Teacher will attend Roundhay reunion

A REUNION is being held to mark the 50th anniversary of those who left Roundhay School in 1964.

The event will be held on Sunday, October 5 at North Leeds Cricket Club - opposite the school.

Teacher Jay Whittam, pictured above with class 2C in 1961, will be attending the reunion.

He is an accomplished golfer and lives near Wakefield.

Details: Trevor Spindler on 01844-290416 or email

Are you related to Shani Bracha?

ISRAELI Angela Greenson is looking for relatives of Shani Bracha who died on December 11, 1928 (Kislev 28, 5689), aged 65. She has a memorial book in her name.

The funeral was conducted at Urmston cemetery in Manchester on December 12, 1928, by Rabbis Segal and Levine.

The book contains a picture of Shani and the number of the grave.

Angela Greenson can be contacted at 47 Herzl Street, Zichron Yaacov, Israel 30900 or by email at

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at
Please include your home address and contact telephone number.

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