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ROMANIAN Teodolinda Musat is looking to trace her British birth family.

Teodolinda, who now lives in L’Aquila, Italy, said: “Since I was three, my father Nicolae Musat and my grandfather Ianosi Pecsi told me that they adopted me in the hospital because my real mother had been declared dead.

“My official date of birth is June 5, 1972.

“But, in 2006, I met, in L’Aquila, some people from the UK who told me that my real family is looking for me.”

The former commercial manager went on: “One of these was Andrew Sinclair, an old friend of my grandfather.

“He made an arrangement to meet my family in 2012 in Roslin, at The Original Rosslyn Hotel.

“I know that my aunt is British, her husband is Jewish and the family name is Barnett.”

If you can shed some light on Teodolinda’s family, email, or for more details go to:

D-Day heroes

AJEX is searching for the families of Jewish servicemen who took part in the capture of the German guns at Merville on the night before D-Day, in 1944, with the 9th Paras.

Details are sought for J Goldstone, A Pinkus, Max Hutton (Horwitz) and a gentleman called Haff, who used a Scottish nomme de guerre and owned a tailor shop in Leman Street, London.


Kropman cousins

MARGARET Fullarton is looking for cousins from the Kropman family.

She recently came into contact with a relative of her husband in Israel, who told her that a branch of the Kropman family went to England.

She is searching for records of Slova Kropman who married Zelig Diamant as well as another cousin called Shaloum Kropman.


Hidden child

BERNADETTE Mesguen is looking for the family of a Jewish child hidden by her grandmother during the Holocaust.

Nathan Farkas was looked after by Madame Valo in the south of France during the war, before returning to find his mother, Annie Alpert, in Belgium.

Nathan then joined the Alpert family in Glasgow.


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