NICOLE ROSENBERG of Israel is looking for descendants of Sarah Moses/Moss who married a Mr Cohen.

Sarah was a sister or foster sister to six Moses children — Isaac, Esther, Jack, Joseph, Annie and Leah — who changed their name to Moss.

They were born in Lodz, Poland, emigrated to London and then South Africa.

Their children now live in South Africa, America, Britain and Israel.

Isaac, born in 1868, married Janie Murmelstein. Isaac and Janie Moss had five children — Esther, Benjamin, Joseph, Pinkus/Phillip, Dave Moss.

Isaac died in South Africa in 1934.

Esther, born around 1870, married Myer Nyman. Esther and Myer had four children — Abraham, David, Florrie and Sadie Nyman.

Esther died in 1960 in South Africa.

Jack, born 1873, married Fanny Marks. They had the following children — David Henry, William Bernard, Leonard Lawrence (Lennie), Helen Doreen, Robert Ivan Moss. Jack died in 1948 in South Africa.

Joseph, born 1878, married Rachel Pactor. Their children are Arnold, Ena, Davis Hyman (Denny), Raymond, Bernard (Bernie).

Joseph died in 1945 in South Africa.

Annie, born 1892, married Lazarus Nathan and had children Dolly, Esther, Lily, David and Horace Nathan.

Annie died in 1972 in South Africa.

Leah, born 1885, married Philip Levin. The couple had three children — David, Woolfie and Rica Levin. Leah died in 1968 in South Africa.

Sarah Cohen stayed in the UK when the rest of the family emigrated to South Africa. She had the following children — Harry, Ephraim, Pyzer, Lily and Bessie (or Annie).

Some of the children may have changed their name from Cohen to Cowan/Cowen. Ephraim and Pyzer taught art at the Slade School of Art.

Write to Moshav Nir Yisrael, Ashkelon 79505, Israel or email her at

JILL ADDLESON believes Leeds is central to her search.

Jill of South Africa explains that her grandfather, Isaac Marks, was born in Leeds in 1885. He was the son of tailor Harris Marks and Sarah Marks, formerly Grabinskie.

Around 1901 the family emigrated to Johannesburg, where they lived for the rest of their lives.

Isaac was a distinguished member of the community in Johannesburg and was appointed Town Clerk in the 1930s. He occupied this position until about 1945, when he retired.

In 1934 and 1937 he visited members of his family in Leeds. Jill would like to find these family members.

Write to 2 Ridgegrove, 48 South Ridge Road, Durban 4001, South Africa or email

IRENEE PETERMAN of Manchester wants to trace her cousin Linda Tefron (nee Gold).

She last saw Linda when she visited Israel in 1975 with her late husband.

Linda lived in Rehovot and had two children who will be in their early 30s now.

When Linda’s parents were arranging their emigration to Australia, Irenee looked after her baby cousin for a few days. Linda won a holiday in Israel in 1964. She met Yehuda, son of the Chief of Police of Galilee, whilst on the break and fell in love.

‘‘Some sort of misunderstanding arose between my father and her father and mother 24 years ago,’’ Irenee says. ‘‘I would like to put the misunderstanding right.’’

Irenee would like to speak to Linda about a history of her grandparents Becky Goldstein and Joseph Markovitch.

Write to 31 The Hawthorns, Edge Lane, Manchester M32 8QA.

RAPHAEL ABRAHAMS of Cambridge is looking for information on his grandfather Nathan Dolowitch (Dolovitch).

Nathan, a glazier, lived at 29 Netherfield Road, Liverpool, around 1900. He also led a local congregation.

He married Raphael’s grandmother (his second marriage) in 1903 and died not long after the birth of his youngest daughter in 1910).

Raphael cannot find a record of his death, but he thinks Nathan may have died at sea. Write to 16 Gurney Way, Cambridge, CB4 2ED or email

DEREK STAVROU of Israel has discovered that his wife’s paternal grandfather Sam Kapatovsky (1888-1919) was a member of the Ancient Order of Maccabeans, Mount Horeb Beacon No 9.

Derek would like some information on the organisation. He would also like to hear from anyone who can tell him about Jews School in Southall Street, Cheetham, Manchester.

Sam’s wife Rebecca Cohen (1891-1955) attended the school when she arrived in England in 1899.

Write to 14 Mor St, Kfar Sava 44242, Israel, telephone 00972-9-7652108 or email

CYRIL GRYFE of Toronto recently discovered a large collection of old photographs of Cyril and Ronald Wineberg.

He believes the brothers emigrated from Leeds to America with their families in the 1950s.

‘‘Rather than trash these photos, I would like to re-unite them with the people who they portray,’’ Cyril says.

Write to 601-35 Church St, Toronto ON, M5E 1T3, Canada, fax: 416-601-0559 or email Cyril at

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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