Can you identify Glasgow family?

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ROCHELLE Cooke, of West Yorkshire, needs help identifying photographs which her cousin found.

While she recognised her grandparents and various relatives, there are a number of faces she has no idea about.

Her grandparents, the Zendle and Harris/Herschcovitz families, lived in manchester, but where relatives in Glasgow including the Millers and Bryers, but Rochelle has no idea how they are related.

“I have been interested in family history for many years,” she said. “I have constructed a wide family tree. I have also written up as much of the histories of each of our grandparents that I have been able to piece together.

“When I looked at the photos, I felt really sad. Here were men and women who had lived lives, worked, had children and experiences that we would never know of.

“It feels particularly sad as we know that so many of our relatives will have disappeared and here I had in my hand photographs of many who had survived and arrived in Britain and we just don’t know who they are!”

Anyone who can identify the pictures or knows Rochelle’s Glasgow relatives, should email

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