DAVID LEWIN of Search and Unite, who deal with Holocaust property claims in the Czech Republic, wants to find descendants of Thea Leonora Graham (nee Low) and Neville Graham.

They married in Huddersfield around 1947. Thea, born about 1925, helped the RAF to translate radio conversations of German pilots when RAF bombing raids occurred over Europe.

Thea's only sibling, a brother, Peter Klaus, died on July 25, 1944, aged 17. He was buried in the United Hebrew Congregation Jewish cemetery on Huddersfield Road, Leeds.

Her old family home in Cambridge Road, Huddersfield is now the HQ of the bridge society.

Neville was in the same class as Thea at Huddersfield Technical College between 1941-1942. His family were in the quarry business in the 1940s.

Thea was the daughter of Charlotte Gertrude Loewy (nee Wiener or Weiner), born on November 28, and Oskar Loewe.

Her grandmother was Arno-Atka Kapper (nee Weiner), born on April 1, 1875 and died July 30, 1945. Her grandfather was Richard Kapper, born September 21, 1863. Thea's great grandparents were Adolf and Julie Wiener. Another known relative was Otto Arnestein and Jiri Arnstein.

Search and Unite was established to help rejoin family members who were separated by the Holocaust. The organisation is searching for people whose families originate in what is now the territory of the Czech Republic, and who have a chance to reclaim real estate which belonged to their families.

Write to 156 Totteridge Lane, London N20 8JJ, telephone 020 8446 0404 or email

CATHERINE Youngren of Vancouver wants to find information and/or other descendants of her great great grandparents Simon and Leah Abrahams.

Simon was born in Russia/Poland around 1810 and died in Manchester on the December 26, 1890. Leah was born in Hanover, Germany, around 1821 and died in Manchester on June 13, 1909.

They are both buried in the Crumpsall Jewish Cemetery. Simon and Leah had at least five children.

Rachel was born in Liverpool or Chester in 1851 and married Issac Israel on September 11, 1872 at Great Synagogue, Manchester.

They had at least two children - Annie (July 14, 1873) and Selina (October 28, 1874). Rachel lived during the early years of her marriage at 4 Winter Street, Red Bank and died on March 3, 1911 at 107 Stanley Street, Cheetham Hill.

Selina, born in Liverpool or Chester (1853),married Levy Waters on February 19, 1873 at Great Synagogue, Manchester.

Esther, Catherine's great grandmother, was born on March 22, 1861 in Preston. She married to Marx Goodman on April 19, 1882 at Great Synagogue, Manchester. Her children were Samuel, Joseph, Kyla/Ida (Catherine's grandmother), and Adolphus.

They moved from Preston to Manchester, living at 119 Pemberton Street. The couple returned to Preston where Esther died on June 17 , 1951

Abraham, Esther's twin, never married. He lived for much of his life at 120 Red Bank, Manchester, and died on May 30, 1910

Levi, born around 1863 in Preston, moved to Sheffield and married Sara Skeen on February 23, 1892 at Great Synagogue , Manchester. He had a tailoring business in Sheffield, where he died in 1933. Sara died in 1934.

Write to Catherine Youngren Interior Designers Inc, # 225, 1628 West First Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V6J 1G1, Canada or email

SELWYN Zwick of South Africa is trying to trace details of his great-great-grandparents Piro and Miriam Marks.

He believes Piro died in Manchester in 1927 and Miriam in 1919. Their last known address was 8 Ramsgate Street, Manchester. They had 2 sons - Abraham Louis (Lewis) and Elias Jacob (Jack), both of whom moved to South Africa - and two daughters - Rose Berg and Rebecca Jacobs. They lived until the 1960s at 4 Anchor Street, Southport.

Write to 404 Courtleigh, 38 Harrow Road, Yeoville, Johannesburg 2198, South Africa or email him at

DENISE Waite of Leeds, says her grandfather, Philip Donn, and his brother, Bernard, emigrated to Leeds from Vilnius, before the 1891 census.

They stayed with a family named Sack(s), whom Denise believes were related.

Philip and Bernard's mother's maiden name was Katz. Philip married Esther Jacobs, while Bernard married Rachel Price. Philip later anglicised his surname to Dunn, Bernard kept his as Donne. Sack(s) family member were Betsey and Samuel.

Their children's names were Mark, Nathan and Hetty.

Hetty married Samuel Cantor and went to Brooklyn, New York.

Mark Sacks also went through Ellis Island and stayed with his brother-in-law Samuel Cantor who was living at 326 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn.

This address was also used by the Swirsky family around 1913.

Philip Donn visited and stayed at the same address in 1913, with his sister Sarah Swirsky.

Hetty and Samuel Cantor's children were Irene, Estella and Lena.

Write to 15 Silk Mill Approach, Leeds LS16 6RP or email her at

AVRAHAM Bar-On is trying to find members of his mother Rose Cohen's family. She had three brothers, Manny, Edward and Emanuel Cohen and lived close to Strangeways Prison in Manchester.

Manny moved to London and she followed him there in 1920, when she was 20.

She married Barnet or Barney Baron. They lived in Edinburgh for a while but later moved to Manchester until the mid-1930s when they moved to Glasgow where Avraham was born.

Write to 129/6 Rothschild Street, Rishon Le Zion 75236, Israel, telephone 972 3 9643321 or email

BERNARD Margolis of Arizona would like any records of Montagu Crane, who lived at 104A Leicester Road, Salford 7.

In 1946, he was listed as a 'skin merchant' and was married to Paula Lubin.

Write to 625 N Van Buren Ave #412, Tucson, AZ 85711, USA or email

ANNETTE Renschowicz of New York is looking for family from both her mother and father's sides to discover if they survived the Holocaust.

The names she would like details on are Blajchman of Zajdenberg-Itza and Radom, Poland; Czarny, Krakacjer, Pantofel, Rekszewicz and Szyff of Czestochowa, Poland; and Majerowicz of Czestochowa, Poland. Annette would also like to speak to Ben Helfgot, who co-authored the book The Boys.

Write to 953 East 79th Street, Brooklyn, New York 11236, USA, telephone 718 531 5789 or email

To make an appeal, email MIKE COHEN at Please include your home address.

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