Simpkin search

ELIZABETH Morris, of Kendal, recently discovered her Jewish roots.

Thanks to the Manchester Jewish Museum, she found out that her grandmother's surname, Simpkin, was Jewish.

She has traced her family back to Solomon and Fanny Simpkin, who moved to Manchester from Russia.

Her great-grandfather, Herbert Simpkin, was born in Leeds, but lived in Manchester.

Elizabeth would like to hear from other Jewish Simpkin families in England and Israel and would also like to find details of her Jewish great-grandmother Anne Swift Boothman.

Write to 28 Castle Walk, Kendal, LA9 7BP or telephone 01539-734058.

Stones on grave

SUE Arden, of Northampton, would like to thank whoever is placing stones on her parents' graves in Crumpsall cemetery, Manchester.

Sue returns to Manchester a couple of times each year to visit the graves of Alyce and Harry Ferguson.

Wed in Leeds

SARAH Lewis wants information on her great-uncle Archie (Archibald) Lewis, who was born in Nowogrod, Poland.

He married Etty Goldman in New Briggate Synagogue, Leeds, in 1896.

Their children included Rhoda, Leonard, Simon, Harry and Sarah.

Sarah found Etty's grave in New Farnley cemetery, Leeds, but can't find where Archie is buried.


Kalisch family

YECHIEL Cohen's grandmother, Fanny Cohen, married Moses Cohen in Manchester in 1919.

She had a brother, Chaim Cohen, son of Joseph Cohen, of Manchester.

Chaim married Liba and had a daughter Shoshana who married a member of the Kalisch family, whom Yechiel would like to trace.

Glasgow cousin

GLASGOW-born Felise White is looking for her cousin Howard Naddell/Camber.

He was born in Glasgow around 1947 to Alec Naddell and Ettie Camber. He had a younger sister called Laura.


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