Family made trip from Blackburn to Toronto

CANADIAN Paul Caplin was adopted at birth in 1954. Four years ago, he discovered that his grandparents, Sol Abramson (Abrahamson) and Sarah (Fraser) Abramson emigrated to Canada from Blackburn, Lancashire.

Paul's great-grandparents were Barnett and Jane Kirsh Fraser (Frazier/Frazer), who settled in Blackburn.

Their children were Morris, Maria, Joseph, Annie, Esther (Etty), Toby, Israel, Nathan, Yetta, Sarah and Bessie, born between 1876 and 1896.

Sarah moved to Canada in 1927 with husband, Solomon Abramson, and daughters, Bessie and Jean. They settled in Toronto with Sarah's older sister, Toby and her husband, Harris (Harry) Bliss.

Paul's mother Jean married Sam Goldman, and had four children.

The majority of the Frasers still live in the Manchester area.

Email or telephone 010905-738-4511.

Settled in Leeds

DAVID CONWAY, of London, is a descendant of Yossel/Yosef Galinski, who died in 1887.

Yossel was the son of Chanoch Galinski and Rifka Leitner, of Suwalki (now Poland). Some of the family settled in Leeds - and David would like to hear from them at

Helga's family

GERMAN Stefan Kahlen is looking for the family of Helga Elkan.

Helga - the daughter of Benno and Paula (Weissfeld) Elkan - was born on November 9, 1920 in Eschweiler, Rhineland. Helga had two sisters - Jenny and Hilde. Jenny died in Sobibor in 1943, while Hilde passed away in Haifa in June, 2008. Helga emigrated to England around 1938, maybe to the Southampton area.


Friend Maxine

MO NOLAN, of Heywood, is looking for a childhood friend from the late 1960s.

Mo grew up in Parslow Avenue, Crumpsall, Manchester, where her next door neighbour was a Mrs Olsberg.

She had a daughter called Layla and granddaughter called Maxine, who was around the same age as Mo.

Mrs Olsberg would also visit a son in San Francisco.



Martha Laufer McDonald would like information on the couple pictured by this headstone. Chawa Perla Wakszlak was born in 1888 in Radom, Poland, while her husband's name is unknown. Chawa's parents were Mendel and Necha Lederman Wakszlak, of Radom. The American Red Cross documented this couple as the last remaining members of the Wakszlak family. They escaped to England just prior to the invasion of Poland in 1939. Email information to

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