CHRIS TAYLOR of Colne is trying to trace his father - however he is not sure of his name. Chris, who was raised in an orphanage, was reunited with his mother, Mary Bond, shortly before she died.

Mary, who came from Ireland, explained that she met Chris's father when she was a nurse at the Jewish Hospital in Cheetham Hill during the Second World War.

''Under great difficulty my mother tried to pronounce his name as Minsk or Minski or Minskyer,'' Chris said.

''I discovered a photograph of a man in a Polish army uniform and he resembles me. I believe this to be my father.''

Anyone who can help Chris should write to 185 Cottontree Lane, Colne, Lancashire BB8 7BN or telephone 01282 862929 (10am-4pm).

MARILYN BICKOFF GORODETZER of Minnesota is searching for relatives whose family lived in Manchester during World War Two.

''Unfortunately, I know very little except that she was my grandmother's sister and her maiden name was Rickles,'' Marilyn says. ''She married and I believe she had two daughters.

''My uncle visited with her when he was a soldier in the US Army and was stationed in England. There is no one alive now who can give us any more information. A cousin thinks her husband had a hardware store, but I cannot verify that. She came to visit her sister in Boston, probably in the early 1930's. Her father's name was Zalman.''

Marilyn's grandfather came from Sarny, Poland/Russia (now Ukraine) and she assumes her grandmother came from the same area as they were married before they moved to America between 1907 and 1910.

Write to 38 Smith Road, Randolph, MA 02368, USA or email

MAURICE SCHOLAR is looking for a family from around the Aldershot and Portsea area. The father's name was Woolf Papierman. He had a son jeweller Israel Mayer, who married Julia Philips in 1872. The couple had a daughter Clara, who married into the Woolfson/Wolfson family. They may have changed the name to Wolferstan.

Amelia Wolerstan, daughter of Edward and Harriet - who also had a 16-year-old son in 1851 - married in Aldershot according to the Polish and German Synagogue there.

Telephone 01322 277616, 07932 172407 or email

LOUIS Zetler has already had success through Roots Directory, but would like readers' help again.

Louis, of Israel would like to make contact with Jack Blashkey and his sister Betty Powell, along with Judith Silver, the daughter of the late Sam Silver, or any of their descendants.

''I believe that some of these people live in Leeds,'' he says.

Write to Hoshaya, MPO Hamovil 17915, Israel or email

Manchester-born LOU TAYLOR would like to get in touch with his old friends.

Lou was born in 193l and moved to America in 1955. Write to 64 Tunstall Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583, America or email

IT took just 24 hours for Derek Stavrou to get results. Derek's appeal to find Sylvia Carter appeared in last week's Roots Directory.

''Bingo! Sylvia phoned me the day after this item appeared,'' Derek of Kfar Saba wrote.

RICA Goldberg of Manchester is looking for descendents of the Caplan family.

The family is descended from the Kaminsky family in Manchester who came from Yanova near Kovno, in Lithuania before 1900.

Hettie (Ettie) Kaminsky married a Caplan. Her father was murdered by thieves in Lithuania when returning from delivering bread.

Hettie had six children in Manchester - Rae, Maurice, Wolfe, Vera, Myer and Norman.

Contact 0161 767 9060 or email her at

Is this Chris Taylor's father? If you recognise this man contact Chris on 01282 862929

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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