MICHAEL ROTHENBERG of San Jose is trying to locate descendants of his paternal grandfather’s uncle Berril (later Barnett) Rothenberg.

Michael’s grandfather, Meyer Rothenberg, left Ukraine in the late 1890s or 1900 and went to London where his uncle had already settled.

The surname may have been spelt Roitenberg. The family originally came from the Zhitomir, Ukraine. His grandfather’s father moved his family to Odessa.

Berril had a son Arthur and a daughter Eva, who married Harry Englander. In the 1930s, Eva and Harry moved to America for a few years but returned to London.

Berril had two other daughters, one of whom may have also married an Englander.

Write to 1624 Trona Way, San Jose, CA 95125, USA, telephone (408) 265-3281 or E-MAIL:

KAREN FREIDINof Australia is searching for relatives of Shalom (Solomon) Yacov and Pesa (Polly) Rabinowitz of Liverpool. Together they had five children — including Karen’s great grandmother Esther Rabinowitz, born in Liverpool in 1889. The family lived on West Derby Road, Liverpool.

Write to PO Box 31, Tuart Hill, WA 6939, Australia, E-MAIL:

ROBERT WEISS of California wants information on the family of Philip Baird, nee Cecil Braude, last heard of in London. Write to 10671 Baton Rouge Ave, Northridge, CA 91326, USA or E-MAIL:

LOUIS ZETLER president of the Galilee Genealogical Society, is trying to trace the descendants of the Sugar sisters from Poland and Hull.

Rose Sugar married a Weintraub; Esther Sugar married Abraham Silver and had Jessie (married Blashkey); Cissie married a Freeman; Annie married a Sassoon; Malka Sugar married a Grossberg. Their children were Alex, Arthur and Samuel Grossberg. Sophie Sugar married Herschel Elefant and moved to America.

Write to Hoshaya, MPO Hamovil 17915, Israel or email E-MAIL:

DAGMAR BANISTER of Swindon would like details about his great-grandfather Cantor Joseph Schlesinger, who came from Moravia and lived in Miroslav.

He was married to Betty and had 13 children.

Write to 8 Clare Walk, Swindon SN5 8JQ or

HARRY GLOSSwants to find his great-grandmother Leah Levi’s birth certificate.

Leah, the daughter of Meyer and Sophia Levi, was born in Manchester in 1828. Her father died before 1940 and Sophia married Nathan Singer, having a daughter Anna born in 1842 and a son Reuben born in 1844.

Only Anna though is recorded in the 1861 census.

Write to 1 Pond St. #5G, Winthrop, MA 02152, USA, telephone 617-846-5038 or

JILL DUBOISof Illinois has traced her great great grandparents — Abraham and Rebecca (nee Perlstein) Cohen — to Manchester in 1881, from the birth certificate of their first child — her great grandmother Sarah.

She also discovered that Sarah married in Edinburgh and Abraham died there in 1898.

According to Edinburgh records, Abraham and Rebecca married in Manchester on January 19, 1881. Abraham’s family lived in Sterpieken, near Tilsit.

Despite going by the name Cohen while in Britain, the family name was actually Lauterstein.

Jill would also like information on the Perlstein family as she believes one Perlstein relative was in Edinburgh in June 1901. E Perlstein is listed as a witness at her great grandmother’s wedding. Write to Jill Du Bois, Project Manager Institute for Policy Research, Northwestern University, 625 Haven Evanston, IL 60208, USA, telephone 847 4674039 or

ERNEST KAUFMANof New Jersey is seeking relatives named Oppenheimer, originally from Ortenberg, Hessen in Germany but now living in London. Write to 115 East Kings Highway, Unit199, Maple Shade, NJ 08052, USA or

CALIFORNIAN GAYLESchlissel Riley has had no luck so far tracing her great-grandmother Sora Slobodkin and her brother Jacob.

Sora, born in Minsk in 1872, married a Levine but divorced around 1905 before travelling to England with Jacob, who was born in 1874.

Sora had four children — Morris, Sam, Ann and Nellie — who went to Canada to live with her ex-husband. Write to 612 E Live Oak #A, San Gabriel, California, USA 91776 or

MATT SINGER'S great-great grandparents Abraham Kleinman and Bessie Toor met in London in the 1880s and married in America in 1890. They eventually settled in Pennsy-lvania. The families were originally from northern Lithuania and/or southern Latvia.

Bessie’s father Pincus Toor lived in England for about 10 years before Bessie left for America. Write to 2025 Rodman Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19146, USA or

DEBORAH DWORSKI of Virginia is looking for anyone with the surnames Sonnenblum and Dworski.

She would also like to hear from any former residents or Holocaust survivors from the towns Gorodenka, Ukraine (formerly known as Horodenka in the Galician province of Austria-Hungary); Sopotskin, Belarus (near Grodno); or Raczki, Poland (in Suwalki province, close to the Polish-Lithuanian border).

Contact 1600 South Joyce Street, #609; Arlington, Virginia 22202, USA or email

New YorkerJENNIFER WOLF KAM is trying to trace her ancestry in London. She is looking for anyone named Landschneider, later changed to Schneider. Write to 110-11 72nd Avenue, #6F Forest Hills, New York 11375, USA, or email

ARYEH LOPIANSKY of Jerusalem is looking for the Lopiansky family of Wiliampole, aka Slabodka, Lithuania. Members of his family lived there from the turn of the century until World War Two. Write to 76 Katznelbogen St, Jerusalem 93871, Israel or

ROBYN LICHTERof Australia is trying to trace her mother’s family in England. Her grandmother Rose Rogers/Rodgers /Rodrigues was born on July 28, 1891. The family was associated with the Bevis Marks Synagogue. Rose married Morrie Morris around 1917, while a cousin, Clarice Morris, lived in Hampstead.

Robyn also wants to find descendants of Michael and Abraham Jacobs, who lived in London’s East End, Royal Mint Parade in the 1860s and descendants of Daniel Rodrigues, Gabriel and Phoebe Rodrigues and Jack Rodrigues/Rogers.

Contact 56 Anderson Road, Hawthorn East, Victoria, Australia 3124 or

WINNIE SEGALof New York is looking for Joe Bartell. Joe, who once lived in America, is one of 11 children born to Abraham Bartell. Two of his siblings were called Leslie and George. The last Winnie heard, Joe was living in Manchester. Write to 25 Burkewood Road, Hartsdale, NY 10530, USA or email

DAVID HARRIS of Maryland wants information on Alter and Deborah Rubin who left Liverpool for New York in May 1911. Before travelling they stayed with Tobias Lang at 4 Waterloo Road, Manchester. David is trying to determine when the Lang family first appeared at this address and if they came from the region of Barlad or Iasi, Romania. He believes the family’s original surname was Lungu. Write to 2720 Woodedge Road, Silver Spring, MD 20906, USA or

MARTHA LEVINSON LEV-ZION has records of her cousins Günther and Ruth Eckstein until the middle of World War Two — but there has been no trace of them since.

Günther travelled to Switzerland to help his parents Wilhelm and Martha (Bernet) Eckstein and sister Lotte settle after they fled Nurnberg in 1934 when the Nazis ‘aryanized’ his ‘Ecco’ Toy Factory.

Ruth (Friedmann) warned Günther, born 1909, that the Gestapo was looking for him and not to return home. She escaped to Paris, but according to records Martha has seen, the Nazis knew exactly where she was staying.

Write to POB 786, 84965 Omer, Israel or email

BARRY FINKEL of Chicago is looking for Elia Asherman and his sister, who went to Manchester around 1895 from Zidikai, Lithuania.

Their brother, Rabbi Sholem Asherman, born in 1859, went from Zidikai to Toronto in 1894, then to Milwaukee. He finally settled in Chicago. Sholem changed his surname to Israelson. Contact 10314 S Oakley Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA 60643-2409, email

ABRAHAM BERTISCH of Israel is researching the following family names: Bertisch, Hillman and Eckstein. Contact him at POB 427, Raanana 43107, Israel,

ADAM DAVIS of Chicago is reseaching the names Dobbs, Davis, Seltzer, Plutsky, Brusilever and Rozhever of Pinsk and Belarus; Wexler, Smertenko, Dichter, Berlin, Aizenberg, Shpock, Ritter of Kiyev Gub; and Rachlin and Marshall. Write to 3309 N Southport Ave, #1FR Chicago, IL, 60657 USA, telephone 773 550 1543 or email

BOB TEITELBAUM'S great-grandmother, Elizabeth Barnard, moved from Portsmouth to America in 1835. Also known as Betsy Bernard she was born on November 26, 1810 and died in New York on September 25, 1894. She was married to Amsterdam-born Israel Fellerman. He was born on May 4, 1817 and died January 17, 1883.

Elizabeth’s father Philip Barnard died in England on December 10, 1872. Other family members Bob knows of include Henry Barnard, born September 17, 1821, died January 27, 1907 and Mary Barnard. Write to 212 Monroe Street, Ithaca, New York 14850, USA.

DIANE FREILICH is searching for evidence that Jacob and Charlotte Sedeauer lived in Manchester around 1874-76 where a child, Bella Sedeauer, was born. Contact 30580 Hunters Drive 65-21, Farmington Hills MI 48334-1357, USA or

ERNEST SHAPERO, son of the late Captain Israel (Issy) Shapero, would like to trace current family members and research family history in Papile, Lithuania.

His grandparents Morris (Moshe Eli, born in Papile, Lithuania) and Bessie Shapero (nee, Stavitsky from Chernigov near Kiev) lived at 32 Union St, Southport, Lancashire.

They had five children, Harry, Leslie,Issy, Louis and Faye. Morris Shapero was a tailor and died in 1946.

Write to Ernest Shapero, PO Box 143, Turramurra, NSW 2074, Australia or

STEVEN MORGAN of North Carolina was given a package of more than 100 photographs of his mother’s family by his sister. Included was this postcard with a picture of a young girl, the back of which is inscribed ‘From your loving cousin, Eva Braff’. The postcard contains the address 37 Oxford St West. Steven has another inquiry about his maternal grandmother Goldie Levi who was born in Leeds on February 24, 1890. Her parents, Isaac and Rebecca Levi, died when she was quite young and she was taken to America by an aunt. Steven knows a cousin was in Yorkshire during World War Two. Write to 49 International Road Burgaw, NC 28425, USA, telephone 910-259-5050 or

JOEL WEISZ of Rio De Janeiro is researching his father’s family. Mihaly (Michael) Weisz, a vinegrower and merchant in Kralova in Slovakia, married Amalia. Their son Adolf was born February 24, 1881 or 1879 in Kralova. He died in Raasiku-Jagala on September 1, 1942.

Leopold Natzler was born in Vienna and died in 1915. He married Julie Schmolka, born in 1859 in Lestina, Bohemia. Their son Eduard emigrated to America in 1912 and died during World War 1. Daughter Jeny, born on September 21, 1889 in Vienna, married Heinrich Haas in 1908. He was born in Francova Lhota, Moravia and died early 1915 fighting for the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Jeny and Heinrich had one son Kurt, born October 29, 1914 in Vienna. He died July 10, 1998 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Jeny then married Adolf Weisz in 1920 and died with him in Raasiku-Jagala. Kurt changed his name to Weisz.

In 1935, Kurt emigrated to Sao Paulo, Brazil, and married Marianne Kahn, who was born on October 22, 1920 in Fulda, Germany. She now lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

The couple had three sons: Joel, born February 25, 1944; Rafael, born January 22, 1946; and Tomas David, born June 27, 1948.

Write to Rua Lopes Quintas 390/602 22460-010, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil or

GERTIE RUBINSTEING, who moved from Kelme, Lithuania with her parents to Sheffield between 1900 to 1925. Anyone who knows her descendants should contact Jack Weinstein at 7713 Richard Street Philadelphia, PA 19152-3815, USA, or email

JERRY ZEISLER of Virginia is searching for information on his great uncle Shmeryl Adelson, pictured above, who was in the English military during World War One. He was born in Lithuania, either in Emeune or Butrimantz. Family lore has it that he was a horse lover and couldn’t bear to see how some of the horses were being treated by the military. At some point he may have interfered with the maintenance of the horses and was arrested. He may have died in prison.

Contact 708 Clark Court NE, Apt 302, Leesburg, Virginia 21076, USA, telephone 703-737-3544 or

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