Finding Jodie’s Manchester step-sister Sandra would make it a wed-letter day
JODIE SHERMAN of Australia wants to get in touch with her step-sister — whom she has never met. ‘‘All I know is that her name is Sandra and her mother’s name is Denise,’’ Jodie says, ‘‘and she was born around 1964. ‘‘She lives somewhere in Manchester. My auntie Ettie Sacks lived in Manchester and knew some of her family but she has recently passed away and we don’t think that the rest of our family know her whereabouts.  ‘‘Our dad’s name is Saul Sherman and Sandra’s mother was married to my father many many years ago.’’ Jodie is planning to get married next year and is trying to put a family tree together. ‘‘It would be a bonus if I could find my step sister,’’ she adds. Write to PO Box 8332, Gold Coast Mail Centre, Bundall, Qld, 9726 Australia or email

MANCHESTER-born SUE ROSENBLOOM would like to know if she has any surviving relatives. Sue, who currently lives and works in Leicester, says her father Bernard was born in Cheetham Hill in 1932. He was the only son of Eli and Jean/Jane (Ellerstein), both of whom died when Bernard was quite young. The only other relatives Sue knows of are the late Raphael, David and Maud, siblings of Eli. Bernard believes he has family in Canada on his mother’s side. ‘‘I vaguely recall mention of a Rosenbloom, maybe David, working at the BBC,’’ Sue says. Write to 6, Fernie Dene, Great Glen, Leicester LE8 9ED or email Sue at

BRYAN MARKS of Glasgow is trying to find family members in Argentina. He would be grateful to find an organisation in Argentina who can help him. He particularly wants to find members of the Markowicz family who came from Plock in Poland. ‘‘We last heard from them about 1948, when my grandfather Abraham Markowicz died in Glasgow,’’ Bryan says. ‘‘His brother who went to Argentina was called Morris. ‘‘I am sure he will be long dead but he had a son and daughter, both of whom will be in their sixties or seventies. ‘‘Another brother escaped from Poland to Russia at the beginning of World War Two. He returned to Poland after the war to search for family survivors. ‘‘His name was Sender and his daughter Hanka is alive in Canada.’’ Bryan adds: ‘‘My father’s family have quite a colourful history. My great uncle was the naive abstract artist Scottie Wilson, and my uncle Alexander was political commisar of the international brigade during the Spanish Civil War. ‘‘As with most families we lost most of our family in the concentration camps (Treblinka), although my great-grandmother was shot in her bed and spared any further suffering. ‘‘One of my great aunts (Cecile) ended up in the Warsaw Ghetto, out of her mind, and was last seen wandering the streets semi-naked and barefoot. Write to 72 Cartvale Rd, Glasgow G42 9SW or email

MICHAEL LAYBOURN of America is trying to find information on his maternal lineage. His great-grandfather Michael Leakin emigrated from Russia to England. He died in England between 1936-39. His wife was Annie Craft also from Russia. They lived in Golders Green. Michael Leakin was a furniture manufacturer. After his death, Annie Leakin, Netty (Annette) Leakin and Margaret (Marguerite) Leakin emigrated to America. Mr Laybourn believes that Margaret was not really Annie’s daughter — though records may indicate it. ‘‘A dark family secret for years, a story for another time,’’ he says. Write to 3316 N 48th Street, Lincoln, Ne 68504-2026, America or email

ARNOLD JOSEPH of Connecticut is searching for any information on this father Robert Joseph, who left London with mother Bessie, brother Michael and a sister. They settled in Connecticut around 1915. Staying in England was a nephew Victor, a taxi driver in Liverpool. Arnold would also like information on Jean and Harry Coe from Shorefield Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex. Jean was Robert’s niece and Harry had a pharmacy. Contact Jay Lieberman (a friend of Arnold) on 0161-766-3018 or email

PAUL HARRIS of London wants information on the Plotsky family who lived in the Minsky Gubeyana between 1830 and 1900. Hyman and Leiber Plotsky had several sons, including Paul’s grandfather Hirsch, born 1869, and Max Mendel, born 1881. These two siblings settled in England where they sold timber. All the sons were skilled cabinet makers. The family had sons who emigrated two America — some of them settled in Fort Worth, Texas, around 1900-4. Paul thinks they changed their names at Ellis Island immigration control. Write to 51 Broughton Avenue, London N3 3EN or email

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