Ros looking for family of Marks

ROS Romem, of Jerusalem, is researching the family of her great-grandmother’s brother, Marks Leon Cohen.

Poland-born Marks married Esther Dora Uryas in Cork, Ireland. They had five children.

In 1902-3, they emigrated to Cape Town, South Africa. In 1905, their eldest child Annie married Jack Moss and they moved to Rhodesia.

Another daughter, Lily, married someone called Blumberg in Rhodesia in 1910. Lily’s daughter, Marcia Landau, owned a modelling or beauty agency, possibly in Durban, South Africa.

Hinde or Hilda married Mr Charles and they had a daughter Merle Oshry.

There were two sons. Jacob, born 1887 in Cork, and Solomon, born 1889 in Cork.

Esther Dora is buried in Muizenberg Jewish Cemetery.

Ros is trying to find the correct Jacob Cohen for this family, one possibility is Jacob Cohen and Shifra/Sophia, daughter of Yerachmiel, buried in Pinelands (1978 and 1871 respectively).

Ros is also searching for descendants of Baron Jacob and Dora Esther Cohen, of Liverpool, Dublin, London and finally Hove.

Ros can’t find anything on their baby Rebecca or Beka Cohen on the 1901 census.

In 1911, sister Evelyn was 17, but neither child is mentioned in their father’s will in 1916.

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Uncle’s name

GLORIA Weiss is looking for the first name of her mother’s uncle who came from Poland to Manchester in the 1930s.

His last name was Marks and he had a wife named Rebecca. They had four children — the boys were Harry and Victor Marks.

Her uncle had a worsted wool mill company.

Gloria’s mother was Zosha Rosenthal, although she changed it in Germany to Leah Wajs. Her parents were in the Bergen-Belsen Displaced Persons Camp with Mendel Beale, of Manchester, who spoke about it to the BBC.

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Krasinsky search

NEW Yorker David Goldman’s great-grandfather, Harris Groberman (1852-1927), who moved to Canada in 1912, was one of four brothers who originally moved to Prestwich, Manchester around 1890.

Two of Harris’ brothers changed their name from Krasinsky as well, one brother, like Harris (Elyokum Zvi), assumed the name Gruberman and the other took the last name Goldman.

The third brother, who kept his surname, had previously been thought to have remained in the area of Nova Ushitza, Kaminetz Podolsk region.

He was David Krasinsky, who died in Prestwich, Manchester in 1916.

David Goldman would like to know if there are descendants of David Krasinsky with or without the name Krasinsky in Manchester and London.

He had several sons, Abraham, Morris, Israel, and probably others, as well as daughters. Some of the Krasinskys are believed to have changed their name to Kay.

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Mackintosh maker

JUDITH Redfern, of Bolton, is researching her family history.

Her grandmother, Christina Williamson, worked as a machinist for mackintosh manufacturers Cohen and Wilks, Aquatite Mills, Derby Street, Cheetham, Manchester.

She lived on Pemberton Street, Hightown.

Judith would like information about the street she lived on and the company she worked for — photos, memories etc.

“Cohen and Wilks no longer has a presence in Manchester, but still remains in Leeds,” Judith said. “On its website there is a section entitled ‘Heritage,’ but all this is, is a small time frame charting 1974 to present day.

“It does not mention the offices they had in Manchester and Scotland. How the company came about, the founders, did they make garments for the war effort etc.”

Judith emailed the company to see if they had any documents, but she hasn’t received a reply.


settled in liverpool

KERRIE Hewick, of Selby, North Yorkshire, is searching for details of her great-great-grandparents, who possibly moved from Russia to Liverpool.

Isaac Harris was born in 1859 and died in Glasgow, aged 40, in 1899.

His wife, Annie Severski, was born in 1859 and died around 1918.

They had a son, Solomon Harris, in 1894, who died in Glasgow in 1935. He married Mary Dillon Pryce.

There’s a possibility that Isaac was a tailor. Isaac’s parents were Solomon Harris and Rachel Levi.

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Lockwood enquiry

CAN Chris Lockwood, of Doncaster, who was trying to trace descendants of Joseph Morris in 2003, please email as some new information has come to light?

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