Josephine remembers kindness of rabbi

MARTINE Murphy's mother Josephine Elizabeth Cassidy, nee Sharples, often tells a story about an act of kindness by the Jewish community in December, 1940.

"My mother and her family lived in Salford at that time," Martine said.

"She was only four, but remembers that when her home was blitzed and her father was in hospital with tuberculosis, her mother had nowhere to go.

"A synagogue took the family in. My mother remembers marble columns and many people sleeping there. She remembers a man verbally abusing her mother and snatching her pillow.

"She thought it might have been because her mother was Irish. Her mother and all the children started crying and a rabbi came over. He moved them to a partitioned section and gave them back their pillow.

"They then provided presents for the children because it was Christmas. They took the family to visit my grandfather and when he died, they gave my grandmother a black coat for the funeral.

"My mother was then evacuated until the family found another home."

Josephine suffers from Alzheimer's, but still remembers the kindness of this rabbi.

The family moved to 12 Olive Street, Lower Broughton, Salford, which Martine believes was near the synagogue.

She would like to hear from anyone who recognises the synagogue and the rabbi.


Army friends

NORMAN Goldstone, of Leeds, is trying to find two of his friends from his army service.

Norman, who now goes by the surname Stone, was stationed at RAF Turn House, near Edinburgh, with the 289 Squadron in 1944.

His best friends were Melvin Zimmerman, of Manchester, and Cyril Tobias, of Glasgow.

Norman, who recently celebrated his 64th wedding anniversary to Pauline, recalls that Melvin, whose family had a fresh fish shop, was due to be sent to Australia, but the war ended.

He arranged to meet the pair in Manchester in 1945. But after 10 minutes at the Ritz, Melvin and Cyril went off with girls and Norman never saw them again.

Norman would like to hear from the pair's families.

Telephone 0113-268 0772.

Oldham history

AUTHOR Hilary Thomas is currently working on a book on the Jewish community of Oldham.

She has uncovered several news items regarding various Manchester Jewish minstrel troupes which entertained at the Oldham Workhouse in the early 1900s.

Hilary would like to know if these troupes were part of a Masonic Lodge or Friendly Society?

She has discovered the names of some members in 1903 as being M Laski, S Bernard, J Mamlock, P Clyne, M Bergbloom and B Matz.

She also found that in 1921, the Solly Olsberg Lodge of Manchester had its own troupe.

Contact Hilary on 0161-928 6242 or email

Eric's search

ERIC Moonman is looking for any descendants of EJ Moonman, who left Liverpool on December 16, 1907. He was 23 and bound for Halifax, Canada.

Details: Eric on 0207-607 7761.

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at
Please include your home address and contact telephone number.

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