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WHO ARE YOU? ‘Edelson, 1944’

Hilary Osofsky, of California, is hoping someone can recognise these photographs taken of and/or by members of the Edelson family.

The wedding photo was taken in Manchester in either 1897 or 1898 by Marks Edelson (Idelovich).

Marks’ wife, Lena Abraham, is on the left in a black dress with a large white collar.

Marks’ nephew, Jacob (Jack) Edelson, is standing in the second row from the back, second right.

The bridal couple could be Isaac Sax and Chaya/Chaje Leybe Aaronson, nee Gilevitz or Horowitz (nicknamed Kezia), daughter of Moses. Chaya was known as Lena Harrison.

Her children from her previous marriages to Solomon Aaronson and Joseph Samuel Aaronson were David Harrison and Dora Harrison Sax.

Lena and Isaac lived in Birmingham, where a relation, Lazarus Idelson, lived with them before they moved to Manchester.

Lena was from Kovno (Kaunus) and Isaac from Vilna (Vilnius).

Marks was associated with the studio of Mrs B Goodman at 559 Strangeways, Manchester. The owner of the photo was his son, Reuben/ Robert Edelson.

The photograph of the woman just says ‘Edelson, 1944,’ on the reverse. Her location is unknown.

The owner of the photograph was Fanny (Edelson) Steinberg, whose children were Minnie Herbst, Lilyan Politzer, Ida/Ada Stein, Samuel, and Mildred/Mollie Abcug, all of whom lived in New York City.

The Edelson/Idelovich family was originally from Zemaiciu Naumistis and Chveidan, Russia.

Of three brothers, Shmuel, Menasha, and Iokhel, only Shmuel’s sons, Marks and Moshe/Morris, are known to have lived in Manchester.

Marks and Lena’s children, born between 1880 and 1894, were Samuel, Hyman (Jack), Maria Fanny (Fanny), David, Bertha, Edith, Nellie, Harris (Harry), Reuben (Robert), Rebecca, Abraham, and Joseph.

Of Moshe and his wife Malke Zilberman’s children, only Jacob, Caspar, and Fanny emigrated to Manchester.

Jacob married Mary Medofski; Caspar married Ettie Stein; and Fanny married Morris Steinberg/Sternberg.

Concerning Moshe and Malke’s other children, daughter Sarah (Farber) emigrated to America, while Leizer, Buna/Bashie, Rose/Ruchl, and Mere Hinda (Gans) remained in Russia.

Hilary is also hoping to find the family of Manchester residents Anna Kelman (1856-1932) and her husband, Joseph Samuel Stein (1855-1920), a shoe maker, who came from Gordzh/Garsden, Russia.

WEDDING JOY: Hilary Osofsky wants help identifying this wedding picture

Their children were Yetta/Ettie, Jacob Harris, Harry, Jane, Israel, Isaac, Louis and Abraham.

They had a connection to the Edelson/Idelovich family through their daughter, Ettie, whose first husband was Caspar Edelson.

Son Harry Stein (1890-1957), a cap presser, married Jane Regan; their daughter, Elizabeth Ann, married Alfred Hall.

Their children were Betty, Ronald, Irma, Norma, Dorothy, and Alfred Glynn (1933-2003), who possibly had nine children with his wife Elsie Waller — Margaret, David G, Graham A, William G, Simon Lisle, Jane Catherine, Mark Lisle, Matthew James G, and Megan Rebecca. Norma Watkins is a possible granddaughter.

Son Jacob Stein (1880-1951), was a cabinet maker, who married Nellie Cohen; their children were Beatrice, Florence, Julian, Robert, Sidney, and Solomon (wife Jane Levy).

Son Isaac Stein (born 1887), was a trunk maker, who emigrated to Philadelphia with wife Dora Joseph.

While married to Caspar Edelson, daughter Ettie had children Rebecca, Julius (wife Bleama Woof), and Fanny (husband Michael/Mickey Joseph).

Her son, Jacob/Jack Isaacs was from her second marriage to Samuel Isaacs/Isaacson.

Jack’s war widow, Julia Pashlinsky, is thought to have returned to Germany with their daughter Betty.

Anna and Joseph identified themselves as relations of Caspar’s sister, Fanny, and her husband, Morris Steinberg, who were living with them in 1912.

Daughter Jane probably died in South Africa.

Son Louis, who had worked as a cap blocker, might have married Roselle.

Anna’s father was Shlomo Kel. Her brother, Morris Kelman, emigrated to America with Morris Steinberg in 1912. A relation, Joseph Lander, lived in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


Is Sarah related to Joyce’s grandmother?

FLORIDIAN Joyce Eastman believes that Sarah Zinkower might be her paternal grandmother’s sister.

Sarah married Samuel Gruber in Prestwich, Manchester, on February 14, 1897.

She states on the marriage document that Aron Zinkower is her father.

Joyce’s grandmother was Sime Bruche Helfer — also known as Sime Bruche Zinker/Zinkower and Bertha Wilder — born October 9, 1880 in Brody, Poland.

In the civil marriage document, it is noted that Aron Zinkower is the father of Sarah, born 1873 (also known as Sarah Zinker and Zenkower).

Joyce believes her parents were Judith Helfer and Aron Zinkower/Zinker, of Brody, Poland (now Ukraine), who are the parents of Joyce’s paternal grandmother.

Joyce’s grandmother and her family emigrated to Vienna with her husband and children in 1914, from where she was deported and killed by the Nazis in 1942.


Pollie died in Leeds

MARSHA Cohen Gilbert is looking for descendants of her relative Pollie Cohen.

Pollie was the niece of Joseph Cohen and she married Nathan Myers, of 105 Valley Drive, Harrogate.

She died at the home of Joe Cohen, 17 Crimbles Street, Leeds, on September 19, 1912.

Her siblings are listed as Nurse, Dan, Joe and Jack Cohen.


Birth mother

RICHARD Linse Rubin, of London, wants to trace his birth family.

He was born to Muriel Cohen, of 68 Dundrennon Road, Battlefield, Glasgow, on November 6, 1944 at the Brampton Royal Infirmary. He was adopted by a family which moved to Hackney, London, in 1948.

Telephone 07973-293776 or email

Murdered by Nazis

KEN Wald is looking for information about his paternal grandmother, Regina Zadek.

She became Regina Schoenwald after her marriage in Germany.

Her father, Mendel Zadek, was described as a kosher butcher in Manchester. She had a large number of siblings.

Along with a sister and her husband, she was deported to Trawniki in 1942 and murdered by the Nazis.



ANN Rabinowitz found a siddur belonging to Victor Ezra Ades for sale in a Jerusalem market.

Victor was born in 1890 and died 1932. The Syrian-born merchant shipper lived at 52 Clyde Road, West Didsbury, Manchester, for some years.

His wife was Mary and he had a son, Maurice Victor Ades.


Earliest relative

MARK Elkins, of New York, is looking for his Manchester family.

Mark, who was adopted, has identified Aaron Wolf Cohen as his earliest relative in Manchester from the 1830s, but due to how common the name Cohen is, he is having trouble finding anyone else.


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