Doctor survived ship’s sinking

AUSTRALIAN Dr Judy Campbell wants to contact any family of Dr Anna Maria (Annemaria) Eleanora Curth Goldberg, who cared for civilian internees of the Japanese in Muntok, Palembang and Belalau Camps in Sumatra, Indonesia, during the Second World War.

Her first husband was Erich Goldberg, a neurologist or psychiatrist. They were working in the Perak state in Malaya before the war.

Dr Goldberg left Singapore on board the Vyner Brooke on February 13, 1942. This boat was bombed and sank in the Banka Straits. Survivors were placed in harsh internment camps on reaching shore.

In 1952, Dr Goldberg married Lord Charles Murray-Aynsley, the Chief Justice of Singapore. Email

Did couple survive?

Stéphane Grauzam is looking for Dr Albin Grauzam and his wife Halina.

Albin was born in Kielce, Poland, on December 9, 1909.

Stéphane’s grandfather saw him for the last time in Warsaw in 1939.

Although he couldn’t find the couple, he believes they might have survived the Holocaust.

Stéphane also wants information on Max York, born Mordka David Jurkiewicz on July 19, 1895 in Piotrkow, Poland.

He was the son of Moszek and Nacha Jurkiewicz and had a son called Michael York.

They lived part of their lives in Detroit and London.


Adopted cousin

ELIZABETH Jacobi (nee Lester) is trying to trace her first cousin, who was adopted in 1946.

Elizabeth, who has lived in Israel for 46 years, was born in June, 1946. She explains that her aunt Adelaide (Addie) Levinstein gave up her Leeds-born daughter for adoption to a Jewish She only discovered the existence of her cousin from her mother in her later years.

Details: 00972-88-552478 or email

Tragic Esther

FLORIDIAN Sandra Landers wants information on the mysterious death of her cousin.

Esther Latter died on July 22, 1903, at the Victoria Infirmary in the Gorbals, Glasgow, from extensive burns to her face and body, aged just six.

Her parents, Solomon and Leah (Chait) Latter, lived at 16 Main Street in Glasgow.

Sandra wants to find newspaper articles about the death and what the cause was.


Family links

MODYA Silver, of Canada, is looking for any references to the Matofski family from Leeds.

Modya also assumes that the Matafsky family in Glasgow is related to her.

Rose Matofski married Myer Dergoodski — her great-grandparents, so she is also looking for Dergoodskis (Degatski/ Degoodski/Dergoodski).

Modya found a great-grandson of Rabbi Degatski from Manchester, but cannot make the direct link from Manchester to the Dergoodski family from Leeds.

Telephone 001416-9943278 or email

Mum’s classmate

JOSH Aronson is trying to find a old classmate of his mother’s from Manchester in the 1960s.

Josh’s mum, Lenka Sinason, was a pupil at Broughton Jewish Cassel Fox Primary School. Josh is searching for a man named Len, who lived on Stanley Road, Salford.


Degree pal

BARBARA Tranter wants to find a girl who was on her degree course with her at Sheffield Polytechnic in the 1980s. The girl was called Glynis and lived in Bury.


Get in touch

DAVID Pearlstein would like to hear from Tonya or Tanya who contacted him in October about his uncle David Levenson.

His email address is


Jeff Kaye, of Israel, is compiling a biography of his great grandfather, Samuel Jacobs.

Samuel, was a kosher butcher in the Gorbals, Glasgow, who emigrated from Vievis, Lithuania in the late-1880s. He was born in 1867 and died in 1940 in Glasgow. He is buried in Sandymount Cemetery.

Telephone 00972-502261206 or email

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