AN OCTOGENARIAN who celebrates her diamond wedding on September 9, in Ontario, Canada, would like to hear from her old Manchester friends.

Yvonne and Solomon Goldberg

Yvonne Goldberg - the daughter of Israel and Fanny Cohen of Caroline Street and later Northumberland Street, Salford - married Solomon Goldberg at the Higher Crumpsall Synagogue.

''In 1939 I was 18 and my husband-to-be was 24,'' she says. ''I was in the first call-up of women born in 1921 and was drafted for the National Fire Service. We were trained in St Joseph's, Ardwick. I was stationed in Crumpsall Lane in a house owned by the Preger family.

''After I was promoted to leading firewoman, we were billeted in Park Road, off Bury Old Road. I would like to hear from anyone who was ever at these establishments.''

She explains how she met Solomon: ''My father was a tailor. His furrier, Aubrey Lipshaw, invited me to his house in Woodlands Road to play cards. I have never liked cards and have never played since. But Sol paid for me in every game. I think it was a halfpenny a game.''

After the couple get engaged, Solomon was called up to the army and Austria-born Israel was interned in the Isle of Man, even though he had been in Manchester since after the First World War. Yvonne's younger sister Pauline, eight, was evacuated. Nevertheless wedding plans went ahead.

Yvonne recalls: ''We chose September 9, 1941, and kept our fingers crossed that the army would grant Sol leave, that my father would be released, and also that Pauline, who was to be a bridesmaid, could come home from evacuation.

Fortunately, Sol was given leave and her father and sister returned home.

''Miss Carter made the most beautiful dresses,'' Yvonne recalls. ''My mother took her to the cinema to copy Mae West's dress. The top hat was ordered by my mother and the stiff shirts went to a Chinese laundry. The meal cost 7/6d, complete with full dinner and reception.

''The day dawned. I was all dressed up when news came that the taxi would not arrive as an incompetent fellow had got called up and had failed to book vehicles. My mother persuaded Mr Rose from the cleaners on Market Place to loan his small car and a few petrol coupons. But no driver was available.

''The fellow who eventually drove us to the shool ended up bumping the car. I was taken out of it with two cases of beer. Later I was told that the organist was sick of playing, Here Comes the Bride.

''My father's top hat was too big. We stuffed it with paper. If he moved too quickly it slipped and the fronts would fly out. There was no dance as all the young men were away and no wedding cake due to the rationing.''

Then when the young couple were ready to go off to Blackpool for their honeymoon, Pauline began crying. So the bridesmaid went with them.

The three loved the resort so much that Pauline Gedall still lives there and Yvonne and Solomon ended up running the Northbrook Hotel for 25 years before they emigrated to Canada in 1987. They have three children and 11 grandchildren, including triplets. Now at last, at their diamond wedding celebrations, they will finally get their wedding cake.

If you remember Yvonne and Solomon or any of the events surrounding their marriage, write to them at Apt 614, 1745 Bloor St E, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4X 1S6 or telephone 001 905 602 5763.

Victoria Barkoff of Montreal is trying to find information on her Manchester relatives, particularly the parentage of her great-great grandmother, Sophia Slazenger/Schlesinger.

Sophia, who born around 1817/18 in Manchester, married Solomon David Moss around 1838. He was born in Lubranic, Poland in 1814 and died aged 52.

Their children, born in Manchester or Rochdale, were: Fanny (March 10, 1839); Ralph (January 24, 1840); Adelaide (1841); Rosabel (November 9, 1842, 1844 or 1847 ); Morris; David (February 6, 1844) .

Another son, Henry, was presumably born in New York City on December 4, 1849 after members of the family had emigrated.

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