Granddaughter's claim to 'Nazi' land

SEARCH and Unite are looking for the granddaughter of Gertrude Charlotte and Dr Oscar Low because they have a right to reclaim some property stolen by the Nazis in Czechoslovakia in 1940.

Thea Leonora Loew was the daughter of Dr Oskar Loew and his wife Gertrude Charlotte nee Kapper. Thea was born around 1924.

The Loew family had to flee Czechoslovakia around 1938 and settled in Huddersfield where Thea had an aunt and uncle - names unknown. They changed their surname to Low.

On July 25, 1944 Thea's brother Peter Klaus Low died. He is buried at the United Hebrew Congregation cemetery in Leeds.

Thea married George Neville Graham in Huddersfield on November 23, 1946.

Oskar died in Leeds on January 25, 1964 and is buried at the UHC cemetery.

On the gravestone he is ''mourned by wife, daughter and granddaughter''.

The family were living at 30 Wellhouse Avenue, Leeds, and were members of the Belgrave Street Synagogue in Leeds now incorporated into the United Hebrew Congregation

Gertrude died at the Morris Feinmann Home in Manchester on July 22, 1980. She too is buried at the UHC cemetery. On her stone only the granddaughter is mentioned.

Gertude's will, dated November 2, 1959, speaks of her daughter Thea Leonora Gautschi.

The Grant of Probate by the High Court of Justice in Leeds, dated September 25, 1980, notes that Thea had died before her mother (between 1959 and 1980).

The will leaves Gertrude's property to ''any surviving grandchild'' or in the event that no grandchild survived to the RSPCA.

The RSPCA has no record of a bequest from Gertrude which indicates there was a surviving granddaughter.

Write to David Lewin, 156 Totteridge Lane, London N20 8JJ, telephone 0208 4460404 or email

BARBARA STERN MANNLEIN of Tucson is researching the antecedents of Edwin Hamaui - born 1898, died 1985.

Edwin lived his entire life in Manchester and had no children.

His parents were Abramino H Hamaui (born 1866, Cairo) and Regina Schinasi/Skenazi (born July 23, 1870, Alexandria).

Abramino's parents were Ely Behor Joseph Hamaui and Rachel.

Edwin had several siblings: 'Eric' Ely Hamaui (born 1895, died 1972), Rachael Hamaui (born 1897, died 1918), Victor Hamaui ( born 1900), and possibly another brother born later.

Write to 4914 N Bonita Ridge Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85850, USA or email

CLAUDIA OSTER DEMAGGIO of North Carolina says her family did not realise the importance of keeping information for future generations.

''Perhaps they were just happy to get away from where they were living in Galicia,'' she says.

''It appears that my great-grandfather, David L Oster, left Przemysl no later than 1892, and may have travelled with his brother, Willy.

''Both of them may have stayed at the Poor Jews Shelter in London.

''My great-grandmother, Regina Joseph Oster, came over in October 1893 with her two small children, Mary Gertrude (Gussie) and my grandfather, Josef (George).

''According to the passenger records from Ellis Island, they appeared to have left Antwerp, Belgium on the ship, The Westernland.

''The conflicting part is that an aunt of mine (now deceased) remembers being told that they all stayed at the Poor Jews Shelter.''

Contact 1809 Morgans Mill Way, High Point, NC 27265, USA or email

VICTOR STONE of London is looking for information on Rabbi Solomon Reinitz Homburg of Kalvaria, New York and Sheffield where he died in 1891; and Mary (Miriam) Agar, daughter of Solomon.

Mary married Lewis (Lebel) Agar in Poland in 1852. He died in Sheffield.

She then married Jacob Simon Bloch in Sheffield on November 22, 1883.

Mary went to America around 1901 and died on Staten Island in 1919. She is buried under the name Agar. Victor has found no 'get' or divorce papers from Jacob Simon Bloch.

''It is possible that Jacob was a relative of Mary's son-in-law Samuel Bloch, who came to Sheffield via Liverpool and married Mary's sister Jane (Sheine Reine) Agar,'' Victor says.

Victor would also like information on his grandfather Harris Stone Finkelstein of Rajgrod and Sheffield.

Write to 111 Belgrave Court 36 Westferry Circus Canary London E14 8RJ or email

BENNY GREENBERG of Plymouth is trying to trace the family of his father, Leeds-born Joseph Greenberg, who married Mary Bernstein of Sheffield on December 26, 1918.

Leah Cohen, wife of Shim Cohen, turf accountant, was last known to be living at 39 Roundhay Mount in Roundhay.

Write to 1 Effingham Crescent, Torr Lane, Plymouth PL3 5TN or telephone 01752 773309.

ALBERT KAPLAN Sarasota of Florida is looking for two brothers who went to live with an uncle after their mother passed away around 1910.

The father remarried and had a son Shale who was a Holocaust survivor but lost his family. He remarried and finally was found around 1946 by cousins in Norfolk, Virginia.

He and his new family moved to America around 1950.

The family name in Norfolk was Kushner, Goldman, Kaplan.

Albert's sister, Hanna Kaplan Shapiro, met the family in Manchester on a trip but all contacts were lost.

Telephone 941-922-8184 or email

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