Was John's great-grandmother Jewish?

JOHN Appleton, a prisoner at Norfolk's Bure Prison, is trying to discover if his great-grandmother was Jewish.

He says his grandfather, Ernest George O'Grady, claimed his mother was Jewish.

"My granddad was born in 1900 and died in 1994 so I do have many memories of him, all happy ones," John said.

"He was the most important person in my life.

"I regret never trying to find out about his family when he was still alive, which has made me want to find out even more now."

In the 1891 Census, John discovered his great-grandmother, Catherine Kohfahl, was living at 83 Hughes Street, Liverpool.

She was born in 1858 in Liverpool even though it says 1861 in the Census.

Catherine's parents were living at Bolton Street, Liverpool, in the 1861 Census, with an uncle, cigar-maker Henry Kohfahl, born around 1825 in Hamburg.

Her mother, Sarah Jones, was born in 1829 in Caernarvonshire, Wales, and died in 1862.

Catherine was born in 1858 and her siblings were Minnie/Amelia (born 1851) James (1853), Ann (1855), Henry (1856) and David (1860).

Henry died in 1857 and David in 1860.

In the 1871 Census, Catherine was missing, but she is known to have married James Grady in 1876.

Write to J Appleton, Number A6957CD, wing E1-12, HMP Bure, Jaguar Drive, Badersfield, Norwich NR10 5GB.

Leah married twice

STEVE BOLER, of Italy, is looking for information on Leah Labisky.

Leah, daughter of Max Labisky, was born in 1874 in Vilna and died in 1946 in Manchester.

She was firstly married to David Goldstein, who was born in 1860 and died in Liverpool in 1910.

She then married Louis Kapatofsky (1867-1936) in 1936 in Manchester.

Leah and David had two children: Gerty, born 1895 and died 1948 in Manchester, married to Hyman Mendle (1879-1964), and Lazarus, born 1899 and died in 1948 in Manchester, married to Leah Mazorkoff.

Lazarus divorced in Detroit and eventually returned to the UK.


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