cohen and their daughter Raechel was born in 1903 in England. They may have had another daughter.

Max’s other brother, Daniel, had two children — a daughter Beattie and a son Syd who married a woman named Dolly.

Beattie had a daughter named Rhoda and Syd had two daughters — Dianna and June.

Write to 164 Burbank Drive, Toronto, Ontario M2K 1P2, Canada or

JEFF GOULDEN of Washington would like information about his great-uncle Solomon Freedman and wife Henya.

Uncle Shlaimie, as he was known, came to England from Slawatycze, Poland around 1900. He lived at 18 Boundary Road, Newark and died on March 23, 1945, aged 86. He was buried in New Farnley Cemetery, Leeds.

Shlaimie was the older brother of Jeff’s grandfather Philip Freedman. One of Shlaimie’s sons was named Harry and lived at 10 Holmfield Avenue, London.

Contact 4710 129th Avenue East, Edgewood, Washington 98372, USA, telephone (253) 863-3265 or

Israeli LANCY SPALTERS wants to find any relatives of Malka Zimmerman and Pinchas Katz who emigrated to London from Skala, Galicia around 1898.

Lancy’s grandmother, Lanye Zimmerman, was born in Skala in 1878 and could be related to Malka.

Write to POB 216, Kfar Tavor 15241, Israel, telephone 972-6676 5571 or

MARK Budman of Ontario is searching for Shaya Solomin (Solominas), the son of Sender and Chaya Solomin.

He was born in Lithuania between 1880-1895. Other siblings include a sister Beila and brother Abraham Yakov.

At some point he changed his name to Solomon Segal and married in London, possibly to Bertha.

He then lived in Toronto, Canada from 1910-1920 before disappearing from all records.

Write to 44 Timberlane Drive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3H 1J4, telephone 416 6316237 or

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