Family search was first in JT in 1972

BARBARA Kravitz Flegel, of Missouri, is looking for relatives of Morris (Maurice) Kravitz.

Barbara recalls articles in the Jewish Telegraph in July 1972 about Jacob and Lois Kravitz, of Dallas, searching for family.

The newspaper connected them to David Kesler and his son, Harvey.

David was the younger brother of Samuel (Shim), who was married to Ada Kravitz Kesler.

Ada was Morris' older sister and Barbara's father's aunt.

At the time of the article, Harvey was 21 and had a 13-year-old sister, Lindsey. Harvey lived at Agnes Court, Didsbury.

Barbara's parents, Lois and Jack Kravitz, her brother, David, and sister, Judy, are no longer alive.

She believes Morris married Bessie Rosen in Prestwich, Manchester.

Morris was a cabinet maker, but when he emigrated to America, around 1909, he became a house painter in Hartford, Connecticut. His family joined him in 1911.

Morris' son, David, who died aged 25, was an artist, as is Barbara and members of her family.


Act on information

DR Stephane Grauzam is looking for Michael York, who lives in America.

Michael is the son of Rosa and Max, who was born Mordka David Jurkiewicz in Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland.

Max was the uncle of Stephane's grandfather Maurice Grauzam, of France.

The Yorks used to live in New York City, London and Detroit.

Stephane is also looking for members of the Gostynski family from Australia.

According to his research, Stephane's mother's family are Kohanim named Gastin. They moved to North Africa from Poland in the 1830s.

He believes that Ludwig Gostynski, who is buried in Australia, was a Kohen too.

Email or telephone 001-8438137742.

grandfather's sister

CRAIG HARRIS, of Florida, is looking for information on his grandfather's sister, who stayed in England when her three brothers, who included Enoch/Mordcho and Charles/Chaskel/Hay'im, went to Pittsburgh, New York and Argentina around 1907.

Her family name was Danilovich and she lived in the London area.

Mordcho changed his family name to Daniels. He and his wife had nine children - Fanny, Celia/Zelda, Samuel, Tillie, Marion, Evelyn, Esther, Betty and Gloria.

After the death of their parents in the mid-1930s, the family moved to Los Angeles.

Samuel maintained contact with his aunt into the mid-century.

Contact 001-6313711286 or email

Two Binyamins

Brenda Lily Habshush, of Israel, says she has made contact with relatives in Leeds whose grandparents or great-grandparents were from Viner families, like her maternal grandfather, Joseph Viner.

Joseph married Betsy Besinsky (Bershansky) in Belgrave Shul in 1888.

Witnesses were John (Yona) Winer and Betsy's brother Solomon Besinsky.

The surnames on the marriage certificate are spelt Winner which suggests that it was pronounced as Wiener. Both men's fathers' names were Binyamin.

Brenda's mother, one of three daughters, was Annie Viner. Their brother was Sam Vyner, father of Joyce Milton and her late sister, Phyllis Stankler.

Nobody, as yet, has come up with the exact birthplace of the Viners, although they came from the Riga area.

Brenda would like to hear from any descendents in Leeds or elsewhere with new information as to the origins of these families, whether from The Pale, Poland, Russian Federation or Latvia.

Telephone 00972-86560317 or email

Manchester Sklars

Harris Sklar's grandparents, Harris and Tillie (Toby), lived in Manchester in the late 1800s and emigrated to America early in the next century.

Harris wonders if he is related to any Sklars in Manchester, whose families may have emigrated to England about the same time as his grandparents from Vilnius, Lithuania.

His grandfather had a brother, Bertram, who emigrated to South Africa.

Write to 1900 Rittenhouse Sq, 12A, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA, telephone 001215-545-2496 or email

Wigan history

HILARY THOMAS is researching the Jewish community of Wigan.

Hilary, who co-authored a book on Bolton's Jewish community, would like to hear from anyone with Wigan connections.

The town's shul was founded around 1886, but by 1920 the community had almost disappeared.

However, several people had businesses in the town for many years.

Hilary has found a number of surnames of families involved in the community in its early days - Sytner, Abelson, Cowen, Kresner, Tarshish, Fisher, Fox, Richards, Rosenberg, Franks and Goldstone.

Telephone 0161-928 6242, email or write to 13 Edgemoor, Bowdon, Cheshire WA14 3JN.

Herscovitch side

IAN JOHNSON, of Bury, wants to trace the 'Simon Herscovitch' side of his mother's family.

Simon's son, Joseph, married Leah 'Leber' Goldman in 1917. Leah was the daughter of Barnett Goldman,the brother of Ian's grandfather Isaac Goldman.

Telephone 0161-766 4604 or email

Settled in Liverpool

ABRAHAM GOLDBERG, of Jerusalem, wants to hear from anyone whose ancestors settled in Liverpool after emigrating from Swislocz in Poland (now Svisloch in Belarus), a shtetl known to its Jews as Sislevitz.


Drohobycz families

Ann Rabinowitz is interested in learning the names of the Jewish families who left Drohobycz, Ukraine, and settled in Manchester in the late 1800s and early 1900s.


Glasgow to Haifa

JANE CHAPMAN, of Cornwall, wants to find contacts for her three second cousins who emigrated to Haifa from Glasgow in the 1960s. Alan, Mark and Ronald were the sons of Sidney and Helen Nathanson.



Derek Stavrou, of Kfar Sava, wants help identifying people on this picture of the wedding in Prestwich, Manchester, of Annie Huller and Joseph Belinsky in 1920. He would also like information about the Huller, Penrak and Pearl families who attended the wedding. Email

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