Sherman thanks!

SAUL SHERMAN has been reunited with his long-lost son and daughter thanks to Roots Directory. Saul’s daughter Jodie, 20, appealed through the Jewish Telegraph two weeks ago for information on her half-sister and half-brother. Within three days, her step-brother — who asked for his name not to be published — was in touch — and two days later step-sister Sandra Hulston contacted her. ‘‘I was born in Manchester,’’ Jodie explains, ‘‘but emigrated with my father to Australia around 13 years ago. ‘‘My father was married twice before meeting my mother. ‘‘When he married his first wife, they were so young that they were forced to give up their son for adoption.’’

Saul recently admitted that he wanted to get in touch with his family. He and Jodie knew about the Jewish Telegraph, but did not know of Roots Directory. ‘‘When my grandmother Miriam died in Manchester, relatives sent us copies of the Jewish Telegraph so we could see the death notice,’’ Jodie said. ‘‘So I went on the internet and just typed in, hoping the paper had a website. ‘‘Then I found the Roots Directory.’’ Three days after the appeal appeared her half-brother’s wife contacted her. Further joy followed when Sandra got in touch. ‘‘They both live in Manchester and quite close to each other,’’ Jodie added.

‘‘They didn’t know about each other. My step-brother has been searching for my dad for six months. ‘‘Not only have I found my half-brother and sister, I’ve also discovered I’m an aunt three times over. ‘‘My dad was ecstatic. I was nervous about how he would react. When I told him that I had found his son, he was an emotional mess. He has spent hours on the phone to his son.’’ Jodie wanted to find her missing family for a family tree she is compiling to celebrate her marriage next year to fiance Justin.

Liverpudlian DAVID BALL has not seen his children, Phillip and Sharon, for 31 years. David, who now lives in South Australia, says: ‘‘Their mother Barbara (Idanov) and I divorced and I came to Australia in 1970. ‘‘The divorce was all my doing. I last saw Phillip and Sharon in June 1970 and think about them daily. I often wonder if I have any grandchildren by them.’’ Phillip was born in Liverpool on February 8, 1966, while Sharon was born on November 11, 1969. ‘‘If they do not wish to contact me I will understand as it was my fault, but I hope that as they have grown into adults they can maybe forgive me,’’ David adds. Contact PO Box 200 MDC, Elizabeth West, South Australia 5113 or email

GARY ROBINSON of Kent is looking for information on an address in Liverpool. His father Arthur Robinson was born at 11 Shannon Street, Liverpool in 1895. His brother David Lewis was born in 1896. Present at their births was an aunt E Allen. ‘‘I would welcome any details about the address/area, name of the local synagogue or any other details that could assist me in my family searches,’’ Gary writes. Contact 79 Jail Lane, Biggin Hill, Kent TN16 3SE, telephone 01959572715 or email

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