Claire's search for ring of truth

CLAIRE STOCK has discovered some interesting facts about her sister-in-law's wedding ring.

Hilary Stock and husband Andrew Crawford, of Shropshire, bought the ring from a junk shop in London over 10 years ago.

The ring is a plain gold band, but has an inscription on the inside which reads: 'Morris & Gertie 11th May 1915'.

Claire, of Darwen, Lancashire, has uncovered some details about the previous owners, who appear to be from two German Jewish families living in London.

She found an announcement in a Jewish newspaper on April 29, 1949, which states: MR J BIRN AND MISS P COHEN - The engagement is announced of John, only son of Mrs Gertrude Biro, of 37, Bryanston Court, W.I, and Mr Morris Birn.

Gertrude's surname was Birn and not Biro as printed in the announcement.

Claire has spent hours scouring JewGen as well as reading details of transatlantic passenger lists in Darwen library.

She is so far up to the early-1930s when Morris and Gertie appear to be neighbours of Wallis Simpson.

Claire also plans to visit Golders Green cemetery next month to see if that can point her in the right direction.

The couple's daughter is believed to have been part of Special Operations Executive - a top secret intelligence function operating during the Second World War.

Her records are currently protected by the National Archives, but Claire may be able to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act if she can prove she has died.

"I am certain she died in 1991, but I'd like to make sure there are no descendants first," Claire said.

Her brother-in-law celebrates his 60th birthday in August, so Claire would like to surprise him with the full story.

Anyone who can help Claire or who has photographs of Morris and Gertie or their family, should email or telephone 07900 582653.

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